Do you wonder why some businesses have the best online marketing strategies and how they always have high traffic directed to their websites? Even though there is variant internet marketing strategies, the most important strategies implemented incorporate creating high quality products and services and then selling them using great content.

If you want to know how to create such moving content for your unique and high quality services, consider the following tips for the best SEO content. They include:

  1. Your headlines aren’t engaging

You always go through article headlines before reading articles. Don’t you? Just like you, your potential and existing clients will read your blog content on WordPress only if the headline is interesting and engaging.

The links high on Google’s SERPs are for sites with high quality and engaging content, for higher click-through rates, begin with numbers, place emphasis on the value, pique curiosity, avoid superlatives, punctuate more, and use more adjectives or power words.

  1. Poorly optimized Meta content

The descriptions and titles of your articles of blog posts are free PPC on Google. To optimize your Meta content, have high quality content and engaging headlines. When writing, hit the max character limit then stop. Ensure that the content written will make someone stop and read the entire page.

  1. Use of irrelevant content sentences for embedded links

Sharing content by using anchor texts or phrases is important. However, if you are using the cliché ‘click here’ or ‘read more’ anchor texts, then, no one will check out your site.

You can change this by creating juicy and relevant texts that will give a visitor the extra nudge to check out your website. Try using descriptive, juicy, short and relevant content sentences besides the embedded links.

  1. Not writing for readers

You have to write and create content with your reader in mind? Ask yourself, ‘will someone want to read this article?’ ‘Will this article benefit a reader and how?’

Make people want to read your content.This is the only way that you will get the full ROI for the content you have worked hard to create. The content must flow naturally, have interactive features, and, help visitors. People are out looking for information, find a creative way to give this information through your website.

  1. Are you a storyteller?

Whether you admit it or deny, you like listening to stories; you watch movies, and read books because there is a story. The first step in SEO marketing is capturing your reader’s attention. Such content makes it easier for your readers to engage with you too. To improve your ratings and ranking on search engines respectively, take advantage of the platform you are on and market your products by telling stories.

  1. You are using too many screenshots

Your readers and clients want to engage with your content and you can make this happen by using real images and videos. Screenshots are good for illustrations but they make navigation harder.

  1. You don’t have a sitemap

This is how you are missing Google’s help. Create a sitemap and upload it on Google. This helps in boosting your brand awareness.

  1. Keyword Stuffing and mobile unfriendliness

In this time and age, every one of your client surfs on a smartphone and your content should be easily accessible through the phone. You should also avoid keyword stuffing. Google hates this and they will lower your ranking when you overuse keywords.


In conclusion, your content is important for internet marketing success and better performance of your business online. Avoid these pitfalls and follow the advice given for higher ROI.

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