The concept of web design and development is rapidly changing for the better. The change is more prominent in the present year, i.e., 2017. Several new design trends are showing up. Among these, there are a few that show a tremendous potential in redefining the concept of web designing and development and taking it to an entirely new level. Understanding these trends and utilizing them suitably is a critical thing to consider for any web designer, entrepreneur or creative expert.

Being Minimalistic In Approach

Make the site clean and simple in terms of designing. Take initiatives to strip away distractions that would ultimately help in increasing the legibility of the site while making the navigation much simpler to handle. A site, with a simple, yet functional designing approach, helps in creating a sophisticated outlook and improves the viewing experience. Rather than including too many elements, try to focus on creating a clean and a less-complicated user interface.

Playing With The Color Contrast Of Web Page Content

There are certain designing trends that may seem to do more harm than good. Off late, many designers have started playing, with color contrasting aspects for their web content. There is an approach to reduce the contrast of texts. Thus, reading such text becomes a lot harder when it comes to viewing the websites on smaller devices like, mobile smartphones and tablets. It also becomes a problem for the aging population to follow or understand such website content. Presently, web designers are focusing a lot into this issue while developing the websites. Reputed web development agencies like, LasVegasWebDesignCo is following this approach carefully to develop the relevant web designs.

Stay Away From Bad WordPress

Nearly 80% of the websites are developed using WordPress. Well, it is not bad to develop websites using WordPress. But, what makes the scenario problematic is using inappropriate themes to develop the sites. Not every WordPress theme promises a decent appearance. Therefore, when you are planning to design your website, look for simple themes that tend to be contemporary, modern and responsive in nature.

The Animation Factor

Animations can be a fine addition to webpage content. If possible, try to include more animations to the site in the form of hovers and GIFs. It creates an attractive outlay to the website design and helps in engaging the audience. In fact, animated images are better additions when compared to static images. It helps in creating a certain kind of visual feedback in regard to the site’s interactive approach, with the audience. Thus, viewing and learning from websites becomes more fun and intuitive.

The concept of designing is fast changing. The usual trends are disappearing and making a way for innovative concepts. Most of the leading ecommerce sites are opting for flat designing concepts. Top-rated sites are getting rid of those textures and shadows to create something simple and flat. Surprisingly, this concept is becoming widely acceptable too. At the same time, there has been a new concept coming up; it is called hybrid material design. It is primarily a perfect blend of volumetric shape and flat designing approach for easier navigation while preserving the visual and modern aesthetic value of the site.

Author Bio: Peter Thomas is the GM of LasVegasWebDesignCo. He also writes for several blogs and journals.


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