I am very proud to say that I have achieved a total of 300 posts on this blog.

Yep! That’s right! There is a total of 300 blog posts here (to the time of writing this article).

It has been a wonderful journey after I launched this blog 2 years and 4 months ago. I must say that I have enjoyed every minute of it, even when my blog was down and my traffic died a bit, I overcome those obstacles and continued blogging and that made me a stronger blogger.

[box type=”spacer”]My Accomplishments[/box]

I have accomplished a lot so far since I started blogging back in 2010. I have been able to successfully make money from this blog, I have helped others in setting up their own blog and I have also helped some of my family members in time of need with some of the money that I earned through this blog.

When I started this blog, I truly never knew that it would have grown into such a wonderful community. I started the blog because it seemed like fun. I love to write and to share my knowledge about what I know on the topics having to do with being a webmaster. So that is how I came up with this blog name, WebMaster Success.

As I have mentioned in a few of my posts that I was owner of other websites and forums, but when I discovered blogging my true passions came out.

  • I first started on free servers but I was successful in making money from my blog so then I moved to Hostgator and started paying for hosting.
  • I also had the opportunity to purchase lots of premium plugins such as Comment LuvPop Up Domination and Thesis WordPress Theme just to name a few.
  • I have participated in guest blogging and also guest blogging contests which also helped me to gain exposure, and money as well.
  • My blog is now under 60K on the Alexa chart.

The accomplishments has been so many that I forget some of them. But one of the most important accomplishment that I have gained is the many friends that I now have online that are also fellow bloggers.

[box type=”spacer”]300 Blog Posts[/box]

Having 300 blog posts on your blog is a lot and great ways to keep readers on your blog. Thanks to all my guest bloggers that contributed to this accomplishment as well.

WordPress Dashboard

As you can see from the screen shot about of my dashboard, I have 300 blog posts and a total of 6,296.

The guest posts on this blog helped me out a lot in achieving this amount of total blog post. The screen shot below shows my author bio for my blog and it shows that I have written a total of 168 blog posts so that means my blog has 132 guest posts.

[box type=”spacer”]My Future Plans[/box]

My plans for this blog is to continue making it successful. I will still be a blogger no matter what. I love blogging and this is not just to make money but to also educate others with my helpful blog tips to make their blog successful as well.

[box type=”info”]For now I have decided to stop accepting guest posts. This is because the guest bloggers that are now attracted to my blog isn’t the type which is good for my blog. These bloggers only submit guest posts with links and leave. They don’t reply to comments or share their articles with others. If this is the case then what I normally do is remove the links from these bad guest bloggers because this can help to cause the down fall of a great blog.

In my next post I will talk more about why I am not accepting anymore guest bloggers for now.[/box]

I will be accepting guest posts in the future, but for now I will be doing tons of writing for my blog.

I will also get into video blogging and more tutorials. I wanted to start video blogging from last month but sad to say that I have not done it as yet because of my busy schedule at times. Not to worry though, it is on my list of to-do things.

[box type=”red”]Once again, A BIG THANKS TO ALL MY BLOG READERS AND GUEST BLOGGERS!!! Thanks again for helping me reach 300 blog posts.[/box]


  1. Muhammad Arfaat


    You’re going very good.Keep it up!
    and 300+ is the great achievement i must say!

  2. Smith


    Yes I am dammed sure these all things are really valuable for their users and I will definitely do these things for my blog’s future promotions. In that case many viewers are already happy to used these schedules.

  3. Azam


    Congratulation Kharim

    You have achieved admirable amount of posting. Please keep it up to dish up us more knowledge.

    • Reply

      Thanks Azam. I will always try my very best to produce top quality articles for you and my other readers.

      Thanks for your comment.

  4. Nawaz


    Hello Kharim
    Congratulation on your brilliant success as you are on the way of progress.Please keep it up and publish research based article as we are waiting.

  5. Ammar Ali


    Hi Karim,
    300 article is a great success. 🙂 Best of luck for your future.

  6. Reply

    Hi Karim,

    Congratulations! on your achievement in such a short span of time. 300 blog posts in 2 years is not an ordinary feat. Your perseverance and commitment have brought you here. What is even more impressive is that you are helping amateurs in blogging. Kudos!!!


    Sanjib Saha

    • Reply

      I will continue to do my best in providing the best possible articles for my readers. Thanks very much!

  7. Reply

    Congrats Kharim, its really a great thing having 300 post and still going in this niche. Good Luck Kharim keep going.

  8. Khaja moin


    congrats Kharim!
    Hope you will post more useful posts in near future.

  9. Bryan


    Hi Karim
    300 article is a great accomplishment. this shows your dedication and hard work . good luck and hopefully 300 will turn to 3000 soon. you achievement is lesson for every new bloggers

    • Reply

      Thanks Bryan.

      Going to 300 post was awesome, I can just imagine the amount of work that I would have to put in to reach 3,000. Now that would have been an accomplishment.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

  10. Bhushan


    Hi Kharim,
    Ultimate man with ultimate work. Great job buddy.
    keep it up.This determine you make a outstanding knowledge.I’m going to start visualization now. WOW, this is amazing.
    Good luck for future.

  11. Ehsan


    Congrats Kharim for a great achievement.
    You have really a great blog and it is an inspiration for all newbies. I have learned a lot from your blog.
    Best of luck for your future success bro. Keep up the good work.

    • Reply

      Thanks for stopping by again Eshan. I try my very best to provide the best tips for new bloggers and will continue to do this.

      Thanks for the comment and happy that I could be of some inspiration for you.

  12. ayesha


    I have really enjoyed browsing your blog post. It’s really very great to hear your story. Hard work and hope these two things make you a successful blogger. You are role model for newbies :).

    • Reply

      Hey Ayesha,

      Thanks for being a part of my blogging community. I thank you for the comments that you have made. 🙂

  13. Tuan


    Congrats on your success, Kharim.
    I’ve known your blog for a long time and you are a very hard working blogger. You deserve this. 🙂

    • Reply

      Thank you Tuan. I have a very busy life at times and sometime no time for my blog. But I try my very best to make this work.

      Thanks again for the comment.

  14. Rahul kuntala


    Hi Kharim,

    First off congrats for this achievement. You’ve taken a smart step about not accepting the guest posts.

    Few bloggers (include me) don’t need to publish guest posts as they can create enough posts every week by themselves.

    Even I’m not accepting them on my blog.

    Have a nice journey mate 🙂

    PS: Remove or hide the ‘submit a post’ page 😀

    • Reply

      I feel like these guest bloggers are making my blog feel sloppy by their posts and not replying to comments at times.

      So for now I will write my own articles and after that then I may accept guest bloggers again.

      Thanks for the comment pal 🙂

  15. Mairaj Pirzada


    Congratulations! Kharim, you’re all doing Good. Keep this awesome work more better. Wish you all the best! And I’ve to a Guest post for your blog but you are not accepting! 🙁 Can you accept mine please?

    • Reply

      Well for now I am not accepting guest posts. You can submit posts when I start accepting guest bloggers again.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

  16. sally brown


    Congratulations, Karhim,
    I know this is a monumental accomplishment. 300 blog post will take me a while because I don’t post every day. For the type of writing that I do on my blog, it takes me forever to get my ideas on the page.

    I am very happy for you, and wish only good things in future! Sally

    • Reply

      Well with continuous writing and hard work then you can achieve it.

      Lots of people has passed over 300 blog posts on their blog, but is the type of information that they are posting worth reading?

      Once you post things that people want to read then that is the best accomplishment.

      Thanks again for the comment, Sally.

  17. Reply

    First, congrats on reaching 300 Kharim. Not all that many people can say that so I’m proud of you for getting there. I wish you continued success and writing.

    Second, hate to tell you this but I think something is off with your formatting right now. Your sidebars aren’t showing up until after your content and comments, and your left sidebar isn’t on the left anymore. I’m surprised no one else told you.

    • Reply

      Thanks Mitch. I will try my very best to continue producing great articles for this blog and also great contents as for guest posting.

      Where does my sidebar shows? (Please can you email me a screenshot so that I can see this, because it loads alright on my end. Also try reloading the page.)

      Thanks again Mitch.

  18. Reply

    I think you have a done a very good job. I can’t remember how I found your blog perhaps I was looking for something. But anyhow you achievement is an inspiration, I wish you the best for the future as well and hope to receive great blogging tips.

    • Reply

      Thank you Shalu,

      It has been a wonderful journey of 2 years and 4 months in the blogging world and I will surly continue to blog as long as I can.

      I will be writing my own articles for now, so you can be sure that you will get tons of great blogging tips.

      Thanks again for your comment darling 🙂

  19. Rajnish


    Wow great work Kharim you have written 300 Article which is really huge because I have a 6 month old blog and till now don’t have even 20 Posts !!

    • Reply

      I didn’t write 300 articles… Did you even read the post? Or look at the pictures… I said I wrote 168 articles and have 132 guest posts…

  20. Fisayo


    Hi bro!

    This is surely a great accomplishment! And I pray you continue to deliver the best for the rest who are in need of how to be successful.

    I’m really happy that this same blog connected us. Thanks for all you’ve done(You know them all )

    I appreciate it.

    Keep the flag flying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Reply

      Hey bro. Thanks for stopping by again. Yes this blog has done wonders for me and it will continue if I put out the extra effort. Also thanks for being a friend.

      Thanks for your comment, I really appreciate it.

  21. Reply

    Great success story for yourself, just shows what you can achieve with hard work and dedication. I look forward to seeing to seeing what you do with video blogging in the future, keep up the good work.

    • Reply

      Hey again Kevin, great to see you here on a regular basis now 🙂

      I guarantee you that I will be doing lots of video blogging soon. Just stay connected to my blog and I will have tons of information for you.

      Thanks again for your comment pal.

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