Social marketing has now become an extremely viable platform to promote a company’s product or service. Several years ago, it was only beginning to unfold in this direction, and many people were sceptical. The main method of marketing before was sending E-mails or cold-calling. However, as time went by, social media started becoming not only a platform for communication with people but for promoting businesses and companies as well. As it stands right now, this trend will continue growing even stronger as companies have realised that if you market through social media, they’ll have a higher chance of accumulating customers.

Insurance agents need to use social media as well so here are 5 reasons why they need it if they want to increase their referrals.

To determine the target market

Depending on where your clients operate, different social media platforms should be used. Of course, the most popular one is Facebook and we think that making a Facebook account is imperative in securing more referrals, but alongside Facebook, you should find a few others that will increase the efficiency of gaining referrals. Instagram can even be a good choice and so can Youtube. It’s up to you so research efficiently!

Regularly post the content of your client’s interest

It’s not a smart idea to post generic content and content that doesn’t have a lot to do with what your clients are interested in. Topics that are generally always hot in the insurance business are related to cars, so if you have clients that are interested in this, post about cars! Topics like ‘When does car insurance go down’, and similar can have a big effect on people and you can show them that you don’t only care about earning some cash.

Be socially active to get noticed

Even when you make a name for yourself, if you end up being quiet on social media, people will soon start forgetting about you. You’re only going to be left with a few clients. Prevent this from happening by being socially active and posting regularly. Keep the client’s interest high and don’t stop posting in order to keep yourself being noticed.

Engage creatively with audience

One-way conversations aren’t as efficient in gaining new clients and earning referrals as some other, creative methods. Engage with your audience by giving them a chance to speak and answer your questions. Social media is a great option if your agency offers a referral program. Think of some interesting ways to increase the number of fans such as donating to charity or anything similar.

Build long-term relationships

Long-term relationships are the final step in creating a relationship with your clients. Once you build this type of relationship, then you’re all set when it comes to keeping that client with you. But don’t forget: If you stop posting on social media and giving your clients a reason to stay with you, you’ll start seeing the number of clients go down. So keep that relationship strong and good luck!

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