Social media has changed the way the world communicates. These powerful tools allow people from across the world to keep in touch with each other, interact with one another in real time, and stay up to date about news around the globe. Since these tools are so powerful, it is a good idea to leverage them for your small business. Social media marketing with Unified Social makes this possible. The following are five real ways that you can use social media to help your small business.


1 – Do Your Homework

It is important to recognize that behind every successful social media campaign there was a great strategy. Social media allows you to connect with your audience on a personal level. In order to do this, you have to understand your customers and your potential customers. Make sure you know the following information about them:


  • Age
  • Gender
  • Profession
  • Interests


2 – Coordinate Your Social Channels

You will experience more success if your social media efforts are coordinated over all of the different social platforms. This will help you push people to your website or blog so they can purchase your products or services. The blog you write should establish your voice and help customers get to know you.


3 – Start Small

It takes a lot of time and energy to successfully market on social media. It is usually best to focus your efforts on one or two platforms at first so you don’t get overwhelmed. Once you begin to grow, you can determine whether it would be worth the time to expand your reach.


4 – Listen and Share

Content is always being created. Sometimes it is wise to listen to what people are saying instead of always being the one to speak. Many times, people will talk about your brand or company online. There are apps available that can help you track when people talk about your company. This will help you determine how you are performing. You can share what’s good and confront what needs improvement.


5 – Create a Daily Plan

Social media is something that needs to happen everyday if you want customers to stay interested. For this reason, it is a good idea to create a daily plan. You can determine what content you want to post on your pages each day. Then, you can schedule them to save time.

With these five suggestions, most small businesses can begin to use social media to their advantage. Although it takes a little time, it is definitely worth the investment in the long run.


  1. Asad Maqsood Awan


    Excellent information shared with an social media strategy. Thanks for the newsletter.

  2. Mark Anderson


    Social media business is quite trending in these days, Last month i use use some social media technique to my blog and find a great improvement. Thanks for sharing

  3. Chris flynn


    For small business user social media is a great way run business. Only social media sharing can grow your business to such a large extent. overall great post

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    That was nicely written. I really enjoyed your post.I really like all the 5 tips to Leverage Social Media for our Business.We can improve our small business and share our valuable information on different platform.

    Thanks for sharing this helpful post.

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    Mohd arif

  5. Kilobyte


    Social Media can go a step further if you create incentives for following you / sharing / liking! A great way to give back to your consumers is by helping them grow your business, be sure to give coupons, in exchange for a simple like! It really adds up and everyone loves a bit of a discount ;P

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    I always believe that social media is the best way to make a blog successful and popular. Your this article is very much helpful and i think that all the people will for sure going to like your this article. Waiting for your next one article on social media.

  7. I. C. Daniel


    I’ve started a Facebook ad campaign and for $30 I received 2405 targeted likes to my page, now the page is growing alone, has over 4000 genuine likes, everytime I share something traffic comes to site from Facebook, money too 😀 Cool!

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    This is my first visit on your site and got impressed.
    I really like all the 5 tips to Leverage Social Media for our Business.
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    social media marketing is the most beautiful thing to get exposure for small businesses although some say social network is a apam i thing its the most useful strategy i can ever imagine
    thanks for the great post

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    Wow great article,
    Social media helps us to improve our small business. We can share our valuable information on different platform.
    Thank you for giving us your useful information, keep posting.

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    Thanks for sharing informative article. These things really helpful for online readers. Social media is the great platform to promote small business and share your thoughts with clients about your business.
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    I’m always interested in small business online, I can determine whether it would be worth the time to expand my reach. good article .,
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  13. Gautham Nekkanti


    Social Media is a basic amenity for small businesses. It is mandatory to hack growth in a small time span. However, it needs some creativity and patience as well.

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    Thank you for such a detailed overview – too many people either think they don’t need social media at all for small business, or on the contrary believe that it is very easy to get noticed there. But I fully agree that while social media can be a wonderful source of clients(if you choose them right according to your clients’ profile) it takes lots of time qand effort just to attract attention

  15. Julia


    I really like coordinating my social media efforts so that I posting on more than one platform at a time. It really cuts down the time I spend on marketing. Thanks for the great article

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    Excellent information shared with an social media strategy. Thanks for the newsletter.

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    Hi Kharim,
    Great post which contains very useful information regarding Social Media for Your Small Business. Over all your post is informative, inspirational and instructive. Thanks for sharing such an excellent post.

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    I like to use Twitter and market my small business. I left facebook because it is now full of fake likes and it’s not very effective. I am also looking forward to using Google Plus marketing. Above all, We all need to follow some real way to levarage Social media for our small business and this post helped me and many others to get success with online media.

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