The weather is getting warmer every day, so people are heading out of their houses. Note that we are not the only creatures that are eager to go out in such weather, all the insects get out of hibernation too. In such conditions, it is almost impossible to avoid mosquitoes and flies. The problem is that these insects carry treacherous diseases and just one bite can put your life at risk. Go out have fun, enjoy the warmer weather but take good care of your health too.

Now, the question arises that how to do so. There are many ways to do this. There are several kinds of mosquito killers present in the market. If you have not used one of these before, it might be tricky to choose the best one. Here is a guide to help you with your decision.



  • Zappers


Bug zappers or electric mosquito trap are designed to kill insects using electricity. The phenomenon is quite simple. Insects are attracted by using light and then they are killed by the high voltage. When you are in an open place, mosquitoes are not the only insects that are bothering you, and the list is quite long. Thankfully, zappers can get any kind of flying insect, and it is just a one-time investment. They work for both indoors and outdoors. You can use them at your home or restaurant.



  • Mosquito swatters


Let’s just say, swatters are the most common way to kill flying bugs. They have been used for the longest period of time. some people do not even bother buying one from the market, and they use their hands for killing a mosquito. Well! That is one way to do it if you can move your hands at such a faster rate and trap the mosquito between your hands. Talking about the designed mosquito swatters, they are helpful in killing the stationary mosquitos. The swatters are made from thick metal or plastic to bear strong hits against the walls. It has a spring attached to it, that helps in making the better movements.



  • Big sprays


These are used to end things for once and for all. These are usually known as bug bombs, where they make a cloud of chemicals when used and kill every insect in the contact. It is recommended to use the sprays or bug bombs at the night time because this is when most of the mosquitoes are out, and you will get better results. Bug sprays are recommended to be used inside a closed room. Close all the windows and doors and spray it all over the place. Keep the rooms closed for at least half an hour. It will kill all the mosquitoes efficiently, and you can have a sound sleep. If you have a mosquito problem in your garden, bug bombs are recommended, they have a better effect in open places, and this effect lasts for a couple of hours. It is recommended, if you have a party coming up, as the chemicals being used are only harmful for insects, humans and animals are safe from the side effects.    



  • Trapping system


Mosquitoes are attracted to humans depending on the body temperature, blood type, and carbon dioxide. Two of the above-mentioned attractions are used for attracting mosquitoes that are: heat and carbon dioxide. This way all the mosquitoes are attracted, and as they get closer, they are trapped and then killed. The only problem is that a trapper might not be able to attract every kind of mosquito, which is why some of them might be left unattended. The other problem is that they might be expensive as well.


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    Very useful article I must admit that you gave much-needed info here I was not knowing the difference between this mosquito killing device. Thank Kharim Tomlinson.

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