I have seen this question on alot forums that I visit and people are confused about which is more important. Most people say that page rank doesn’t mean much and others will say that traffic is more important.

Let me get deeper into this topic of Page Rank vs. Traffic.

I think both high page rank and traffic is necessary for a site.

What Is PageRank?
PageRank is a link analysis algorithm, named after Larry Page, used by the Google Internet search engine that assigns a numerical weighting to each element of a hyperlinked set of documents, such as the World Wide Web, with the purpose of “measuring” its relative importance within the set. The algorithm may be applied to any collection of entities with reciprocal quotations and references.Information From Wikipedia.com.

Web traffic is the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a web site. It is a large portion of Internet traffic. This is determined by the number of visitors and the number of pages they visit.Information From Wikipedia.com.

Which Is Important?
I think both are important. Website owners often come up with the conclusion that high PR result in more traffic. Not necessarily. You can have a page rank of 4/10, 5/10, 6/10 or even 9/10 and still have a great deal of traffic. Page rank is nothing more than a representation of “quality” backlinks (according to Google) and this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get more traffic just because it gets higher.

Page rank is calculated based on the number of back links that you are getting. In order to do that, participate on the techniques that generates back links like forum posting, blog commenting, article submissions, social bookmarking, classified ads, press release, link exchange, online groups and directory submissions.

Keep on providing good and quality contents on your site and this will improve your traffic.

Which do you say?
Do you think that the higher your page rank the more traffic you will achieve? OR More traffic = higher page rank? Leave your comments in the comment section below… Let me know your thoughts on this topic of page rank or traffic.


  1. Simon


    I would much rather have traffic than high PageRank. I believe too much emphasis is put on PageRank. At the end of the day it is not PageRank that generates revenue, its traffic.

    Also, if you focus on great content rather than increasing your PageRank you will end up with more links and therefore higher PageRank anyway.

    • Reply

      I agree with you pal. PageRank is just over rated. I would prefer high traffic as well.

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Reply

    What i personally feel is Page rank and traffic- both are equally important. Now if someone asks me to choose one from the two- Page Rank or Traffic, i will definitely choose Traffic ( after i get Page rank of 2+ ) . And as said my Kharim, if good content is provided, it will surely increase the traffic.

  3. John Ernest


    I believe that the more traffic your receive the higher your PageRank will get. It is a obvious because of Google’s algorithm and especially now after the Panda update. Google is placing more trust on page views (i.e. traffic) than anything else, but not just plain page views. They are taking into consideration viewer satisfaction in their algorithm of the factors I don’t know of.

  4. Reply

    There was one time when most of webmasters thought abut only PR.Mostly webmasters sell links on their websites that’s why they always try to get high PR.But now the time has been change,now every webmaster or website owner try to get huge amount of traffic.Because traffic can help to improve business sale.
    Thanks a lot for sharing a very informative article with us.

  5. Jonson


    HIiiii Kharim

    I Think that Traffic is more important then the Page Rank. Because if your site has more traffic then it will we more popular. very effective and interesting post. Keep continue in future also…

  6. SEO Consultant


    Really Your Post is very good and helpful. i am very happy to read your post. Keep update I will return soon.

  7. check pagerank


    I have seen that pages with moderately high page rank come up above in SERPs than the sites having higher page rank. Then, may I ask, what is the use of this Pagerank?

  8. Argie Monroy


    I would prefer having massive traffic rather than a pagerank.. Although a pagerank shows a site’s authority over other sites, it doesn’t mean that any site having a pagerank has it’s stable amount of traffic. I’ve seen already a lot of them. There are sites which has a PR of 0 yet they do well with their traffic compared to those sites having a PR but having only a few hits. However, sites with a PR of 5+ is somewhat do well with their traffic. I guess I would conclude that only those sites having a PR of 1-4 are struggling with their traffic levels.

  9. Stefan


    Nice article, I have just started my blog four days ago so I should choose traffic:-)
    Then I thought PR was something due to the past.

  10. Reply

    Firstly thnx Kharim Tomlinson for great article here.
    No doubt high pagerank is very important. But pagerank is only an indication and should be used for that purpose only. Actually we create websites for providing services OR products for targeted visitors and in return we get revenue. So I want to say here that I prefer high traffic for my website rather than high pagerank.


  11. Reply

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  12. KnowledgeGuide4U


    I would recommend not to get obsessed with pagerank. Google pagerank is just a irrelevant measure. What really matters is actually getting traffic and conversions. I have a PR4 site with just a few backlinks about 30. All sources are good but it does not have any traffic, why? because it needs authority and authority is not given by page rank.

    • Reply

      That’s true. I don’t worry about my PR even though I have a PR2. I mostly think about my traffic and ways to build it up. Thanks for the comment.

      Please I am asking you to also leave a comment on the article link below… Thanks 🙂
      5 Important Questions Every Blogger Should Be Asking Themselves

  13. Zack


    I would go with traffic. Traffic is what that makes you money. You make money with pagerank if you sell links. But you never know, you can be penalized by google. You can get a PR 0, then all the advertisers would run away. With traffic, you don’t need google (if most of the source of traffic is not from google), you would still make money.
    .-= Zack´s last blog ..White Background =-.

    • Reply

      Yeah traffic is nothing comparing to page rank… I can build up the traffic first and then page rank after

  14. collin


    Very great post Kharim. Thanks for such wonderful tips.

    I think both are truly important for every website, blog and forum to be successful.

    Thanks again.

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