Texting is a process in which messages are sent in the form of a text between mobile phone users so that they can communicate with each other. This is a very popular means of communication because it easy fast and easy to do.

It is estimated that on an average about 4.1 billion text messages are sent each day. The shocking thing about this figure is that this 4.1 billion text message stats is only for America. So just imagine for a moment how many text messages are sent each day worldwide. Landlines are now becoming a thing of the past and smart phones are now taking over. This is because people can be out and about, and still freely communicate with being confined by landline cords.

Texting is a patient communication of the future. As technology gets more popular and more smart phones come on the market then the increase of texting will also be present. If you are a business owner or want to do some marketing wouldn’t you like to use texting as a means to do so? I am sure that you would. Lots of people are already capitalizing on this means of communication and they will be doing so in the future as well.

Below I have a great infographic that I would really love for you to check out so that you can get more information on how texting will become the patient communication of the future.

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  1. I. C. Daniel


    I can’t imagine how many text messages are being sent worldwide, huuuge number!

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