Everyone must have heard of the latest to join the social networking chariot “Pinterest”. Its popularity is increasing continually. Due to its ability to create awareness among users, engaging the attention of the audience, driving traffic to the site it is capturing the attention of every business community. Its strong visual appealing impact is taking blogsphere attention also. Bloggers from varied niches is joining Pinterest to explore this world of Pins and pinboards.

So if you are a blogger are ready to explore and take advantage of Pinterest? If yes, then follow these Pinterest tips for integrating it to your current blogging platform.

[box type=”yellow”]Install The Pinterest “Pin it” Button on Your Blog[/box]

Pinterest works on the key word “Share with others” what you like by pinning down it on your pinboard. So bloggers can cash on this feature by adding the “Pin it“ button on their blog. This can be done by installing a plug-in which allows you to place pin it button on your blog home page, blog posts, or any other inner page. All these choices can be made by selecting the mentioned options while installation.

Another “optimized” feature of this plugin is that it allows you to add a customized, keyword optimized description to the content you are pinning down.

[box type=”blue”]Install The Pinterest RSS Widget To Share Others Pins On Your Blog[/box]

All the social networks work in similar fashion in way or the other way. Pinterest is not about pinning the things you like, you can share the content of other users also. Similarly like in Facebook there is “Like” option, with which you can show your likeness towards posts made by your friends. To share interesting pins of others there is Pinterest RSS widget. By adding this plug-in to the blog one can showcase all the interesting pins of your and others also in the sidebar of the blog.

[box type=”red”]Add Pinterest Follow Button On Your Blog[/box]

Another Pinterest feature similar to other social networks giants’ Facebook and twitter is “Follow Me”. If a particular like your Pinterest profile the pins on your pinboard then he can follow you by simply clicking in the follow button. A similar action can also take place on your blog. If your blog is a wordpress one then your work is simple by just installing a plug-in and if you are using some other blogging platform then a simple line of code will need to be written to add the Pinterest Follow button on your blog.

Remember after making all these Pinterest enhancements on your blog do educate your readers about it. Make blogpost letting them know about Pinterest and advantages of changes you have made.

Happy Blogging!


  1. Reply

    There is a lot of talk about Pinterest, my friend told me that it can bring a lot of traffic to your blog, but I just thought it was too good to be true. But if it has so many users probably it has proved to be effective and I should also try it.

  2. Jamy


    Printerest is growing very fast in social media and its making the place great with blogging and products also.

  3. Kate


    It seems that this Pinterest I really needed nowadays before I am thinking that Pinterest is only a social media site that is important for business. someone shared the link to be before , for me to register an account in Pinterest, I think that I should check it out now.

  4. Gerald Martin


    I do agree that Pinterest can really bring traffic to your blog, judging by the number of people who are already using this social media. People have been talking about this ever since its emergence, and the growth rate of the users was really surprising. Ignoring this would mean that you’re ignoring those people who are hooked to it.

    = Gerald Martin, SEO Reseller =

  5. Jomsom


    Social button in the blog can play very important role in increasing the traffic in the website and pinterest is one of the good media to keep in the website.

  6. Keith Towwnsend


    Initially I didnt see the business upside to Pinterest but after being on it for a few months I get it now. The visual dynamic makes it appealing really for everyone. No one has to feel left out as it is a pretty simple platform to use. I’m definitely linking my blog to Pinterest as I’m seeing many marketers generating traffic to their blog from Pinterest. Great post Kelly -Tweeting

  7. Paul Jackson


    Isn’t this tool effective? I’m afraid this will low down the loading of my site if ever I’m pinning it on. How it gonna work? Would you mind making reviews on pinterest? NIce post!

  8. Reply

    Isn’t this tool effective? I’m afraid this will low down the loading of my site if ever I’m pinning it on. How it gonna work? Would you mind making reviews on pinterest? NIce post!

  9. Reply

    Haven’t started using Pinterest yet on our blog as the Pinterest demographics will use our blog too much 🙂

  10. Reply

    Unfortunately I don’t know much about Pinterest. Although there is a lot of talk about it and I am sure it will be lot more useful over time. I will surely install the Pinterest button. Thank you Kharim.

  11. Reply

    Pinterest is a great site, though i detest the logo. Maker probably got the idea from pin boards we have in school. For marketing, it has great potential as you rightly put it. Great post. Keep up the good work.

  12. Aasma


    Pinterest is new wonder of Social Media world, and it already got millions of users.. certainly nobody likes to miss this new and promising place for marketing and attracting new audience.

  13. Irfan Siddiqui


    Seriously if used correctly Pinterest gives a huge traffic towards any blog. Since a week now I’ve been working on the tactics of Pinterest and have learn lot of things which will soon be published here as a guest post.

    Anyways, you did a great job, kelly.

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