Guest blogging is one of the best ways to get targeted traffic to any blog.

New bloggers often participate in guest blogging so that they can get there new blog recognized by other blog visitors. It is also one of the best ways for generating leads and making sales from affiliate links.

Guest blogging helps to build up backlinks and helps to establish your presence on the blogosphere.

Blogging is something that has been increasing everyday and will continue to get popular as the days go by. This is because blogging is quite easy and fun at the same time. Persons who wish to start a blog find it easy to set up without the knowledge of HTML or PHP.

So after a new blogger sets up their blog then guest blogging is one of the best ways to get traffic to that new blog. But if a new blogger wants to get traffic from their guest post then they have to do lots of rallying around that post in order to get traffic to their new blog.

Here are 5 of my reasons why some bloggers fail to get traffic from their guest post.

[box type=”spacer”]You Contribute Low Quality Articles[/box]

On of the reasons that you don’t get traffic from guest blogging is because you find the lowest quality content to contribute.

If you really want traffic through guest blogging then you have to make sure you produce the highest quality article that you can ever write. You should always try to put out your best when it comes to content writing. No one wants to fill their minds with junk after reading crappy content and in some cases most won’t read the full article after reading the first few lines of the article.

In some instances if you contribute low quality articles then chances are that the blog owner won’t even publish your article for his/her readers.

Another thing is to avoid topics that has been blogged about over and over. Nobody want’s to publish contents that has been publish on another blog.

[box]Tip: Be unique when it comes to publishing your guest posts. Make sure you write to suite the readers needs. Research before you write because this will help you to write high quality articles.[/box]

[box type=”spacer”] You Don’t Fill-Out Your Author Bio[/box]

Another factor which contributes to you not getting traffic from your guest post is because you don’t fill out your author bio. This is crazy!

I have seen many instances where people do guest blogging and they don’t even take the time out to leave their biography with information about who they are. Not even a link back to their site!

How do you expect to get traffic to your blog if you don’t leave a website link? Impossible!

[box]Tip: Always remember to fill out your author bio and leave one or two links leading back to your website or blog. Most guest bloggers are rewarded with links back to their blog through the author bio section, so make good use of it.[/box]

[box type=”spacer”]You Don’t Reply To Comments[/box]

How can you not reply to comments left on your guest post? Are you crazy? Don’t you want traffic?

Imagine that you wrote a letter (your guest post) to someone. After that person read your letter (your guest post) replied to that letter (your guest post). Wouldn’t it be respectful for replying back to the person? Yes it would.

Replying to comments on your guest posts helps to build up relationship between you and the commentator and helps to build backlinks back to your blog. Without you replying to comments then its like missing out on chance to make your next sale.

Blog commenting works and you should never ignore your comments.

[box]Tip: Blog commenting works for many. Even if you didn’t write a blog post, you can still do blog commenting and this will help you to gain more traffic to your blog and also backlinks which helps in getting search engine traffic.[/box]

[box type=”spacer”]You Didn’t Embed Links To Your Blog[/box]

Whenever I write a guest post I always try to find related posts on my blog to which I am guest blogging a bout so that I can embed links back to my blog article.

That is one of the best ways to get traffic to your blog and also to that article, and in turn more comments on that article as well. This also helps to build strong backlinks and will help you to gain lots of traffic.

[box]Tip: When embedding links in your guest posts back to your blog, make sure that whatever you are writing about is related to the article that you are linking to. This will help to get the best click through to your blog. Also select the best keyword to link back to your article.[/box]

[box type=”spacer”]Your Guest Post Is Not Organized Well[/box]

What I mean by “not organized well” is that your guest post has no introduction. It has no paragraphs. It has no sub-headings.

So how do you expect readers to read your article and grasp knowledge from it?

In order for readers to gain knowledge from what you have written then you need to write in paragraphs and place each point in a new sentence. Placing each new point in a sentence makes your points stand out more. This will also make your blog post readable.

If you notice that through out this article you will see my writing style in which I use paragraphs and also sub-headings to make each point different from the other. This makes it easy to read and to get the main idea of what this blog post is saying.

[box]Tip: Did you get to read one of my other awesome post about writing a blog post in 20 minutes? In this article I gave tips on how you can write a great article in a very short time: You can read it here so you can become a better writer and also a better guest blogger. How To Write A Great Blog Post In 20 Minutes [/box]


  1. Reply


    Thanks share information to how to create traffice on blog posting via any title to must headline with reasons to move any time traffic are not create in blog website to many time.

    Thank You.

  2. sandeep


    Great post!! For any website, we need to know certain tips and you have shared tips on it.Thank you very much for discussing sharing interesting’s very helpful to me.
    thank u

  3. Amit Agarwal


    Guest blogging can have a lot of effect on our blogs. Therefore, content should always be checked prior to posting it. Thanks for the article.

  4. Sarvesh


    Well it is clear that guest posting is an awesome method and natural too from which we can easily build authority backlinks and online reputation too.

    But it is must to read the guidelines provided by the owner before writing or submitting the guest posts.


    • Reply

      Hey Sarvesh,

      I agree with you pal. Must follow guidelines if you want your guest post to be approved. And yes guest posting does help to build traffic and grow backlinks.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  5. Reply

    Thanks for this five tips, once i had submitted guest post and i was wondering why i am not gaining any traffic to my blog. i forgot to embed links to my blog and thanks for this info.

    • Reply

      Forgetting to insert your links into guest posts will not get you any traffic, so you have to make sure you remember to do this at all times.

  6. junaid


    very well organized post with helpful tips to increase the effectiveness of guest blogging. I have used some, but not all of your suggestions, so now I know where I can improve. I would appreciate it if you would visit my blog and provide some feedback on the layout.

    • Reply

      Thanks pal. Just try to apply all tips and then you will have more success in guest blogging.

      As for your blog, it is looking alright. Just do some promotion.

  7. kremil


    Thanks for reminding ask.
    These are some points that really get us failed to get the backlinks. I also don’t do the auto bio, and thought that this was nothing. Thank you, I found out my mistake.

  8. Justin Germino


    In the hundreds of guest articles I have accept on my sites over the years, none of them have ever ranked in the top 40 spot for traffic on my posts, which means none of them ever received more than 100+ pageviews in any given month.

    • Reply

      Hey Justin,

      This means they did no promotion or the readers didn’t find their content appealing. I like to get guest posts that makes my blog readers happy and eager to comment.

      If you scan through my blog, you will notice that all the top posts are done by me.

      Guest bloggers don’t really want to do promotion because it’s not their blog. But if they fail to be social with their guest posts then they have broken one of the ultimate blogging rules.

      Thanks for the comment Justin.

      • Justin Germino


        In addition, let’s face it. The majority of guest posters who contact you care more about the backlink in their author bio than the pageviews of the article. So they don’t have the incentive to promote. I do require all my guest posters to create Livefyre accounts and sign up for their threads, but few of them come back to reply to comments despite my requirement.

        Wonder if I should impose a removal of their links if they don’t engage the readers who comment on their articles as penalty?

        • Reply

          Hey Justin, well said. They only want the backlinks and only care about the backlinks.

          I have had some guest bloggers who didn’t even reply to comments and didn’t reply to my email whenever I contacted them. So I removed their links.

          I remove links, and a few other bloggers like Kristi Hinds and Jane Sheeba said it when they left comments here.

          Thanks for the comment pal.

          • Justin Germino

            Glad to see other fine bloggers such as yourself are already taking that hard line policy if they don’t uphold their end. Encourages me to start doing the same.

          • 😀 Well when things get out of control then there is no need to call the pest control. You have to take matters into your own hands if guest bloggers are disobeying rules.

            I am also not accepting anymore guest posts… well for now. I just want to write my own blog posts and build up my blog. I will accept guest bloggers once I have increased my traffic. But when I do invite guest bloggers again the rules will be changed.

  9. Melisa L.


    I have to agree with your article here, the whole thing! Not replying to comments seems to be a huge reason people don’t get traffic and the low quality content. It can be tricky to come up with creative content on your own and allowing others to provide the same quality when guest posting doesn’t do you any favors.

    • Reply

      Low quality articles and not replying to comments are the worst things that you could ever do when it comes to guest blogging. If you want traffic then you have to learn to do those two things with great effort and put out your best.

      Thanks for the comment.

  10. Chadrack


    I think the issue of replying to comments is very important if you want to drive traffic with your guest post. Unfortunately, many guest bloggers don’t care about this. Many will simply send in the post and never care to check how the post is doing. Replying to comments helps you interact with the readers and this will increase their chances of visiting your site/blog.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Reply

      You have struck gold, Chadrack.

      Replying to comments left on your guest post is a win win situation. You are building backlinks while building relationships through blog commenting. Many fail in this field and they fail to realize the importance of replying to comments.

      Thanks for the kind comment.

  11. Computer Blog


    Guest Blogging is so vital. I have been doing Guest Blogging over the last 6 months and I must admit it has done wonders for my website progress.

    • Reply

      Congrats on doing guest blogging. This is the best way to get some traffic and exposure to your blog.

      Thanks for your comment.

  12. ayesha


    All five points are very basic, quality of article means a lot. The most important point is interaction with audience and commenter. We must keep all these points in mind while blogging.

    • Reply

      You are so right. Interaction with the audience is very very important in building traffic and also helps to make people know what type of blogger you are.

      Thanks for the comment, Ayesha.

  13. Reply

    The best tips so far on guest posting. I am fairly new to guest blogging so have limited experience. I have approached only 2 blogs so far as guest posting is concerned and both have been accepted. I made sure that the article was exception and will be accepted. Doing the right thing is extremely important as guest blogging is a way to tell other bloggers for acceptance. Do it right and others will approach you. Thanks for these good tips.

    • Reply

      Hey Shalu, another thing to do is read the guest bloggers guideline. This will give you an overview of what type of articles that the blog owner wants to publish on the blog.

      It’s great to see that you have been guest posting, all you have to do is continue to write good and be consistent at it. That way you will get more traffic through guest posting.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

  14. David


    Great tips and strategies, I know I should be doing some guest blogging but really didn’t know how to go about asking the blog owner. Sending them the article, ready to publish is an excellent suggestion.

    • Reply

      Well sending an article will sometimes get you nowhere. It’s best to contact the blog owner or befriend them first and then it will be easier to contribute your guest post.

      Thanks for your comment.

  15. sajan kota


    I agree with you kharim embed links with in article is most important thing.Great article very well organized post with helpful tips to increase the effectiveness of guest blogging.Thanks

    • Reply

      Leaving links in your guest post is great, but you also have to write articles that people want to read. Your article has to be appealing and also have meaning for whoever is reading it.

      Thanks for the comment.

  16. Rahul kuntala


    It’s important to write high quality articles for guest posts, if possible by linking to relevant links to the author’s site.

    Most of the guest bloggers don’t use their best content to publish as guest posts, this is the main reason they don’t get much results from their guest posts!

    And guest posting rocks – period..

    • Reply

      Linking to the other posts on the blog that you are guest blogging for is really important. This will show the blog owner that you realize also the importance of internal linking.

      I often reject posts that are poorly written or the ones that I have to do too much editing.

      I am not accepting guest posts for now… Maybe in the next couple of months, but for now I will be writing my own posts.

      Thanks for the comment Rahul

  17. kevin


    Thanks for the tips. I think that many people overlook several of the points you made such as filling out the bio section or even embedding back links in their article. I think also several people just don’t write very appealing content overall and that is the biggest factor in my opinion.

    • Reply

      Hey Kevin,

      Backlinks in your guest post is a must. I have tried it and I have seen where it increased my traffic by more than 70%. Also great content is a must as you mentioned, it must be appealing so this is what will make your article get traffic to your blog.

      Thanks for your comment.

  18. Khaja moin


    Embedding guest posting links into your blog is what most of bloggers don`t try!

    Or can create a page and link all your guest posts their to show your readers.

    • Reply

      Thanks very much Khaja for your comment.

      I plan to do that as well, adding a page to my blog with links to all my guest posts.

  19. Simmeon


    Hi Kharim,

    I’ve noticed that the more recent guest posts on this blog have not really had the levels of engagement I’ve been used too. I’m not going to leave comments on articles, when people can not be bothered to reply. It’s annoying and makes me engage less which is pretty bad all round.

    So replying to people is the most important thing to remember.

    • Reply

      Hey Simmeon, I have noticed the same thing as well. The guest bloggers that are attracted to my blog doesn’t reply to comments and what I now do is to remove the links that they had left on their article as a form of punishment.

      I am also going to stop accepting guest posts and write articles for myself. I will only be accepting guest posts from bloggers that I truly know.

      Guest bloggers like those will destroy your blog. I often get tons of emails offering to guest post on my blog and I am now deleting those emails.

      Thanks for the comment bro.

  20. Cory J.


    Thank god I cam across your blog. I am a junior writer for a SEO company and I just wrote an article about guest blogging. Oh boy, did my heart skip when I read your post. I feel like I made a lot of mistakes with my article; but I am pretty confident that I made a good article. Anyway, I will definitely bookmark your article just to give myself a quick heart beat once in a while. Haha..

  21. Reply

    Kharim – very well organized post with helpful tips to increase the effectiveness of guest blogging. I have used some, but not all of your suggestions, so now I know where I can improve. I would appreciate it if you would visit my blog and provide some feedback on the layout. Thanks for your insight.

    • Reply

      Hello Warren,

      First of all, thank you very much for the comment. I hope you will use my suggestions to the full so that you can gain traffic as well.

      I have visited your blog as you have requested and I must say that I didn’t like the layout. It wasn’t eye-catching.

      If you would like to hire me so that I can work on your blog in making it better then please feel free to contact me.

      Thanks for the comment as well.

  22. Ehsan


    I agree with you Kharim, We should send our best article as a guest post to another blog to steal their blog readers.
    Thanks for the awesome tips.

    • Reply

      That’s what I do to my guest posts. Leave links and reply to my comments so that I can steal some blog readers 🙂

      Thanks for the comment.

  23. Reply

    The bar is being raised for guest bloggers because many of them aren’t really of the quality for the blogs they want to target. You MUST answer comments and have a bio. If you can’t write well you need to get someone to edit it for you – either by paying someone or calling in a favor from another blogger (and do be sure to repay the favor somehow).

    Besides these things you need to promote your posts on other blogs on your own blog and using tools like EasyRetweet. And you need to encourage bloggers you know to share your guest post and comment in it. It is personal relationships that will generate success for you.

    • Reply

      I always try to promote my guest posts as well. Social media, networking and sharing it with my circles as well.

      I sometimes write an article on my blog and leave a link leading back to my guest posts.

      Thanks for the comment Gail 🙂

  24. Hazel Raoult


    Another factor which contributes to you not getting traffic from your guest post is because you don’t fill out your author bio. R u crazy! I dont believe this. People are taking full advantage of this section. Provide me some examples here.

    Anyways, I like the way you guide and give in depth information here. Keep it Up.

    Hazel R.

    • Reply

      Thanks for the comment Hazel.

      Author bio’s are really important because it will help to gain traffic. So if you do guest blogging then you should always remember to insert your biography.

  25. Raheel Mushtaq


    Most of the bloggers don’t really approve to low quality guest posts but other than that not having completed author box can be a issue because that is the main which through which you can get recognized as well as you can promote your blog.

    Not replying to comments is another drawback many bloggers do in guest post that they end the conversation which can be bad if you want visitors to come for a long time.. and another thing might be you don’t promote it like you promote posts on your own blogs. You have to share it with your Social Circle.

    • Reply

      I always love to reply to my comments. When I do I often get more comments on my blog after the traffic comes in.

      Another thing you may get comments on your blog is because your guest article was good enough that makes these visitors want to comment to show their appreciation for the lovely post.

      Thanks for the comment again, Raheel.

  26. Reply

    I have noticed that first reason is single most popular reason for failure of guest posts.

    People always contribute second grade articles to other blogs and keep best stuff for own blog.

    Though it does not work that well!

    Nice post, retweeted! 🙂

    • Reply

      That is why most guest bloggers fail. They fail to submit high quality article. It’s like they fail to realize that content is king so that’s why they try to post crap and expect to get tons of traffic.

      Thanks for the comment, Ishan.

  27. Steven Papas


    Thanks for your precious tips, Kharim. I’ve been guest posting since 2010 to promote certain pages of my site. After a few months I saw dramatic rise on my traffic, especially organic traffic from search engines directly to these pages, because I had started ranking for those keywords I was targeting in my guest posts. To see good rankings, bloggers should choose carefully the anchor texts of their backlinks.

    • Reply

      Well this I can say has been success for you. Its great that you are getting direct search engine traffic because it is targeted to your blog.

      Thanks for the comment pal and I will try to follow your example.

  28. Michael Chibuzor


    I think one of the most important things to get traffic from guest post is to embed links within the article. Most people don’t do this. Of course, such links have to be relevant and helpful. But it’s important. It’s a great post Kharim. Stay cool!

    • Reply

      Thanks very much Michael.

      You are right, leaving links in your article which is relevant will help in a great way to get some traffic to your blog.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

      • Reply

        Many blogs – and especially major traditional sites – prohibit you from putting links in your posts – so do not assume the blogger didn’t want to embed links. Sometimes you can’t.

        Technorati editors are known for removing links and I once refused payment from a blog when the owner wanted me to remove ALL links including the one to the post ON THAT SITE to which I was responding. I took the post back and published it myself.

        Different blogs have different rules so it is best to discuss the type of links that are allowed up front. Also, when pitching a guest post you have to be specific. I have a mountain of emails asking to guest post with no idea who these people are, no links to anything they wrote before, and no idea what it is they want to link to from my site.

        If you want to guest post you need to suggest topics or post titles, provide links to examples of your published work and share exactly what it is you want to link to from your guest post.

        • Reply

          You are right. Different blogs, different rules.

          I had stopped accepting guest posts from people who seem to be spamming, people who I had accepted guest posts from who didn’t reply to comments left on their previous articles and also removed their links from my blog.

        • Ivin


          I’m obviously more swayed towards ‘you have to reply to the comments’. I know even Kristy has this as important. But I say that as an add on. The other parts are equally important.

          • Replying to comments helps to build relationships, backlinks and also helps to generate sales.

            This has proven to work for many bloggers.

            Thanks again for stopping by and leaving another comment 🙂 I really appreciate it!

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