How To Test Your Market WithYour First Press Release As A Trial

A press release, when properly optimized and distributed for search engine visibility, can be a good source of traffic, depending on how newsworthy your press release is and how popular your industry (or rather, your target keywords) is. By tracking the traffic from your press release distributions, you can accurately measure the success of each […]

Google’s Panda Update – Why The *Quality* Of The Backlink Is More Important Than Ever!

If you’re at all engage in marketing online, you have more than likely heard how important *quality* backlinks are to achieving top rankings. That’s because since Google’s Panda update went into effect in North America earlier in the year there’s more emphasis being placed on the *quality* of the backlinks than ever. As a result […]

Free Link Building Tips To Build Up Your Blog And Blog Traffic

Incoming links are an essential component of building a successful blog. Links give your blog more authority on Technorati and a higher Google Page Rank. Together, those ratings can make your blog more attractive to advertisers, which allows you to charge higher advertising rates. Additionally, as your blog grows in authority and your number of incoming links grows, your Google search engine rankings will rise, which equates to more traffic to your blog. With more traffic comes more ad impressions, greater potential for pay-per-click ads to actually be clicked on and ultimately, more money for you.

So the question is, should you participate in link building for your blog?

The answer, yes you should.

Your blog will only become more successful if you put out your best effort in link building. The more links you have then the stronger your blog will be.

In this post I will give you tips on 11 free link building tips.

How To Increase Your Page Rank

Do you have trouble increasing your page rank on Google?

In one of my previous article, What Is Best For Your Site: PageRank or Traffic, I stated that both are great for a site to be successful. I launched this blog 3 weeks ago and I have a page rank of 2/10. I am really happy with my page rank.

Page rank is calculated based on the number of back links that you are getting. In order to do that, participate on the techniques that generates back links like forum posting, blog commenting, article submissions, social bookmarking, classified ads, press release, link exchange, online groups and directory submissions.

I will be giving you some tips that I used to get my page rank of 2/10 in 3 weeks.

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