The average person clicks on one of the top 5 search results, while only a tiny percentage choose to go to the second page. In fact, many people will enter a new search query before they consider seeing the second page search results. This makes it essential to get your blog posts on the first page of Google – if you fail to do this, you’re essentially invisible. Here are a few tips to increase the chance of your blog posts making it to the first page.

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Perform Deep Keyword Research

One solution is traditional search engine optimisation for a key search term but being very careful with the terms you use. You want to find key search terms with enough volume to be worth the effort and that you can dominate with a balanced SEO approach instead of keyword stuffing. You also have to avoid key search terms that higher authority domains always control, since you’re going to be pushed down in the listings by the sites that search engines give more weight to no matter how good your SEO is.

You should consider working with a SEO marketing firm to determine the best key search terms to use, since you have to balance the ability to rank well relative to the value of the search term. It doesn’t matter if you’re the top result if almost no one searches for it or those who see it are never going to buy from you.

Consider Targeted Conversational SEO

Conversational SEO is search engine optimisation for the questions people are asking their information appliances and navigation systems. The best SEO strategy for a business is to find the questions your customers are asking that almost no one else is answering, and then answering it in a way search engines reward with high rankings but converts your audience to customers. It also requires avoiding questions that can be answered by rich snippets unless you can manage to promote your business and product in that same snippet.

Quality and Consistency – Not an Either/Or Proposition

Your blog isn’t going to get shared on social media or ranked well by search engines if it is of poor quality. You’re also going to lose social media followers who share your content and whose subscriptions are seen as votes for the quality of your content by search engines if you don’t blog regularly. The solution is to regularly post quality content. If you feel like it is an either/or proposition, either increase your posting intervals or start seeking guest bloggers who fit with your brand to fill in for you once in a while.

Perform thorough keyword research to identify the terms you can dominate and are worth the effort. Identify conversational queries you can rank because your customers are asking the question and no one else is giving them a good answer. Maximize on-page SEO like integrating key search terms or conversational queries in titles and the page description. Balance quality with consistency. Poor quality content on your blog will pull down your rankings and cost you the social media following that improves the ranking of your entire blog.

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    Hi Kharim, Great work and like this strategy the best SEO strategy for a business is to find the questions your customers are asking that almost no one else is answering, keep doing and updating us

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