Search Engine Optimization or SEO has become an important factor that influences your website’s visibility and traffic. Everyone wants to rank top on Google Search Engine Result Pages or SERPs that gives them an edge over the other sites as most of the prospective users never go beyond the first couple of result pages when they perform a search. Organic references and traffic matters the most, though Google Adwords and User Reviews also are taken into consideration for SEO and SERP rankings. Hence, a higher rank definitely makes it a more probable choice.

Here’s how you can achieve Google Top Ranking with SEO:

On Page SEO

Optimizing your website for search engines and keywords is an important aspect of SEO and SERP ranking. On Page optimization will include various aspects such as keywords and their positioning, links, HTML tags, multimedia, graphic links etc. Content remains the king and adding relevant content to the website is as important too. Social media sharing must be enabled on the page so that the audience can share the page among their connections easily.

On Site Links

On-site links refer to outbound links that connect you either to other pages on your website and apps. These are more used as references that link to other pages and make your content more credible. You can link your own content too.

Off Site Links or Backlinks / Guest blogs

Guest blogs and backlinks are much appreciated in the SEO world as they bring in a lot of web traffic to the site.

Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization is what matters the most in SEO and SERP rankings. You have to find the right keywords that your prospective customers search for in the context and prioritize and use them throughout the site and guest posts.

Right Content with Right Tags

It is also important to choose the right type of content, volume of content, where to post it off-page and also to choose the right tags along with the content. Tags help your content to reach a larger audience searching for relevant sources of information. The title, alt, meta, header tags are very important for SEO and they need to be used properly to reach out to a larger audience.

Google Adwords

While the emphasis is on getting organic traffic, Google Adwords also help with better SEO and SERP rankings. The Adwords are usually targeted at the right audience and come along with location and user reviews which help considerably in attracting the customer attention. Adwords definitely bring in a lot of traffic, though paid, to your website. This along with your organic traffic can boost your SEO ranking considerably along with the revenue.

User Reviews

User reviews are more considered as feedback, they are also a great way to boost the SEO and SERP rankings to an extent. User reviews are more credible while promoting your website and reviews from genuine review sites are also considered for SEO ranking.

Responsive Design

Since most of the people use mobiles and other handheld devices to seek information and for shopping too, it is important to make your presence felt strongly in mobile devices too. A responsive design is a must for your website to make sure that your site is easily accessible from mobile devices that come in various sizes. It will help boost traffic which will help with better SEO rank.

Mobile SEO

As important it is to give your website a responsive design, it is also important to optimize your content for Mobile SEO. Searches from mobile devices involve a different set of keywords and sometimes even voice searches are used. Since a majority of internet users now use mobile devices to search for information and to make purchase decisions, Mobile SEO is more important to be successful in getting a higher SEO rank.

Local SEO or Google Maps Integration

Google map integration is also important for reaching out to local audience. Since Google places the local websites first before the other sites in all searches, mapping your business location on the Google maps and verifying it also helps in better SEO ranking.

About the Author: ANAKHA is a Content Writer at Code9 Technologies , and She is well-experienced in software design and also a passionate about music, reading and writing non-tech articles. She also works on some freelance marketplaces.


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