Blogging has been getting very popular these days and this is because it is a fun hobby to do. Not only that but you can start a blogging career and make tons of money through blogging.

I have a lot of people asking me both online and offline about how to start a blog.

My answer lays in this post. There are 3 things that you need when starting a blog and these are listed below.

Web Hosting

One of the very first things that you need when starting a blog (or any type of website) would be good web hosting.

There is no way that you can launch a blog without selecting some where to host your files.

You want to ensure you get a web hosting that is fast, reliable and secure. Once you can get these 3 things with a hosting then you need not to worry if your hosting will be suitable for you.

Sometimes depending on the hosting that you use as well, most times you will be able to buy your domain name where your files are hosted… which leads to our next point of getting a domain name.

Domain Name

When selecting a domain name (or your own DOT COM) then I would recommend that you select one that matches the topic that you will be blogging about.

For example, don’t blog about cars if your domain has nothing to do with cars. This would defeat the whole purpose of your domain name. Your domain name should go hand-in-hand with the topic of your blog.

When it comes on to getting traffic from search engines and SEO for getting targeted traffic then you will realize that domain names are really important.

Choose a domain name that has a keyword with your topic, keep it short and catchy so people will remember it easy.

Domains aren’t really expensive and depending on your hosting then sometimes you can get free domains.

Blogging Platform

Selecting a blogging platform is another important key factor when it comes to launching a blog.

What is it that you will look for when choosing a platform to blog on?

  • You should look out for the popularity of the platform.
  • Is it easy to use?
  • Will there be themes for your platform?
  • Security and privacy with platform.
  • Support from the platform creators.
  • Usability as well from your visitors or subscribers.

You have to take all these things into consideration and a lot more when selecting a blogging platform.

Personally though I would recommend WordPress. It is very easy to work with and fun as well. You have tons of plugins and themes to make your blog look pretty unique.

So choose WordPress when starting your blog, you’ll be glad you did.

In Conclusion…

Always remember good hosting is a must for your blog! Domain name plays a big part! Platform for your blog


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    Great tips, In my opinion, the most important thing for blogging is to creat unique and attractive contet – for both – users and Google.

      • Reply

        Well I would say that blogspot are for people who is just experimenting with blogging.

        That’s where I started off and I didn’t make any money there until I took blogging seriously and moved to WordPress.

    • Reply

      Hello Jackson,
      I would recommend WordPress. It’s one of the best and can be customized basically in anyway that you want.

      This is what I use on my blog.

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    Nice suggestions Kharim! These technical details are important for a non techie, who wants to blog, got ideas, can write brilliantly but does not know how to bring those before a wider audience in the form of a blog.

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