I have been blogging for over 2 years now (to the date of writing this post) and one of my strategy to get traffic to this blog is via blog commenting.

I love the fact that blog commenting is free, it builds backlinks and also generates a lot of targeted traffic.

Lots of bloggers participating in blog commenting and this is because it works.

Here I have 5 great ways in which I use to make blog commenting work for me.

Be The First To Comment

This is one of the first steps in making blog commenting work for you.

You shouldn’t be shy. Be the first to comment.

Why? This is because after other visitors read the article then the next section below the article will be the comment section. Your comment will be at first position.

Lots of readers also click through to the person’s site who makes the first comment.

Participate In The Discussion

In order to get traffic to your blog, well more traffic to your blog then you have to participate in the comment discussion on the article that you commenting on. You can get real targeted traffic from blog commenting if you subscribe to the post for follow up commenting and then coming back to leave more comments so that others may recognize you.

If you also help or reply to other commentators then you are sure to get traffic back to your blog from them. Participate also by replying to questions that the commentators may ask or you can add to their point when leaving your comment.

Use The CommentLuv Feature

On almost every blog that I visit the Comment Luv Plugin is installed. This plugin will give the readers a reward for leaving a blog commenting by giving them the option for promoting one of their latest blog posts.

Using the CommentLuv when commenting makes it easy for you to get traffic and also readers to your latest blog post. This is also helpful when it comes to building do-follow backlinks.

Make sure to use eye-catching headlines so that when you make blog comments and using the CommentLuv to promote your blog post, other commentators who see it will want to click your link and read your article.

Make Your Comment Stand Out

blog commentingWhen leaving blog comments you normally do it for getting traffic back to your blog or website, and on other occasions for backlinks which also helps to increase your traffic through search engines.

Leaving comments which shows that you have read the article makes it even easier for you to get traffic to your blog or website. Detailed comments is always a win and tends to get more clicks to the commentator who leaves it.

Another thing that you can do to make your comment stand out is to make bold texts in your comments. The WordPress platform allows use to use the <strong> tag when making a comment. This will sure to get some attention on your comment to help you grow your traffic.

You shouls also use a Gravatar. This is where you can set pictures for when leaving a comment so that others know what you look like. Its just like a profile picture.

Reply To Your Comments

Another way that I generate traffic to my blog is through guest posting. I do this because I normally get 2 or 3 links ad in which I can use to promote my blog or my articles. This is great because it is free promotion which helps to build traffic and strong backlinks.

When you do guest posting for blogs with higher traffic than yours then you tend to get more comments on your article. This is where you have the chance of generating lots of traffic to your blog.

You need to reply to each comment left on your guest post.

Yep, that’s right! You have to reply to each and every comment if possible if you want to truly benefit from your guest post and also through blog commenting. If you don’t reply to your comments then writing that guest post maybe just a waste of your time, even though others may benefit from your article.

But what you really want is traffic and in order for you to get traffic then you have to reply to your comments.

Group Discussion

  • What strategy do you use to make blog commenting work for you?


  1. Reply

    I think making comments on blogs can help for sure. I have a bit more traffic coming through my blog and even my pen name that I linked to from my own blog has been checked out. No one makes any comments and that’s okay. I’m still very new and I only have one novella published under my pen name. So I’ve got a long ways to go.

  2. Jamy


    The comments should be appropriate according to the blog as I have seen many commenter they just want there link on a site and the comment with some wording like nice post, great idea and a single line comment if they really inspire by the blog and they are writing these word then they should complete there comment so that the blogger can read it and approve it his/her blog.

  3. Bryan Ring


    I love this post K, because it tells me we are on the same page(or post..haha)in regards to blog traffic.
    Your are an inspiration to me, hence it was written on my “Business Blogging” post.
    Completely agree that you should do your best as a blogger to be the first to comment. Well obviously I am not a blogger, so my comment is at the bottom.

    • Reply

      Hey Bryan,

      Glad that we are on the same track…. That means we doing something great.

      When it comes to blog commenting on certain blogs, being the first to comment always do the trick.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  4. Arjun


    Hi Kharim, nice work and nice blog, You gave 5 tips in blog commenting, give some more tips for me, i am already following this 5 tips

  5. Joe Sam


    i have one question . And can you tell me one thing that if i am working on the particular keyword for for example ( web design company) and i am commenting through XYZ name …as you have told that we don’t have to put our keywords in the name field as i have put down my link in the url fiyeld i have got one back link but if i put the link in url with my keyword( web design company) is it effect my keyword ranking In SERPS or not . If not then can we do the link building normally by putting any xyz name in the name field.

    • Reply

      Well most blog owners don’t accept keywords in the name field. So what you can do is to look for keywordluv enabled blogs like this blog.

      When leaving a comment, in the name field you can use: YOUR NAME @ KEYWORD and your keyword will be anchored with the link that you placed in the url field.

      Thanks for the comment.

      • Joesam


        Hey Kharim thanks for your valuable suggestion and please let me confirm one more query that Is Keyword luv sites and comments luv sites both have same meaning or both are different. and after that my question is that if we the blog site is not keyword luv enabled then how we have to put our keyword in that blog sites or should we have to put our real name only in that sites or can we use real name | Keyword in that blog sites . One more thing that in which blog sites we have to use our keyword as anchor text link in blog comment section as a signature that it is not considered as spam or should we don;t have to use our keyword in comment section as anchor text. Please read it carefully and give your suggestions .

        • Reply

          Both are different. But with the CommentLuv Premium plugin you can have both these plugins.

          The CommentLuv allows you to promote some of your blog posts while the KeywordLuv enables you to use keywords in the name field while leaving comments.

          My blog has KeywordLuv enabled. All you have to do while making comment is in the name field you put YOUR NAME @ KEYWORD.

          This is not considered as spam.

          • Joesam

            thanks karim. I will try to abide by the suggestion you have provided regarding blog commenting as i try to so the commenting in the way not just for the sake of getting back links .

          • You are doing commenting right now. All you have to do is be consistent at it so that you can get more benefits.

            Thanks for the comment.

          • Joesam

            Thanks for your suggestions . I also believe in the way to do all things either it is blog commenting or anything else in the quality way.

  6. Reply

    I am just confused by too many outstanding comment plugins out there, so is there any special tips for choosing in addition to considering the function and performance of the plugin? of course we all agree that using wrong plugin negatively impact on the seo.

    • Reply

      Well what you want to do is use the most popular plugin that has great reviews or rating. Choose the ones that also works well for your blog and remember to not over crowd. Too much plugin can cause your blog to load slow and make your visitors leave with out leaving a comment.

      Thanks for the comment on my article.

  7. Nawaz


    I agree that blog commenting is one of the best tool to get traffic to your blog and it is very helpful to enlist your site in organic searches but getting do follow links that have great importance in view of search engines.

    • Reply

      Thanks for your comment pal.

      Blog commenting does a lot for a blog. It helps to get targeted traffic, builds backlinks, open the door for new guest bloggers and much more.

  8. Leo


    I used to think that blog commenting was a waste of time. I always thought, “Why waste my time comment on somebody else’s blog when I can just use that time to write my own?” But knowing what I know now, and following these tips, I can definitely say that blog commenting really pays off especially when it comes to getting a lot of traffic and link juice for your site.

    • Reply

      This blogger gets over 300 unique visitors to his blog everyday and the way he got that traffic was through blog commenting. Blog commenting really works, but you have to make sure you are consistent in doing it.

      Do less blog writing and more promotion, this will help to make your blogging successful. Also gives you more time to write top quality blog posts.

      Thanks for the comment Leo.

  9. Mairaj Pirzada


    Yeah Kharim Bro,

    You’re doing all very well specially these days. Commenting on other blogs can really drive traffic, readers, give us Exposure and many other benefits. Commenting on other blogs should be done with love, commenting just for the sake of links is just a way to be a SPAMMER, not a Good Commentator, I try my best efforts to become a great Commentator.

    I believe that, commenting on other blogs should be included in every bloggers to do list. While the list and awesome and awesome tips you share are now really going to inspire me even more and more.. Let me comment more great on your other posts.

    Please Don’t think I’m commenting just for the sake of links, am commenting because I do like your posts.. OK? thanks for this one.

    • Reply

      Its great to know that you like my posts,I guess that means I am doing a great job at writing.

      Another tip in order to make blog commenting work for you in getting traffic back to your blog, is to be consistent at it. You have to set a schedule for making comments everyday, for example every 2:00pm – 3:00pm. Doing this will help to make your blog popular.

      Thanks for the comment bro.

      • Mairaj Pirzada


        Hi, Your tip was nice only, but I’ve to comment first always, so I can’t make a schedule of posting comments on various blogs. I’ve to comment whenever the blog publishes the post. I’ve to read it fully first, then comment there. So, I prefer we should not make a schedule, but should try comment on a blog post as soon as possible.! 😀 thanks for the tips, keep suggesting and giving more awesome tips.

          • Mairaj Pirzada

            No, Mr. Kharim, I do more better way to comment first. I use an extension for Google Chrome namely, RSS Feed Reader. I just have to add the blog, from where I wish to get the notification of new post on my browser, and this works really awesome.

            That’s the reason these days am commenting being the first on your blog (you noticed it?)..

            This also makes me updated with your blogs.. You’re also in this list. 😎

  10. ayesha


    Commenting is one of the best way of interaction. It’s a good way of getting hurry feedback. According to me commentluv feature is very easy to use.

  11. bloomtools


    thanks for these really important and useful points for blog commenting. It is really an important part of the off page technique and if it is done in a proper way, it can help to get more traffic to the website.

  12. Reply

    Great points, Kharim! Blog commenting can be very effective, provided it is done properly. It is important to be a part of the discussion and add something to it with the comment. I sometimes see people post pointless comments laced with keywords and not much relevance to the post itself so that is the wrong way to go about it.

    In the end, the visitors are most important to the blog and a good commenting rapport between blogger and visitors is very important.


    • Reply

      Hey Jean,

      One thing I can say is that I hate spams or people who comment with short words or phrases with a chance of getting their comments approved to build blog comments.

      I also get irritated by those pesky keyword spammers as well.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. I really appreciate it.

  13. zourkas


    Hello Kharim!! I have read your post and I think that you are absolutely right!! There more you show that you are an expert human the better…!!

  14. Brian


    Hello Kharim,
    Your ways on how to make blog commenting are awesome. I love the step number 2. Thanks for the share.

  15. Rajnish


    I really love commenting on the blogs that use commentluv plugin because there I get option to show my latest post and I also get backlinks that increase my position in search engines.

    • Reply

      Yep you are right, commentluv has given lots of users more reasons to comment and I thank you for commenting on my article as well.

  16. Robert


    If you are not the first person, you can still put your comment high on the page by replying to the first comment. It’s a small trick in case you don’t have time to reach the first comment

    • Reply

      Hey Robert, I think that is a great tip.

      Replying to the first comment also helps to put you close to the top and also it helps to create conversations which can result in more traffic to your blog.

      Thanks for that awesome tip.

  17. khaja moin


    Hey Karim, thats very useful tips

    Will try to comment first on your next post 😉

  18. Norbert


    thanks for the post…I like your tip on being the first to comment.I’m gonna try it and see how the results are.
    I however think we shouldn’t just comment for the sake of traffic or links.Commenting to grow genuine connections is far much better. The other benefits will always come naturally.
    thank you!

    • Reply

      I made a comment the other day on Lisa Irby blog and I was the first to comment and it sure generated lots of traffic to my blog.

      Yep commenting does grow connections.

      Thanks for the comment.

  19. Irfan Siddiqui


    First of all, I must say, I’m reading your article after a long time here. As usually on this blog I find guest posts, so your tips go missing sometimes.

    Aha! You have written on the major expect of commenting one should look on to gain popularity. Well, being the first to comment is hard when a blog has strong quick-commenting-readers.

    I’d say to make your comment stand out, one should write in detailed one, with few para that makes it go stand out. What you think?

    • Reply

      Well this is because I get lots of guest blogging requests so I want to be a blogger who has a multi-author blog and I must say that I have been successful in creating one.

      Yep a detailed comment will sure to stand out.

      Thanks again Irfan for the comment.

  20. Anton Koekemoer


    Hi Karim,

    Great tips you’ve listed above in the post. I do agree – these are some of the basic tips to follow when you want to increase the value you get out of commenting on other blogs. When and especially commenting on websites with any affiliate value you should be very vigilant of what you post – the more value you bring to the conversation the more likely you will get value from the comment. Whether if its no-follow or do-follow. And frequently commenting on the same niche sites helps to create authority for your website, brand or personal persona amongst webmasters and users alike.

    • Reply

      True, I don’t really care for no-follow or do-dollow blogs. Once I benefit by getting traffic to my blog after leaving a comment.

      If you are not frequent in your comment then you won’t see much improvement in traffic.

      Thanks for the comment Anton.

  21. Reply

    I love that you mentioned CommentLuv! I’m a huge fan of finding CommentLuv blogs and participating in the conversation. I’ve also found that creating a solid comment environment on your site can lead to a lot of social exposure that sort of creates itself.

    Great summary, nice work!


    • Reply

      Yeah, CommentLuv is really a great plugin. I love having it on my blog and also using it on other blogs whenever I make a comment.

      Thanks for your comment pal 🙂

  22. Simmeon


    Hi Kharim,

    Yes, being the first to comment is great but, that’s not something we all can realistically aim for. The real problem you may experience would be down to how many people have contributed to the thread. If you have like 50 comments then for sure that number one spot is going to pay off and you’ll surely reap some reward.

    But I think its what you actually say in your comment, that’s really going to draw the attention of the reader. If you add value or offer new ideas or suggestions people will be able to see this and be more compelled to visit your blog compared with someone else that just agrees and says “awesome post”.

    Lastly, I see a direct link between replying to comments and user participation, if I don’t see the original poster reply to comments it almost makes the whole process pointless. I mean If you’re not going to reply why bother posting an article in the first place.

    • Reply

      Yep that’s true. Not everybody can hit the number one spot and be the first to comment.

      But if you do get the first position then you have to make your comment stand out and also as you said it is actually what you say in your comment.

      Thanks again for commenting.

  23. Pulkit


    Thanks for posting. I am using your ist tip i.e be the first to comment. Commenting can be very useful in case of getting traffic for your website if we follow the above said tips.

    • Reply

      Thanks for the first comment Pulkit.

      Yes that is true. You can get lots of traffic just by blog commenting.

    • Ivin


      Hello Pulkit. I also use the ‘ first’ strategy, but it was interesting to read about using the bold tags in your comments. I never used that before.

      Kharim, I wonder if that’s going to help with SEO? I think replying to your comments is also super important. I think it shows you are interested in your community.

      • Reply

        Hello Ivin

        I am not sure about the SEO side of it. But I sure know that making some boldness in your comment will help to catch some eyes.

        Thanks for the comment.

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