Panda is basically a set of algorithm introduced by Google simply to penalize the sites with low quality content. It was first introduced in the February 2011, which hampered more than 12 percent of Google search results.

Since then you could find Panda updates coming in regular basis, with the latest appearing on 22nd January 2013. As per Google the main idea behind introducing the Panda update was to bring down the websites carrying low quality content, and give quality sites a better rank. It employs several artificial intelligence tools along with human quality filters that help the giant search engine to judge the quality of the sites on basis of content, speeds, design and trustworthiness. Since the advent of Panda a number of sites having low quality content lost their traffic thus it acted like a devil for a number webmasters all across the world. However, there are ways to overcome this, which comes in the form of effective SEO tactics.

Let’ check out some of the best SEO techniques to tame Panda.

[box type=”spacer”]Revise Your Content[/box]

If your site is hampered by Panda updates, the first thing you need to analyze is your content. There are several analytic tools, which can help you in identifying the under-performing content with the help of user metrics including page views, exit and bounce rates. At the same time find out pages that are filled with poor and obsolete content. Content plays an important role in search engine optimization.

As said, the main idea of Panda update is to improve the quality of content meant for the internet users; hence you are supposed to evaluate your content quality. Get rid of the grammatical, stylistic and spelling errors in your entire content of your site as these things could damage your credibility before Google.

There is a direct link between quality content and page ranking over Google especially after the advent of Panda update; hence you need to start working with your site content. Quality content could be defined as the one, which happens to be useful, relevant and interesting to the users. It shouldn’t be a copied stuff from any site or blog.

Plus, the content you put over your site should be thin enough to present the ideas in limited words rather than putting in the forms of huge descriptive paragraphs. There are rules set for the length of content by Google, which you need to follow while working on this aspect.

[box type=”spacer”]Moderate Use Of Keywords[/box]

Keywords play an important role in search engine optimization, which bring in a number of visitors to your site. However, after the advent of Panda update, the approach for keyword optimization seems to have changed a lot. Now, you are not supposed to use longer stuff keywords carrying higher density, which is termed as keyword stuffing in the language of Google.

If you have been carrying out the keyword stuffing thing, you could end up becoming the victim of Panda update. Hence the only best solution here to tame the Panda is to use all your primary keywords in a most natural way inside your site content rather than overly using them.

[box type=”spacer”]Rely Only On Quality Backlinks[/box]

Many sites in order to rank at the top were seen carrying a number of links with majority of low quality links, which is called as link farming.

However, with Google Panda update, all such sites were seen penalized by the giant search engine. Backlinks are considered as an important element of off page SEO but with low quality links, you are bound to be penalized by Google.

Hence it is imperative for you to include quality backlinks so that Google gives you higher rankings in different search results. You need to analyze all the backlinks found over your site and get rid of the low quality links. Say no to link farming. The best way to get quality backlinks is possible via social media and guest blogging.

[box type=”spacer”]Say No To Black Hat SEO Techniques[/box]

This should be the important base of your SEO strategy if you are keen to tame Panda update. The black hat SEO techniques are being barred by most of the search engines. The sites adopting these techniques were badly affected after the advent of Panda update from Google.

Instead of relying over these, make sure you follow several white hat SEO techniques, which is considered as a legitimate way to get traffic to your site and improve your page ranks as well. The white hat techniques like blog comments, PR, article marketing, and even social media could be time taking but at least can save you from becoming the victim of Panda.

So, if you have been relying over black hat SEO techniques like link farming, Doorway pages, hidden links and cloaking then make sure you get rid of these as sooner or later you would be caught by the search engines.

[box]Final Word[/box]

Among the list of several things to be carried out to tame Panda update, the above listed SEO strategies could be called as the most effective ones. Relying over these updates could really help you in surviving from the Google Panda update and make you more visible over the search engines.

About The Author: Claudia is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, travelling and reading books. She contributes to Social Cloud.


  1. Sudipto


    Hey Claudia,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing these important tips with us. I really like all the points you mentioned above and surely gonna implement it. yes, Backlinks is the most important part of SEO.

  2. Kuldeep


    Nice post for make to tame the panda- your tactics is so useful thanks for the post, its really useful me as newbie..

  3. Jana


    Thank you for such a wonderful suggestive article. It would be very beneficial for a content writer for choosing a keyword and it would also help in doing good SEO. Can you please give some examples of keyword phrases which would bring traffic not just attract cash.

  4. Reply

    Hi Claudia… This is a great post.. I think it will be very useful to us. I read it but I need some thing more to know about this. How can I know about this.

  5. Krishna


    Google Panda Algo Updates have always helped out the webmasters to get better results but what I must say is, it still has remained in-effective to remove spam 100%, what say?

  6. Jessica


    It was really impressive published article. I do personally learn in the post and also I will share it to my friends later after reviewing. Really interesting post indeed. Thanks.

  7. Jason


    helpful post Claudia, Google always hit those websites which has poor quality articles and spam links.
    Its better to create unique content with quality backlinks.

  8. Prakash


    NIce tips for SEO, this will really help in getting good results through search engines. Thanks for sharing this.

  9. jawad zaib


    going after Google page rank blindly is not a good idea without paying attention to quality content. Google rewards unique content. and with this the Pagerank will naturally improve…

  10. Reply

    Amazing article yes i agree google panda filtering all sites they included little bit or more create a spam content or links. and the advantage bloggers and SEO are isolated to included spam content and he make believe to use quality contents and links. so that kind google panda protect to spam content and links. and through panda or penguin gives strong message to novice bloggers and SEO use to quality content and links.

  11. Lisa Chaves


    I agree with all those seo tactics just to tame Panda. But marketers do know how hard it is to follow all of those.

  12. Arianne


    This is a call to really produce content that are high in quality. Aside from that, you’ve pointed a lot of good tips that will help lots of bloggers like me. Thanks for the article.

  13. Jennifer Cunningham


    Totally agree that good quality articles and good quality backlinks add to the success the blog. Thanks for the tips.

  14. Barb


    Hi Claudia,

    Thanks so much for a really insightful article about how to make the panda play nicer–or how to play nicer with the panda!

    I’ve only started learning about this…could you email me and give me some more ideas on white hat types of links, or maybe some more tutorial sites on this? This would be super helpful.

    Thanks so kindly!


  15. Reply

    Thanks for sharing nice tips on avoiding Panda. It can really affect your site if you do mistakes & you need to be very careful in working on your blog.
    As you have written – “There are rules set for the length of content by Google”, I want to know what are these rules set by Google for length of the content & where can I read more about this.

  16. James


    I would rather deliver content that sites would link to, rather than pursuing after other sites to get backlinks.

  17. James


    Everybody is brainstorming on how to prevent getting penalized by Google…I agree with the points which you mentioned..

  18. Dipankar Mondal


    This tips are really very helpful. To protect Panda we need to write and post quality content on our blog. Also should control our keywords…And yes, on every step we should perform good seo that we can surve Panada easily.

  19. Reply

    Good topic Claudia,

    Now that the Panda is over it’s time for the next algo change.

    I’m starting to focus less on SEO these days and more on collaboration.

    Google’s holding too many cards.

    maybe it’s just me?

  20. Mark Furrer


    Its so remarkable… That’s an interesting and great post. I’m really impressed through your topic. Appreciate your posting.I favor it and can discuss with my colleagues .
    Whereas my question is the same whether there is any permanent remedy to tackle Panda and Other google updates.

  21. KImsea


    Thanks for sharing! this is very good advice, I never think about the black hat but I no better with my contents.

  22. Reply

    Interesting article!

    However I have to disagree with how well Google Panda and Penguin are actually weeding out junk versus good quality and more important accurate content (at least in my field of research and expertise and that is aquarium and pond keeping).

    I have seen eHow and rise above good content for not only poor content spammy information, but for downright inaccurate information.

    While many of my sites have done OK with Penguin and Panda, I have seen others such as Fish as Pets be nowhere to be found on Google (only on better search engines such as Bing or Blekko) with unique and regularly updated content .

    Even still keywords such as “Aquarium Lighting” and “Aquarium Planaria” bring up a plethora of spam or out of date content

  23. Laura


    I’ve stopped fighting with Google Panda and other Google updates a few months ago. I’ve downloaded lots of ebooks, reading lots of SEO tips, but in the end, all is common sense: don’t spam, don’t copy content, update and show you’re alive, be friendly, write smart. Plain and simple, I don’t know why people complicate things.

  24. Joe Hart


    Hi Claudia…This Panda thing had been causing chaos in the SEO community for the past few months…Everybody is brainstorming on how to prevent getting penalized by Google…I agree with the points which you mentioned..Those are legit ways to stay on top…What i am not sure is whether PR and article marketing can be counted as white hat anymore…Google seems to be seriously looking into it because linkbuilding using article directories is in a sense, a kind of webspam.

    • Claudia


      Hi Anis,
      Google Panda hurt sites with low quality content, where content was duplicated or spammy. Penguin hurt sites which got links from spammy sites.

      Google is trying to prove that success has to be hard earned and black hat SEO / Automated websites wont be allowed to succeed.

      • Reply

        Awesome thanks for your cool explanation I finally know the difference between Google panda&Penguin

  25. Ankit Shrivastava


    Yes I agree with your 4 points. I think these are the main points to be consider first before performing any kind of strategy.

  26. Reply

    Nice article, Claudia. A lot of bloggers are too desperate to move up the Google page rank without paying utmost attention to the quality of their content. This has led many into using the blackhat methods at the detriment of their sites.
    Google loves great content. Pagerank would naturally improve if you deliver content that are highly informative. I would rather deliver content that sites would link to, rather than pursuing after other sites to get backlinks.

  27. Alex Thompson


    Hello Claudia,

    Excellent Write Up!. Google Penguin and Panda depends on the quality of contents, so you should avoid adding spammy links and contents to your blog.

    Alex Thompson

  28. Maja


    Google Panda update always demands quality in on site as well as off site SEO. Now readers can get read knowledge because of Google Panda Update. Thanks to Google Panda. Panda also has also one sister penguin.

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