We’re all human, right? And part of being human is making mistakes—it happens and there’s really nothing you can do about it.

When it comes to social media, however, your mistakes can take on lives of their own. Many times mistakes happen because people are new to all the possibilities—and pitfalls—of the platforms for online sharing. They’re not articulate about what they hope to accomplish, or they think that by paying people to become “fans,” they’re boosting community and connection.

Even though social media is still in its infancy, there are guidelines that can help you craft a thoughtful yet impactful social media strategy, one that provides relevant, interesting content that’s visual and well-rounded. And any social media strategy should also have an action plan for what to do when you do make those inevitable mistakes.

This graphic guides you through some common blunders and offers tips for avoiding them.

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    Great post,

    Well I have started few social media campaigns and I guess these tips are very useful to learn some tips and also to prevent mistakes which we usually encounter.


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