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Do you want to become confident?  How to build self confidence? 

People who lack self confidence usually suffer from lack of confidence due to the thoughts they think and keep saying to themselves.  If someone keeps thinking to himself that he is not good enough and stays focusing on what he lacks, his subconscious mind hears these words and get programmed with these negative thoughts, hence it affects his emotions. 

To learn how to build self confidence, follow the quick steps below:

  • 1.  Examine The Causes
  • The first thing you need to build confidence is to examine the causes of why you lack confidence.  Do you lack confidence because you are shy?  Lack a certain skill?  Lack knowledge?  You have to understand the causes first, so you can build self confidence.

  • 2.  Learn New Skills
  • Once you have examined the root cause, begin to learn new skills that will help you improve yourself confidence.  For example, if you are not confident to give a speech in front of others, then work on developing your public speaking skills.  If you want to be confidence to talk about a certain topic, then learn all you can about that topic.  Whatever the cause is, there are skills that you need to learn to help you overcome the causes of lack of confidence. 

  • 3.  Practice
  • As you have heard, practice makes perfect.  After you learn the new skills to become confident, then you need to practice as much as possible.  For example, if you are a singer and want to work on improving your singing voice, you have to practice until your range expands.  The more you practice, the more your voice range expands, hence you will become more confident in singing. 

  • 4.  Smile
  • Your smile says a lot about who you are.  With your smile, you display confidence and ease without ever saying a word.  Smiling shows you are comfortable with yourself and with who you are.  Your mile affects your whole body.  
    From now on, when you pass by someone smile and see the effect that it has on your confidence.

  • 5.  Give To Others
  • There is a universal law that tells us that when we give without wanting anything in return, we receive. The gifts you get in return will be more than what you have given.  It could be an increase in your salary, finding the love of your life, peace of mind, among other things. Start giving to others from your heart, so you can start experiencing this powerful law of giving.

    Group Discussion

  • Please share with us what other tips you have for building up self confidence.

    1. Sam


      Lacking in some skills and knowledge is definitely one of the reasons why some people are not confident. This is especially true for young adults. I agree with you that in order to build confidence, it is important to keep learning new things and acquire new skills.

    2. Gary


      Great tips on this article, the keys to building self confidence have been broken down pretty well.

      I wrote an article on How to build self confidence that can compliment this article and add value pretty well.


    3. Reply

      I have a friend who is very hardworking, but he doesn’t speak good English, though I can see he always wanted to learn but he had a problem in self-confident, he will always think people in class will laugh at him, though I always tell him the people in the class are the same as he is, so no one is going to laugh at anyone.
      Still he kept thinking about being laugh by others, I really wanted to help him, how should I give him the confident to go to classes, is there anyway to build his self-confident? Your advice will be gratefully appreciated…

    4. hans


      these are surely great steps in building self-confidence! Thanks for sharing this one. There will come a time that we will be needing to get out of out shells and explore the outside world. With that, you must have self confidence that will push you to survive and become stronger as an individual. Try to build that up with these few tips and you will see that believing in your self can help you to reach your goals.

    5. Reply

      Some great ideas you have here. Of course, me being me I have to add one more, that being that people have to believe they’re as good as anyone else, which your steps will help them get to. I tend to evaluate myself against other people and the first step is whether I’m at least as good, then where I’m better. There’s never a reason not to believe in yourself, especially if you’ve taken the proper steps to getting where you want to be.

    6. Reply

      Over confidence is not good but it is often said that we should be firm enough to be confident about ourselves. There are a host of factors which can strip us off of confidence and we often tend to overlook those areas. Being only humans we’re not perfect in everything so we must also learn to let go of certain situation which we feel is beyond our capacity and know where to apply our confidence and when.
      The point ‘Giving to others’ touched me a lot. This point makes us feel the importance of our relation with other people.

    7. MegB


      Awesome….you have shared a very important thing….Just by reading itself one can START feeling confident so just imagine what happen if one can FOLLOW this in REAL.

    8. Jeevanjacobjohn


      Hi Dia,

      This is an excellent topic to write on, and you have done a great job on it !

      I think that these 5 steps will surely help us to build our confidence. I think that the most important part lies within the first three steps – to find the cause, learn new things and practice.

      Anyway, thank you for the post !

      Jeevan Jacob John

    9. Grady Pruitt


      Great post here!

      I really like the idea of smiling. There something about putting on a smile that really can improve your mood.

      One thing I find that helps me in addition to figuring out what my weaknesses are is to find out what my strengths are. These help me to see that I really can do something well, even if it is something I could do better.

      Also, I’m finding that writing down 5 things I am grateful for that day can go a long way to helping build my confidence. It might be something small or it could just be someone who is in my life. But by writing them down, I see that I really do have a lot to be thankful for.

      Thanks for the post!

    10. steven papas


      great post Dia. I ‘ve seen that giving to others hugely helps people with low self confidence cause they get encouraged by the positive feedback they get from others. When people smile on you, this enhances your self esteem.

      • Dia


        Hi Steven,

        For sure giving is helpful with people who have low self confidence. Smiling also encourages people and helps them to become confident of themselves as many people like to get positive feed back. Thanks Steven

    11. Murlu


      For me, it’s always been learning when to let go. We’re always so caught up in minutia throughout life; dwelling on your problems (instead of overcoming them) is very mentally taxing – it’s better to let go than to be so absorbed into negative aspects of your life that it paralyzes you from taking action.

      • Dia


        Hi Murlu,

        For sure, letting go helps as well to get away from our problems. Once we start focusing on how to develop our confidence and focus on the solutions, then our confidence will increase.

    12. Reply

      Practice is a big one. They say that practice brings competence and competence brings confidence. When you know how to do something very well you can’t help be be confident. 🙂

      • Dia


        Hi Josh,

        Exactly practice is necessary. The more the individual practices, the more he becomes confident. Thanks Josh 🙂

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