Technology nowadays has changed the way everything works. It used to be enough to have a quality product or offer a good service and a word of mouth, a newspaper ad or a TV commercial would help you reach out to your potential customers. Today, most of us google the things we need as it offers us a unique opportunity to carry unlimited information in our pockets. This is why every small business owner should invest in its businesses virtual existence.

Create a great website

A website is your companies face in the vast world of Internet. You should make it as pretty as possible. First of all, think about it as a pamphlet, make sure it has all the information a customer may want to know e.g. full service/product description, contact details, business locations, and opening hours. It may be a good idea to add prices, online shopping/bookings even a live chat if your business can support that. Don’t forget to keep your website alive! Make sure every change within the business is covered and your website always updated. If you have a contact-us form on your page, make sure all the queries are answered in due time. It is a must to make your website mobile-friendly.

Turn to social media

You have your website, now is a good time to create profiles on different social media and link them to your website. A profile may be an easier way of constantly reminding your potential customers of your existence. Come up with little marketing strategies as you normally would and advertise them on your profiles, such as sales, give outs, ‘one-time’ offers, buy one get one free and so on. Social media profiles would allow you to join groups relevant to your field and target customers that way.

Pay attention to keywords

A key to a good keyword is knowing your customers. You can even set up an in-store survey and find out more on what people are looking for and what it is that they would potentially type into a search engine when looking for a service you provide. Use this knowledge and the keywords to optimize your website. Have them implemented into your web page.

Set up a blog

A blog is a wonderful thing! It is your professional journal. This is a place where you get to write about things related to your industry from your professional experience and point of view. Think of the topics that may interest your potential customers and cover them in your articles. If you are manufacturing and selling rope, per say, you can write about all the unusual things you can make from rope, or report about an artist creating installations from rope, compare different kinds of rope etc. You would, of course, link your website where appropriate. Another thing you can do when it comes to blogging is writing guest posts on other blogs and again link your business’s website just to make it accessible and available to greater number of people to look at.

Get familiar with fair SEO

This is something you should probably get into prior to setting up a blog. Experts from GWM SEO Sydney suggest getting informed on the rules of good SEO conduct prior to doing it as you may end up harming your web page rather than improving its reputation. Google offers a lot of applications which allow you to check your position and reputation with Google.

SEO is a great way of helping your business thrive. There are a lot of bases to cover so you may want to choose to have it done by a professional service, if not, keep your head clear and open for fresh knowledge and take your time when implementing it. Do not rush, SEO is a lengthy process and it takes patients to see the results and maintain them at a certain level.

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