2019 is still fresh and we are looking forward to the year with a lot of expectations and apprehensions. This is the perfect time to take a look at the strategies and trends that are going to dominate SEO in 2019 and beyond. Let us introduce here 6 indomitable SEO strategies and trends to consider in 2019.

1. Longer, richer contents

Content continues to be the king as far as SEO and online marketing is considered. As every topic and keyword search is increasingly becoming competitive, the demand for uniqueness is soaring high.

Moreover, with everyone serving people same kind of headlines and pieces of contents, they just mistrust any short piece with the more or less same type of information. Small piece if contents with just a few lines following a repetitive headline looks just like crap.

This is why long contents are continuing to be the winner with rich and detailed coverage of the topic. Actually, longer contents gather more trust and consequent business conversion.

2. Unleash the video for better SEO

With the attention span of the mobile audience is continuing to decrease at a fast pace, it is the visual contents that are playing a bigger role in drawing attention and creating engagement. Video contents are popular and they quickly help you reach a wider audience through video sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

If you take a close look at the increasing popularity of video contents on social platforms like Facebook, you will understand how video contents are drawing more traction and engagement that matter, every SEO strategy needs the power of video marketing. Videos take your content into the stratosphere due to the popularity of video platforms such as Vimeo And YouTube . Videos are also getting increasingly popular for guiding users and explaining things and they are often being used to offer additional usefulness of contents. Making the video description further stuffed with keywords and tags you can drive.

3. AMP and light coded contents

AMP or accelerated mobile pages became now a hot thing to address the mobile audience. Why most of the search engines are promoting accelerated mobile pages? Well, simply because they are enhancing usability by being quickly loaded. By loading quicker than 3 seconds these pages are working great to survive through the decreasing attention span of the mobile audience. Basically, these pages are lightly coded pages that are particularly helpful to address use cases on the fly.

With mobile being continuously important for SEO, AMPs will remain relevant as s strategy and we can see more websites adhering to this approach in the coming months.

4. Voice search

Voice search is popular but until now we have not seen enough traction for it. It was just there as an additional function. But with the increase of mobile search and personal assistants getting popular, in the time to come we can expect voice search to be an actual mover.

More than half of teen users and a considerable portion of adults prefer voice search now. With the potential of making lives simpler voice search is supposed to grow in the time to come. Most of us getting used to multitasking with our handheld devices, voice search will continue to be more commonplace.

Another trend that we can expect in this respect is the more intelligent and intuitive voice search. Artificial intelligence coupled up with voice recognition can just give a complete overhaul to the search function. In the time to come the quick understanding of the intent of the users will play a key role in search.

5. Evaluate more frequently

Obviously search engines these days are more consistent and can be considered least volatile. But even with a relatively stagnant SEO parameters to excel, you can still grope for improvement and make your SEO results better.

This requires continuous or at least timely evaluation of your SEO efforts and critical assessment of your strategy to achieve search ranks. Such audit is required at least once in a month or more frequently.

To conclude,

One must understand that with these trends and strategies we cannot just conclude on all the things you need to do and follow for great SEO results. These trends and strategies apart, best SEO practices equally come as important.

Author Bio. :- Priya is a Technical SEO at Hopinfirst, a e commerce app development company, having a team of best app developers who delivers best e commerce app development mainly on Android and iOS platform. She regularly contributes his knowledge on the blogging sites.

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