Whether you’re a big-box store such as Amazon, or a small business looking to get traction in the online space, a/b testing can have an important influence on the success of your site.

Your site’s design and usability influence sales enormously, and a/b testing allows you to test elements of your e-commerce site such as pricing to product categories and ratings to maximize the user experience.

The investment will be well worth your time in directly effecting sales. How is this achieved? I’ll cover the basics of a/b testing for e-commerce in this article.

Call to Action Button

The call to action button is a big player in effectiveness of any online marketing venture, and especially for e-commerce sites. You want the visitor to take that desired action, and the right combination of color, size, and text will ensure your call to action stands a cut above the rest.

Imagine having so much traffic on your website and everyone is interested in your product but for whatever reason they can’t find that BUY NOW button? Or something like the color of the call to action button is hidden within the background color which makes it completely invisible? That would be a lot of potential income you’re potentially missing out on.


When it comes to size, make sure it’s noticeable. Aim at a size of around 230px wide and 45px tall if necessary. Size does matter! The size of images on articles help artistic readers get further entertained by the articles you write, but it’s also the matter of making sure your eyes aren’t being distracted by the complete contrast between different sizes of pictures.

Even what’s bolded in articles makes all the different. (I.E. This article)


Does your button placement follow the flow of your eye? It’s good practice to have the call to action situated above the fold, as this is where the bulk of a user’s time is spent. The placement is probably one of the most important parts to get in mind.

You don’t want to put a BUY NOW button all over the landing page. Readers might be able to see right through you like someone that is just after their case instead of being someone that is offering a solution to their problem. So having the call to action button being above the fold would be the best place to place the call to action button.


Inspire visitors to take action by having strong call to action text on your button. Test out a few phrases and decide which one works best.

For instance text that conveys a limited time offer is said to work most effectively as the visitor sees that time is limited to take action. Bold text with exclamation marks sometimes highlighted with a different color as the rest of the text in the landing page maybe one of the most effective way to set your text up. Contrast is a very powerful thing, so while you’re proving great information about your product online, it would be a great idea to contrast the message  from the rest of the article to have an engaging way to interact with the call to action button.

Pricing Strategies

Pricing is another area you want to run through a/b testing for maximum effectiveness. Visitors want to feel compelled psychologically to purchase your items, so run some a/b tests in determining which strategy will work best for you.

Will ending the price of some items to .99 increase sales?

Read this psychological test to see how it can be applied to your website. Don’t overwhelm the visitor by displaying too much or too little text. Conduct a/b tests in determining where to place pricing info in relation to other elements such as images and text. Also consider testing the policies you display on your pages.

Search Results and Product Displays

Useful information, such as that from the Maxymiser A/B Testing Guide, can answer your questions you might have in terms of what products to display on your homepage and the quantity of them. For maximum results, test the amount of search results as well as the order of them.

These tests will help you answer questions such as: Which view should you show by default?


A/B testing can play a pivotal role in the success of your e-commerce website. Small changes over time can aide in your overall bottom-line and success of your online endeavor. Remember to regularly test these elements to product tangible results for your business. Remember you may have the large traffic on your website or land pages, but won’t mean you’ll have the income you deserve unless your landing page or website are properly optimized.

Ruben Corbo is a freelance writer that writes about many different topics which include internet marketing, gaming, technology, art and music. For more information about the topic of A/B testing and other related methods of website or landing page optimization go to Maxymiser


  1. Lokesh Kumar


    Nice Post and great tips. I have been implementing some of them, but from now I will use your suggestions.. ? I say bingo!

  2. Reply

    Awesome post these tips are really informative however I think we should firstly have traffic then We can implement the tips given in this article

  3. Reply

    Hey Ruben,
    I am currently working on a project which deals with the niche of AB testing. This is how I found your post. Must say, this post provided me with great set of information which will aid in doing the project effectively. Thanks a lot for sharing the post. Much appreciated!!

    • Ruben Corbo


      You’re welcome. There’s a bunch more to learn about AB testing, so makesure you head over to check out more information from Maxymiser.

  4. Reply

    I had known of the AB testing until I read your post. Thanks for sharing the useful information and I will be saving it for future reference too.

    • Ruben Corbo


      You’re welcome. This will definitely help you in profiting from your websites.

  5. Reply

    Ruben, great write up. The aesthetics of a website does matters a lot when it comes to visiting and taking action to purchase a product. All the great eCommerce sites understand this and are paying serious attention to the the quality of their websites.
    Ability to call on your customers with the right words to take action also plays a significant role.

  6. Joe Hart


    Hi Ruben…I’ve a client who owns a couple of e-com sites…He is really struggling with pricing strategies.He keeps on revising the pricing because he is not sure whether he is underpricing the products..Any suggestions for this??

    • Ruben Corbo


      Yup, research research and research. If this is an affiliate program, I can understand how it can be a tad difficult because you don’t have much control of your product, but if he’s selling his own product., it will take a lot of research. Make sure they can compare pricing on similar products and then go ahead and be as competitive as possible. One strategy is get the regular prices from his competitors and display it and then scratch it off in red and then right below display his price underneath the product he is selling. Another strategy is to offer a price match. If the visitor finds a price lower than his, that he requires a screen shot and then he’ll match it.

  7. Alex Thompson


    Hello Ruben,

    Website Navigation is an important factor for any kind of website. So the design needs to be responsive web design which is helpful for all the visitors to see in flexible format.

  8. nabil


    To be successful is not an easy task!! you have to be creative and inovative!!!

    • Ruben Corbo


      Being successful is only as easy as you think you can be. Remember, Law of attraction.

  9. Reply

    I’ve been trying to figure out how to measure this in analytics and webmaster tools for about a year. The only gross measurement I’ve been successful at is sales, if a sale converted or not. A lot of times it seems the effort, for most landing pages, exceeds the return on investment. Is that how you view it? I can see for Amazon how it would be useful, if you are doing billions. I’f I’m doing millions or lower, well a small increase in sales might not absorb the cost.

    • Ruben Corbo


      yeah I totally understand that, but the real answer to your question is yes. Regardless, these kind of tips are for those that have a lot of traffic coming in. Otherwise, the priority is to get more traffic first.

  10. Reply

    Ruben, you really had shown here some fantastic discussions on a/b testing. This is actually what I am searching for. Really of great help for my e- commerce website. Thank you for sharing it!

  11. Laura


    I totally agree with you, Ruben. I also watched lots of tutorials on Youtube about this subject. Besides the small changes that you do on your design (banner placements, call to action buttons etc), it is also recommended changing your entire website design once in three years.

    • Ruben Corbo


      Yes! Very good point. It’s important in general to just update the content of your website very often so that visitors have something fresh to come to when they go back to your website.

  12. mansi kaul


    Hello Dear

    actually i was need this post actually i am working on e commerce sites and according to me action button is must for site, so thanks for sharing me

  13. Reply

    These are all great topics for discussion. In my webstore, I proce everything at xx.95. The old adage that 9.95 is a lot cheaper than 10 bucks holds true. I created an A/B scenarios with two store fronts and saw an increase of almost 40% in sales due to knocking off a nickel on the price.

  14. Maja


    A/B test plays vital role in e-commerce but the main role to get success in e-commerce is to make a good landing page that is source of sale for a website owner.

    • Ruben Corbo


      I agree with you wholeheartedly. It’s a variety of things that need to be taken into account when it comes to this particular subject. Looks on website design and ease of navigation.

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