The most excellent investment you make to take your business to new heights can be nothing more than the capital you invest on developing a friendly e-Commerce website design. Ecommerce websites are basically the websites which get you online business. It is a pleasant, captivating e-Commerce website design which in all the probability will attract vast number of visitors and productively convert them into your customers.

As trading online has become more convenient today, ecommerce websites have become the need for businesses to do business globally. Ecommerce websites support visitors to buy any product online as it has an ordered look and design with simple navigation and safe payment gateway making sure smooth and undisturbed online payment.

Consult a professional web design company in India or any other developing country to create the best e-commerce website design at the most competitive rates. It starts with the work of creative designing and productive capability. Such an original design can only be the result of excellent knowledge, highly practised ideas, thought-provoking experience, use of the latest technologies and committed team work. Your E-commerce website is your spokesperson, which represents your business and describes the purpose of your business. It is an active partner as it runs day and night without any fuss.

Below are mentioned a few of the important factors to be considered to develop a friendly e-Commerce website design:

[box type=”spacer”]Simplicity With Creativity[/box]

It is absolutely necessary for an aggressive website to be able to find quality traffic. For that, it is not always necessary to mix and match colour. It is always the simple and sober looks that usually win the hearts. Just add few decent, mild colours best suited to the content and theme of your website. Creativity is inborn; so, hire talented, professional e-commerce website designers who are dependable and experienced. Simple things never get you bored in the long run.

[box type=”spacer”]User-Friendliness[/box]

It is the user-friendliness of any website that attracts visitors. A good website designer seeks to attain user-friendly website navigation. It is essential that your website possesses the suitable architecture with well-located navigational keys which improves the search process. It helps boost the users’ confidence. It would be great if you help your users with the ‘back’ button to make the processes simpler in case of a mistake. It is vital to make the process of buying uncomplicated and user-friendly.

[box type=”spacer”]Customer Database[/box]

It is sensible to analyse and maintain customer data. Keep necessary updates by studying customer’s behaviour at your e-commerce website and identify the search patterns to make the necessary changes accordingly. With this you can get new products or services or adjust the current ones.

[box type=”spacer”]Easy Navigation[/box]

Sometimes even a well-built e-commerce website might fail to bring in expected traffic due to poor navigation. Help your customers by building clear and easy product navigation to help them complete the deal swiftly otherwise they might move on to your competitor’s website. A good design with easy navigation is just as necessary as the product itself. It is good to understand that visitors to your site want easy-to-follow links and visibly-distinct images.

[box type=”spacer”]Superiority[/box]

We want power the best in whatever we do in life; so, why your e-commerce website should not look like the best? Make it a point; at the time of building your e-commerce website to focus on infuse absolute professionalism, sophistication, refinement and fineness. This will definitely help you build a strong customer base for your e-commerce website in the long run.

[box type=”spacer”]Leave Option[/box]

Check off is the last and concluding way of an e-Commerce website which the consumer uses either to buy your product or just leaves the site. Just make sure that your e-commerce website has a simple checkout process with few steps. To help win the customers’ confidence as they might become a bit sceptical at this stage, state the private agreement with clear policy and safe payment gateways which will boost your customer’s faith and build confidence in you.

Hope these tips will help you build a great customer-friendly e-commerce website design and help you serve your customers even in future.


  1. Quynh Lan


    Hi there,
    I totally agree with your points about factors to be considered to develop a friendly E-Commerce website design. I think the structure of website is also an important factor. It’s great to see a website which have a clear and logical structure.

  2. PAUL


    Fantastic post! Straight forward navigation is essential for an e-commerce website as well as user friendliness.

  3. Kate Brown Wilson


    I never knew about this before, that we can create our e-commerce website for us to sell our products, this is really a great help.

  4. Nawaz


    Simple and creative work is always heart touching. All user round the world like user friendly that is also applicable in this case.

  5. ayesha


    Now I want to start working in e-commerce. This post gives me a lot of information and guidance. We must keep all points in mind.

  6. Reply

    Great post. I’d have to agree with everyone else here that easy navigation is a must for an e-commerce website. Frustration and purchasing items online do not mix.

  7. Pooja


    Easy Navigation is he best point for e commerce site it’s best for uneducated people to shop online which are not got their product easily so they leave it. if navigation is easy than it’s best for them.

  8. Rajnish


    I am web designing student from a year and my course is going to last this month but my teacher doesn’t told me about these factors.

  9. Carl Potts


    Kristina, Usability/User Friendliness would be my first consideration with special care being taken to ensure the forms on the site are attractive and easy to use

  10. David


    Great tips But I would also suggest looking at their portfolios and ask for references that you can contact before getting a web design firm. I myself have run into problems from an American firm outsourcing to India, not only did the website not work or turn out correctly we found out later that the firm they outsourced it to didn’t get paid for their non impressive work and contacted us to get paid.

  11. Simmeon


    Hi Kristina,

    For me the website needs to be easy to navigate. If its a challenge to navigate then I just leave and find a better place to buy from. Also If it looks amateaur I’m gone aswell.

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