Building connections with your readers is an effective way to make your a blog successful one. These connections can lead to long-lasting relationships, increasing your brand’s online awareness. One of the most underused tools for building real connections is blog comments. Encouraging your readers to leave valuable comments on your posts will help to drive more traffic to your blog.

  1. 3 Ways to Build Real Relationships Through Comments

So, how do you get your readers to leave comments? Well, here are three simple tips that will help you guide your readers to interact with you online through comments:

  1. 1) Write a Good Bio & Add a Photo

When you blog, you should be aiming to showcase yourself as a leader in your industry. That’s why many readers want to see the person behind the post. It helps them to get a more personal feel for the writer claiming to be such an industry authority. Also, author bio boxes are generally at the end of posts, directly above the commenting sections. It’s liking providing readers with a step-by-step guide in a sense.

  • Read the post

  • Read the author bio

  • Read the comments

  • Leave a comment

  1. 2) Keep Asking Questions

Most people who land on a blog post were searching for something online. In most cases, that โ€œsomethingโ€ was a solution to a problem they’re having. This is the same concept behind most blog comments. Your post has provoked a thought within them that they simply must share, hoping you have a solution for them. Respond to their comments by asking more questions that can help you better understand their issues. Not only does this show your readers just how much you care about them. It also leads to more responses, keeping the online conversation going on indefinitely.

  1. 3) Encourage Others to Share Solutions

So, now you know how valuable answering your readers question can be to building real connections. Your next step is to encourage other audience members to bring some value to your readers. Building a community of readers who share solutions to help others solve problems helps take some of the pressure off you. It also helps your readers feel more like a team of movers and shakers. However, many bloggers aren’t comfortable with these types of problem-solving communities. So, most readers steer away from sharing solutions through blog comments. Therefore, it’s very important that you make sure your audience knows that they’re always welcome to reply to comments posted by others. This creates a loyal audience of readers that will keep coming back to interact with you and your community.


Chad Goulde is a member of outreach team. He is enjoys Call of Duty, running and smores.



  1. Ryan Jones


    I’ve been TRYING to encourage comments but its not really sparking off, any useful tips as to how to grab someones eye?

  2. Chery Schmidt


    Hey Chad! Great Tips for Building Real Connections Through Blog Comments! I have seen bio boxes on a few blogs that I have visited and do like this idea.. Engaging with your visitors can be fun and you do get to meet new friends this way as well. Thanks for the tips.. Chery ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Chetan Gupta


    The another tip for building real connection through comments is to reply to other commenter with your answer of that question which commenter ask. It is also a great way according to me.
    Thanks for these tips.

  4. Reply

    Comments are one of the the effective ways through which the blogger can become a part and parcel of the lives of the audience. It is essential to encourage the readers to stay tuned with the blog by encouraging them to clear their queries or simply share their experience and opinion on the issue. Thanks for the share.

  5. Reply

    It is really enjoyable to learn about new things. It is an important way to learn more about blogging. Those tips are awesome.

  6. Aleeza


    You provided us the best educational tips and you inspired me to move more forward. I learned from your site, which is super awesome. I wish you a best of health. Thank you so much.

  7. Emmanuel


    I like your second point. Asking compelling questions is the key and I simply do enjoy doing that.

  8. Prakash


    Yes encouraging others to share solution is the good idea I think. It will help in making real connections.

  9. Farrell John Conejos


    Hey Chad,

    Asking questions is one sure way to arouse curiosity and participation among readers. It’s an effective strategy for generating traffic. I often use this method for my blog post and I guarantee you, it works.

  10. Reply

    Hey Chad !
    These are nice tips. Building real connection is always important because our audience is every thing for us. and no doubt these are effective tips. Asking questions, solving the problem of audience always attracts your audience again and again. But one should be careful about that he has to solve the problem otherwise your audience will go somewhere else. Sometimes when I need some solution for my problem and any site who can’t solve my problem, I do not use go there ever.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Chad Goulde


      Yes it can be hard to find a reliable source for helpful information in a lot of cases. In some cases when you come across those situations, it can be a great idea to do all of the research and become the source of information.

  11. Jannie Taylor



    You have shared great tips with us.
    Your IDEA is realistic.

    Jannie Taylor

  12. Reply

    Thanks for the valuable insights. Building relationships is the key to a successful blog!

    • Chad Goulde


      Building relationships is one of the keys to building a blog and is the key to a lot of other things that can help make you successful as well.

  13. mike


    thank you so much for your tips! I can really use them in my endeavors

  14. Reply

    Chad, thanks for your write up. Blogging is supposed to be interactive. The ability to stir up others to share what is in their mind is what make you a great blogger. Some blogs have superb contents, yet hardly get comments. It simply means that something is lacking – the ability to get others to talk.

    Your blog becomes more of a community when others are willing to volunteer to provide solutions to nagging questions raised either by you or by your readers.

    • Chad Goulde


      Yep you have the perfect mindset for this Efogjor, thanks for your comments.

  15. Syed Qasim


    Thanks for sharing the great tip. I’m new to blogging world. Obviously this tip will help me in future. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Chad Goulde



      If you are new to blogging then this was a great article for you. Just learn now that building relationships is going to help make you successful.


  16. Sudipto


    Hey Chad,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing this post with us. Yes, building good relations with readers is an important part for getting success in blogging as it helps to increase trust factor between both and also motivate readers to leave a comment. For making good relations we have to try to reply all the comments on our blog.

    • Chad Goulde



      Interaction and engagement are much bigger than people sometimes think. People love to connect with others and interact with trusted sources. The more of this you can do the better.


  17. Leon


    I definitely agree with the asking questions aspect. I have noticed I gain a lot of responses from doing that when I comment on blogs. Great post!

    • Chad Goulde



      This is because people love to interact, but they don’t neccessarily do so without someone saying “hey tell me your thoughts on the subject”.


  18. Bob Straub


    Great concepts Chad.

    I think the order you used for this post was great as well. If the Bio and photo aren’t already set, parts two and three will not be as effective.

    Tip #3 reminded me of what I’ve seen a lot of blogger’s doing lately with Top X# tips lately. If the post is the top 7 tips for SEO, the #7 tip is the author asking the readers for what is one of their favorite tips that is different.


    • Chad Goulde



      This is a great way to get people to act, sometimes it really is just as simple ask asking someone to do something. Its crazy sometimes what people can be willing to do if all you do is ask.


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