As an entrepreneur, you set your own business hours and your own deadlines, giving you the perfect opportunity to structure your time so that you can fit in an online study program. Obtaining a degree will give you skills that you could use to grow your business, or it could lead you off into an entirely new career direction. As a flexible entrepreneur, the choice is yours to make.

How Does an Online Degree Work?

An online degree gives you the same level of qualification as the one earned by a student attending a brick and mortar college campus. Just be sure to check that the college offering the course is an accredited school.

You’ll study all of your course modules from the comfort of your own home, so all you need is a computer with a good internet connection, and 10 – 15 hours per week to complete your coursework.

You have access to tutors via email and video chat, as well as to the other students on your course, so you can collaborate on projects and in some cases take part in occasional live classes.

Some people aren’t well suited to the discipline required to complete an online degree and those people will do better in a traditional college setting, whereas entrepreneurs already have the capacity for self-management and the mindset needed to succeed.

Does an Online Degree Save Money?

Accommodation is a large component of the cost of studying for a degree at a traditional college. When you study online, you only have to pay for your tuition and the books that you need for your course, so you don’t have to worry about the expense of accommodation.

Another appealing benefit of studying for an online degree is that you can continue to work and earn a full-time income while you complete your course. This wouldn’t be possible if you had to attend classes on campus during the day.

What Kind of Programs Are Available?

Colleges offer bachelor’s and masters degrees in a wide range of subjects. You might find it advantageous for your current business to work towards a degree in management, sales and marketing, or IT.

Equally, if you think that you might want to move into another field in the future, then you could pursue a degree in healthcare, criminal justice or education, to name just a few of the options.

The best degrees to undertake are ones that will lead to future opportunities. If we look at options in healthcare for example, which is a growing industry, a nursing degree is a good choice, but other careers in healthcare are worth considering, like hospital and clinical administration, and patient management positions.

A flexible and particularly sought after qualification in the healthcare industry is a masters in health informatics, which can be obtained through an online MSHI program.

No one knows where their future will lead, or if their current business will continue to succeed. Obtaining an up-to-date degree, in a future proof industry, is good insurance against changing fortunes or a simple change of heart further down the road.

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