How should you treat a blog post that is well written? Have you ever given some thought to that?

Many blog posts that are well written are often put together with great time and effort of the author. The author of the article has to brainstorm to come up with ideas, putting them together or even doing some research to make it one of the best article that he has ever written. After the author has published this article knowing that he put his all into it so that readers can benefit from it, he hardly gets no feedback. Can you imagine how this author really feels?

After reading a great quality article with lots of high points, here are 3 simple things that you can do to show your appreciation for this article.

Showing Your Appreciation

  • Leave A Comment
  • Most blog readers normally leave blog comments after reading an article, this is like a reflex. But do you take the time out to really thank the author for such great write up? Don’t get me wrong! Most comments left on article these days often has the words ‘thank you’ in it. But how truly thankful are you?

    A lot of comments sometimes say ‘thank you for this post, it has helped me very well’ or sometimes just a plain ‘thanks.’ Is this the way to really show your true appreciation? No I don’t think so. The best way to show your appreciation for a well written blog post is  to leave a short detailed comment and to even mention a few points that you read in the article. This will go to show that you have read what the author has written.

  • Share The Article
  • No doubt if I read a blog post that was well put together then I would not hesitate to send out a tweet, stumble it or posting it to my Facebook wall. This will go to show that you liked what you have read and you also want others to have a look at this article as well. I like it very much when my contents get shared, so it is always courteous to share or spread the word about other articles that are written by others.

  • Blog About The Article
  • Another great way to show your appreciation is to mention it inside one of your articles that it might be related to. Your blog readers will see this as extra information passed on to them from you. This also goes hand in hand with sharing the article with others.

Group Discussion

How do you go about showing your appreciation for an article that you have read, which was well written?


  1. Reply

    One of the way is thanking them as a reply. You can share the article in social networking sites ( like facebook ) and appreciate the article. These two ways according me are the best ways you can appreciate.
    Thanks and Regards

  2. Reply

    Good points Kharim. I’m an appreciative person and I really want to show my appreciation for those well written posts. However, there are times that after I read a very good post, and then very excited to comment about it and share my insights, I’ve found out that there’s no place to put my comment. Sharing them is also one way of showing appreciation and that includes the word of mouth.

  3. john


    Thanks for the post, you are very right. My favorite way for my readers to show their appreciation is through social media sharing. You mention Facebook in this post about sharing, but I prefer Twitter. Twitter seems to bring in more action for me.

    Thanks again, I’ll share this article now!

  4. Christian Esperar


    I always do this! This is one of a must if you are not just blogging for money but also for meeting up new friends in the Cyber World. I remember one of my post when I mention one of my blogger friend because I got some information on what I post next and she is very thankful.

  5. Barry Wheeler


    Articles that are totally compelling for me, it’s worth a share whether on Twitter or Facebook. It is a great way to show appreciation.

  6. sanjay


    One way to show that you appreciate the article is by commenting (good and useful one) tweeting and sharing the post. Great content deserve its value.

  7. Reply

    In my case if the blog post is well written, I will leave a relevant comment and also tweet it. If that post is so good I may link to it when I write a post relevant to that topic. Nice topic for the blog post Kharim, this a topic which needs a discussion.

  8. Berta


    Most comments saying “thanks” or “good article” are often spam, and not a way of appreciation. For me, the best way to say thanks is, as you said, sharing the article. G+1 for this one 😉

  9. Vernon


    In my case, I will show my appreciation by simply put “Thanks” but Thank you is not enough, so that I write anything that related in the topic.

  10. Satrap


    Considering all the comment spams going around, i think sharing a post you are appreciative of, is a great way to show your appreciation.

    By the way, This is a great idea for a post Kharim.

  11. Priya


    Hi Kharim,

    There are many comments which just say “thanks a lot” which only forces you to think that comment was left for backlink purpose, usually they don’t even read what the post is actually about for. I rather prefer not to write unless I’ve some valuable points or something to ask. You have taken a nice point to mention in this post.

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