Are you thinking about new ways to get traffic to your website?

Well, probably you are. It’s the fundamental factor which determines how much money you make in internet marketing.

Chances are that you already know quite a few traffic strategies. But let’s talk about blogging communities and how you can utilize them to drive traffic to your blog.

I feel that blogging communities are often overlooked by many internet marketers.

They’re nothing like those old-school blog directories, which won’t send you any reasonable traffic. Blogging communities focus on the relationship factor instead and not on cold blog listings.

Blogging communities offer you the chance to share your content with other like-minded people.

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blog engage

The next site you want to visit and sign up is, which is just as much powerful.

Not much job involved because all you have to do is republish your existing articles on BlogEngage.

You could meet many other bloggers who are interested in your topic and build valuable relationships with them.

At BlogEngage they even have different categories for people involved in different niches.

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If you want to find other bloggers and start interacting with them, but don’t quite know where to start, you should check out

It is a rapidly growing blogging community and you could find a lot of new friends and business partners there.

Remember, before you start promoting your own stuff, gain respect and build relationships with other bloggers first or else you won’t make it with self-promotion.

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Are you particularly interested in “make money online” stuff?

If so, then you can check out this blogging community at

Their “dream” is to make a network for all the people interested in making money online.

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If you still want more, you could also check out A nice place to gain even more exposure for your fresh content.

In addition, you can add your blog to their directory.

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A really great community specifically tailored for guest bloggers. Lots of great stuff on their forum.

Definitely go check it out.

So, as you can see, there are a couple of great blogging communities to make use of. Best time to join one of these communities is today or you’ll forget about this little gem traffic source.

If you want extra exposure for your existing and new content, then I strongly recommend to think about blog communities and how they can grow your business relationships online.

Give it a try!

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  1. Mohammad ismail


    Hey dear,
    Very nice post, I was searching from last 30 minutes for such social networks. Thanks so much and keep sharing such informative articles.

  2. Joe Hart


    Bloggers is my personal favorite..I will surely check out the rest of the communities…

  3. Steve


    MyBlogGuest is a great network but I worry that the article exchange will get blogs de-indexed by Google as the Big G is going after blog networks that are used to manipulate search rankings.

  4. Reply

    Hi Ray,
    This is a great list of some of the best social blogging communities. Its new for me. I would like to join this.
    Thanks. Greatly appreciated.

  5. Megan Brown


    Hello Ray Wilson…

    You are absolutely right. These all are not only famous but also 100% beneficial communities. As I personally experience them many from this like BlogEngage and Blokube etc.

    The main benefit is by this way we get maximum exposure.

  6. Reply

    Of these I have only used Blog Engage and My Blog Guest. Rest are unknown to me. Will try to join if and see whether they are any good for traffic or backlinks

  7. Reply

    I have heard a lot about “Blog Engage” and “Blokube”. Many amazing bloggers share their post over there and get quality traffic back on their blog.

  8. Ayesha


    The above post is awesome.First of all we should build good relationship with other bloggers. The tips of making money online help us a lot.

  9. Beth


    I am only familiar with these 3 blogging communities: blogengage, bloggers and blokube. All of these blogging communities have lots of members so one thing is for sure when it comes to benefits. Every member can help one another to achieve their own goals. Members can learn something to others that they can use for the success of their blogs.

  10. Reply

    Hey Ray, thanks for this wonderful guest post. I have used some of these communities and others so that I can build friendly relationships with other bloggers and also backlinks.

    Keep up the good work!

  11. Steven


    While every bloggers should join these communities as they are very good to get more visitors and of course backlinks that will result in better Search Engine rankings these communities won’t bring much of a new knowledge as major part of these sites are dropping links ad getting visitors not rising discussion.
    Just my two cents.

  12. Bryan Ring


    I actually have interacted with Blog Engage, but really do not consider myself a “Blogger” per say, so have not got up the courage to join.
    However, I highly recommend blog, forum and social relationship building to clients for quality traffic to their sites.
    This really is quite the list, I have visited all of these and they are AMAZING!
    Thanks for the reminder, to be honest I had no idea that Blog Engage allowed already written content.

  13. John Mak


    Hello Ray! These are good communities to get involved! I like blog engage. It has good quality bloggers and content! Thanks for sharing!
    John Mak

  14. Devesh


    Hi Ray,

    This is a great list of some of the best social blogging communities. Thanks for including Blokube in the list. Greatly appreciated.


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