If you’ve been blogging with success for a long time, you’re probably familiar with the plateau.  That period of stagnancy after your initial growth in popularity, when you aren’t losing readers, but you aren’t gaining any either.  The plateau.

Your ability to overcome the plateau is a fairly accurate predictor of your blog’s success—if you can continue to attract new readers after years and years of blogging, you will reach the level of master blogger, at which point Internet wizards will grant one wish and attractive men and/or women will begin to notice you whenever you go out.

So the stuff about wizards and attention from the opposite sex was fictitious, but if you are able to continuously increase traffic to your blog, you might feel like something of a magician.  Here are a few ways to increase traffic to your blog and feel magical while you do it:

  • Write about something that adds value to another person’s life, something that offers training, how-to solutions, news—anything so long as it isn’t a detailed account of your cat’s inner life.  It is unlikely that your cat has an inner life worth writing about (if it has one at all), and writing about it just paints you as a fanatical cat person.  Try to anticipate what your readers want, and give it to them.  Repeat traffic comes when you can consistently provide something readers want.
  • Analyze your blog’s stats regularly.  Doing this has many benefits, not the least of which being the ability to monitor which posts are most popular among your readers, and which days are the busiest days for traffic on your blog.  Given just these two data points, you will be able to make smart blogging decisions that continue to draw new readers to your blog.  Maybe for some reason your most dedicated readers follow you on Tuesdays at 7pm. Use that information to your advantage and post your best blogs on Tuesdays to give them something to look forward to.  Similarly, studying your blog’s stats will confirm that all those posts about Snowball’s protracted contemplation of the wall were not as brilliant as you thought they were.
  • Get active in the blogosphere! Subscribe to blogs related to yours in content and follow the news in that field.  If your blog is the one that readers run to for news releases, you will be a happy blogger.  And if your blog isn’t the most prominent in your field, guest post on the one that is.  This will get your name out there just as effectively (and sometimes more effectively) than having a blog of your own.
  • Read everything you can and always be learning.  There is a lot to learn from newspapers, magazines, books, ads, and any other form of media you can get your hands on.  Make a note of headlines that catch your eye and try to understand what it is that makes it so successful.  Then use that information.  Reading voraciously will make you a better writer, as well, which is never something to complain about.  You should spend half an hour or so editing every one of your posts, anyway, so anything that sharpens your style will be beneficial.

Blogging is not a static endeavor unless you allow it to be—and the moment you allow it is the moment you sign your own blog’s death warrant.  It’s not magic, but constant activity and effort that will bring in more and more readers, until the wizards finally come.


  1. Patti Hale


    Good article, Lauren! That’s exactly what I’m trying to do, keeping on keeping on and staying active to keep from being stagnant 😉

  2. sai krishna


    very cool explanation Lauren , glad to see you here ! you explain very nice points. thanks a lot for share 🙂

  3. Reply

    Because we are bloggers, we’re like reporters, we have to stay on top our game which is providing information and that involves reading and reading wide as to know when changes happen and be able to talk about them, and that is what create a blogging wizard!

  4. Roy Marvelous


    Great point about adding value – too often I come across blogs which are just vehicles for spam/content mills or an online diatribe of ranting.

  5. Reply

    Great tips indeed! Achieving the plateau in blogging must be a goal for every blogger. It’s not automatic and needs a lot of tasks that should be done consistently. The key here is to provide satisfaction to your readers every time they visit your blog. If they happen to visit and then find your blog not updated for a long time, they might forget you or unsubscribe.

  6. Brian D. Hawkins


    Nice post Lauren, I’m becoming an expert by re-learning all of the above and more. I keep starting over, rebuilding and/or changing niches.

    I’ll say one thing, Having blogged in several niches, getting active in the blogosphere is much easier in the blogging/IM/Making Money niches. I have a blog in finance and another based around politics and it’s very tough to bring those admins back to your site for any reason. They simply don’t have a grasp on the methods we use to promote and build our blogs.

  7. Saksham


    Amazing! Content is really important, but interaction with others is just as important! Nice post! 🙂

  8. Berta


    I agree with comment #2. For me, the most important thing is to write about something that you like. Your readers wille notice and appreciate it. Also, writing will be a hobbie and not a job for you. Is you write about something you don’t really like, you have more chance to give up.

  9. Sheila


    “Write about something that adds value to another person’s life.” – Yeah, that’s my current goal. I’ve been blogging for years now but it used to be just for myself. Time to share more informative stuff to others.

  10. Industrial Sewing Machine


    Nice article! Blogging is never an easy task. You can’t just focus on content alone. You have to get out there and interact with the blogging community, do your research, apply SEO, and a lot more.

  11. Enstine Muki


    Hi Lauren, I spend quite some time daily analysing the stats of my site. This has helped so much to improve on my traffic. Google analytics is a quite interesting tool to get lots of useful info

  12. Marketing Philosophy


    Nice post, In my opinion the best way to succeed as a blogger is to love what you are writing about and be active in the blogosphere in order to get new ideas and develop relations with other bloggers on your niche, networking with other like minded bloggers can really help you get traffic and gain recognition on the blogosphere!

    Kostas | OpportunitiesPlanet

  13. Priya


    I would like add a point here. Keep visit your niche forums so that you remain up to date about changing niche market and know what people want now and their problems, so that you can work accordingly on your blog and attract more targeted traffic.

    • Lauren Bailey


      Excellent point! Visiting forums that are relevant to your niche will help you keep your finger on the pulse of what that market wants and give you a direction to move. Niche markets are often dynamic and their demands can shift, so it is very beneficial to follow any pertinent blogs or forums in your market, so that you can modify your strategy or products when and if necessary.

      Thanks for the insightful comment!

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