CASE STUDY: How I Get Results from YouTube by Giving Away Irresistible Offers

It’s clear that video platforms are becoming more and more of a consideration when it comes to internet marketing.  If you are trying to market on the video web, you need to consider the importance of creating quality video that can be easily consumed on YouTube and other video devices Building online traffic to your […]

How To Develop Profitable Habits For Your Blog

Success is NOT the result of a one-time event. With blogging, it’s possible to get the results you want using just a couple of the strategies that I will discuss in this guide. However, it is most commonly the combined application of several effective strategies working together that create a foundation of unstoppable traffic, sales […]

How To Test Your Market WithYour First Press Release As A Trial

A press release, when properly optimized and distributed for search engine visibility, can be a good source of traffic, depending on how newsworthy your press release is and how popular your industry (or rather, your target keywords) is. By tracking the traffic from your press release distributions, you can accurately measure the success of each […]