The main problem that lies with technical debt is that, it is not quite obvious. Anyone has the minimum knowledge of checking out on debt amount on the current account statement. But, how you can possibly make your team recognize the importance of technical debt? What can be the indicators around here? Some of the generic smells get manifested in statements, from the said team members. Sometimes, you might come across various FIXMEs and TODOs in code, which can offer you with the best help. This is the generic way to recognize if the technical debt is getting out of your hand.

Going for scrum teams

Always remember that scrum teams have their own particular velocity. The software system might have too much of the technical debt strategy, in case the velocity seems to decrease even when the team was not changed. The external circumstances are not going to change, that much. You also need to focus that software ages well. Systems sometime use old libraries, which are no longer maintained properly. Maybe the newer version seems to be more productive. There are some worst scenarios, where the libraries are so old that even the developers of that particular library, cannot support it any longer!

Measuring technical debt automatically

It is partially possible for you to measure technical debt in an automated manner. With the help of correct configuration, some tools can help in finding promising violations of the finest coding practices. Some of those tools are SonarJ, Sonar or even Structure 101. This might not be the ultimate solution for you to rely on, but can be a good alternative for helping you out. With the help of Sonar, developers are said to follow some promising code metrics. Some of those options are low or method sized cyclomatic complexity and even appropriate classes. This might even include cyclic dependencies, as well.

Dependencies of two elements

In case, any of the two elements tend to depend on each other, then such changes can affect the other elements in an actual manner. You can change the elements together, even though; these needs to be separated actually and must be developed in an independent manner. Structure 101 is one such tool, which can help you to find the said complex codes. These are all about going through the dependencies, among some of the other elements. You have to learn more about it, when you once click here for some noted help.

Understanding the system

You cannot deny the fact that systems are quite difficult to understand. Each system comprises of various packages and classes. Moreover, they have to work on the said dependencies too. These problems are currently pointing to the key challenges, which are placed in the architecture. Always try getting help from the reputed ones, who are interested to help you in the said challenges. They might even help you to learn everything about code coverage tools and more. These are some mandatory parts of software development, and technical debt solutions. So, you have to work hard to handle these tools, with care!

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