It’s clear that video platforms are becoming more and more of a consideration when it comes to internet marketing.  If you are trying to market on the video web, you need to consider the importance of creating quality video that can be easily consumed on YouTube and other video devices

Building online traffic to your site is the most challenging task when targeting quality customers who are in the buying mood. Getting massive traffic to your site doesn’t mean you have to spend a huge amount of money on paid traffic tools; you just need to be smart and irresistible.

The biggest secret I found when generating profitable traffic was by providing free irresistible offers. As a starter in this marketing strategy, I decided to take my SAWS brand to YouTube so as to see if it will be worthwhile my investment.

I created a video promoting an irresistible offer that targets my market and the result was as below.

From the above video you can see how i managed to spice it up. If you have a killer offer I would advise that you try to test YouTube and see how far you will go.

The next strategy that I used for getting huge amount of traffic was through guest posting. Knowing that I was giving out a free premium eBook, I wrote a killer guest post which I posted at and the results was incredible. (At least it was better than nothing).

As iam writing this guest post, am still promoting the Premium eBook via YouTube and other related traffic sources and very soon I will post the results from the search engine.

The next step is to do a little SEO for your irresistible project. If you want to succeed in SEO i would recommend you follow the below advice.

Suppose you launch two websites targeting the same keyword, website A and website B. On website A you publish 30 articles right away and manage to attract 300 backlinks on the first day
thanks to a social media campaign.

On website B, on the other hand, you work gradually publishing one article every other day and getting 5 new backlinks per week. After 5 months you would be willing to bet that website B is ranking higher than website A, and that is because it has consistency.

In fact Google confirmed in the past that the pace at which a website publishes new content and gain new backlinks is indeed used inside its algorithm.

Whenever you plan an SEO campaign for one of your sites in the future remember that slow and steady can win the race, even on the Internet!

If you follow the above process I can really assure that you can get great results but that will depend with your offer.

Before you publish your video on YouTube, I would encourage you follow the below process for maximum traffic exposure:

  • Upload Your videos in HD format
  • Definitely provide killer content
  • Place a water mark on your blog URL on the video
  • Put a call to action
  • Put intro music on your offer

The above five tips are some of the nitty gritty tips that can boost your traffic level to the next level.


Before you start your project on offering free premium offers, make sure to have a goal that will drive your determination to success. The above exercise looks simple but it’s challenging, the best way to achieve it is by providing a killer irresistible offer.

Over to you. Do you have any tips on how to increase traffic with irresistible offers?


  1. Gary Tyrell


    If you are promoting a product or service then you simply should be using YouTube for business. This site gets millions of visitors each day and you could be attracting some of these visitors back to your website.

  2. David


    Great advise many people get more info from YouTube than any other media outlet these days it is important to take advantage of that.

  3. Rajkumar Jonnala


    yeah agree with you about video platforms, they are easily to get some referral traffic and also we can have a backlink in description as in youtube we can do…. creating channel for blog is great. recently i have created a channel and i was amazed to see its the traffic which was coming from it.

  4. Kate Brown Wilson


    The information that you have shared is very useful specially that I am new to this, I didn’t know before that we can use our youtube account, I think that I should try this out.

  5. Nawaz


    I agree that to get traffic through SEO, frequency and consistency are the main factors. Through SEO, you will always get organic traffic and it is valuable traffic.

  6. SNPlanet


    Youtube should be compared to Google.
    Youtube is THE search engine for videos and it could be a huge traffic resource.
    Like I do with Twitter and Facebook, Youtube should be considered another resource to gain visitors like the organic search on Google do.

  7. ayesha


    Youtube is one of the biggest site. Thanks for giving new and different knowledge. I must try this.

  8. Rajnish


    Thats great bill you got good results but please tell me should I do this if I don’t publish video posts a lot ?

    • Bill


      Hi, Rajnish yes you can do that. The best way i would advice just create an interesting video, then write a guest post on an A-List blog like then link to your video, and definately you will get huge results.

  9. Simmeon


    Hi Bill,

    There’s no surprise, people love FREE things. I’m sure I could give away FREE $1 bills all day. As long as the traffic you send to your website is targeted there no reason why we all can not start using this method.

  10. craig


    Thanks for the tips on video marketing Bill, sort of a shy person and was a bit scared to do my own video’s on Youtube. The tips you outline here are great and now I have the confidence to implement them with a video making program I have.

    • Bill


      Hi, Craig thanks for your respone, just try it and you will how successful you’ll be.

  11. Khaja moin


    Hey Bill,
    Thats was very useful info on Youtube. Till now I didn`t tried it will give it a try now!

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