If you have been following my blog, and have read my two latest blog posts, then you would have seen where I mentioned about guest blogging.

In the recent article that I wrote about accomplishing 300 blog posts on this blog, I have decided to stop accepting guest bloggers on my blog… well just for a few months.

You may be wondering, “why has he stopped accepting guest posts?” Well there are a number of factors why I have decided to write for my own blog and stopped publishing guest posts.

This article will help you to understand why I have stopped accepting guest posts for a few months and may also give you reasons why you shouldn’t accept certain guest posts as well.

[box type=”spacer”]No More Guest Posts[/box]

Many new bloggers dream is to create a multi-author blog so that they can have tons of writers submitting and publishing contents on their blog so that others can have something to read.

When you have been successful in creating a multi-author blog then you have accomplished one of the greatest benefits that comes with blogging. Having a blog with guest bloggers submitting their own contents can be great. You have more time on your hand to become a better writer, you can now do guest posting as well, you don’t have to reply to the comments left on those articles because guest bloggers can do this for their submitted post, you have time to tweak your blog to make it better and the list goes on.

Here are my 5 reasons why I have stopped accepting guest bloggers for now:

  1. Low Quality Guest Posts
    This is my number one reason for not accepting anymore guest posts for the next couple of months.

    I keep on getting tons of low quality articles to publish. If you want your guest posts accepted on almost any blog then you have to make sure that you write great top quality posts. I notice that most new bloggers want to keep the great stuff for their blog and post trash on other blogs. Not on my blog they will.

    If you publish high quality blog posts at all times then you are sure to have great success where blogging is concerned.Another thing is that the type of articles they want to post is not related to my niche. Articles are sometimes  less than 500 words.

  2. Guest Posts Aren’t SEO Ready
    Search engine optimization plays a very big part in getting search engine traffic. I often talk about SEO and how it can generate targeted traffic from search engines.

    When I get guest posts, sometimes I have to spend countless hours editing and fine tuning these articles, and try to polish them so they can get read. Guest bloggers on your blog is suppose to add a few extra time on your hand, but some of the ones on my blog are adding to it.If articles are not optimized for search engines then they may not get the readers that you thought would stop by to read it. Make sure your guest posts are optimized well for search engine, this will help you get your guest posts published.

  3. Guest Posts Without Replying To Comments
    This one really gets me annoyed. I hate it when I have guest bloggers submitting posts and they said that they will reply  to comments left on their guest post and they don’t. Replying to blog comments is one of the best ways to get traffic and build backlinks. I’s a win win situation.

    Not replying to comments is what I think is helping to bring my blog down. How can you not reply to your comments? Do you think that you will get traffic back to your blog by just guest posting and leaving links without replying?

    Well you won’t. Because what I normally do is remove the links from those guest posts that has no reply from the guest bloggers. This is my way of punishment for breaking my guest blogging rules.One of the reasons why my blog is successful is because I try my very best to reply to comments whenever I do guest posting.

  4. Your Guest Posts Are Spammy
    Is spammy even a word? Well it seems legit to me and I think you know what I mean.

    I am tired of getting guest posts with tons of links embedded inside of them. I don’t have a problem with you inserting 3 links inside of your guest post, because this is a form of reward to you for contributing to my blog. But when you have like 10 links leading to unrelated sites then I become very concern.I now notice that some suspicious guest bloggers are being paid by someone else to do guest posts and embed links so as to build backlinks as a service. This will not be accepted on my blog.

  5. Not Social With Guest Posts
    I notice that some guest bloggers aren’t being social with their guest posts.

    What I mean by this is that they will submit their guest post and after it is published they don’t share it with their friends or post it on social media sites.I love it when my guest bloggers share their articles so that others have an opportunity  to read what they have written. This is a part of blogging, it is only natural. No wonder some bloggers fail at blogging – because they are not social.

[box type=”spacer”]No Guest Posts… So What’s Next?[/box]

It was really hard for me to say no and stop accepting guest posts on my blog. I had to do it in order to keep my blog readers happy with great quality blog posts. I had gotten tons of requests for guest posting, but it was sad to say no and turn down these guest posters.

So what’s next?

Well I will be writing my own blog posts for the next couple of months. I have personally made this decision because I want my blog to flourish and become one of the blogs that people love to visit for the best blogging tips. Moreover, this is my blog and my responsibility to manage the operations on this blog.

My reasons for writing my own blog posts:

  • I Want To Blog
    Well this is my very first reason for creating a blog, because I want to blog. I have a longing for blogging. Blogging is something that I love to do and will continue to love this part of of being a blogger.

    I love writing on topics that I am interested in so that others can gain some knowledge on things that they did not know or want to learn about.

    I also have lots of topics and video blogging that I want to publish so my readers can benefit from them. Lots of blogging topics are now coming up in my head and I don’t to lose those ideas. I want to be able to provide my readers with these contents so that they can become a great blogger like me and also make money through blogging.

  • My Blog Is My Business
     I want to use this blog to help me make money. I want to make a living through blogging during these hard economic times and in order to do this then I have chosen blogging as a way to help me accomplish this.

    I need to make this blog into a business if I want to make money from it. I am the boss of this business, therefore, I need to take matters into my own hands and work on my blog. I want to do the best so as to provide the best quality articles and tips for my blog readers.

  • People Want To Hear From Me
    Most times whenever I write an article on my blog I normally see more comments than when I get guest posts. This is because my blog visitors and readers enjoy my writing and what I have to say to them. This simply means that they want to hear from me.

    Mitch Mitchell from I’m Just Sharing mentioned me in one of his articles earlier this year saying, “Many of the posts are guest posts, so you don’t always get the true essence of his thoughts, but he’ll pop one out at least once a month or so” – Black Web Friday – 3/23/12So here Mitch is saying that I don’t normally post for my blog and my true essence of my thoughts are not always present, but I am going to change that now.

    Irfan Siddiqui from Real Time Tricks said in a comment“I’m reading your article after a long time here. As usually on this blog I find guest posts, so your tips go missing sometimes”.

    Irfan seems to miss my writing and also the great blog tips that I normally provide. Don’t worry pal, I am going to be here more often.
    Ifan's Siddiqui Comment

    Rahul Kuntala from Learn Blog Tips said in a comment “Few bloggers (include me) don’t need to publish guest posts as they can create enough posts every week by themselves.

    Even I’m not accepting them on my blog.”

    So here Rahul is saying that its alright to write your own blog posts and I must agree with him because it can even help to make my blog to be more successful.

    Rahul Kuntala

[box type=”spacer”]Guest Posts… When?[/box]

Well I am not sure as to when I will be accepting guest bloggers on my blog again, maybe later down in the year. But when I do the rules are going to be different.

For now I am going to provide the best blogging tips for my readers and hopefully build a stronger blog in the near future. So if you don’t want to miss out on my blogging tips then you can subscribe to my blog for more updates and blog posts.


Group Discussion

  • What do you think about me not accepting guest bloggers / guest posts on my blog for a couple months?


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  1. Syed Shah


    Guest blogging is helpful when you are not in position to give time in writing posts to your blog for a specific period of time. Other wise I’m I don’t think there is any need of publishing guest posts daily.

    • Reply

      You are so right about that.

      But when I get terrible guest posts then I think it’s best not to publish anything at all over publishing crap on your blog. (That’s just my thought still)

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Reply

    Guest post have its updsides and downsides. Yes, it can be beneficial for other bloggers who do not have time to update their blog or seeking for great content from other bloggers. On the other hand, if your blog and your readers are not benefiting from the guest post I guess that it is prudent that you stop accepting guest for some time.

  3. David


    Sounds like you have some of the same problems as i do on one of my istes. It is almost as annoying as spam just in longer form.

  4. Karilee


    Sounds like you definitely need a break while you develop a strategy to separate the “quality” guest posts from the crud… It must be very annoying to get handed “spun”, spammy articles.

    Thanks for outlining your reasons, as you’ve given me some specific ideas for requirements as I open up my blog for some (limited) guest posts. For example, I think I’ll keep it to:

    2 guest posts per month total for my site
    500 words minimum
    original content only
    at least one image
    Maximum 3 links per post, no affiliate links

    I would also explain that guest posters are expected to announce the posts on their blog, Twitter and Facebook, and respond to comments. If they don’t, well, they won’t be returning. My goal would be to build a list of a dozen or so quality contributors that I could depend on for solid, original articles that are genuinely useful to my readers.

    I don’t mind SEOing the posts myself, although it is a bit time-consuming. I’m going to have to think about that part. Perhaps at least getting them to state the keyword their article is focused on will chase some away.

    • Reply

      Thanks for the comment and the rules that you use on your blog as well.

      I think doing the SEO for submitted posts takes too much time and also my guest bloggers don’t reply to comment. Even if I punish them by removing their links, un-replied comments still causes my blog to look a bit on the down side.

      Thanks for your input on my article.

  5. Raaj Trambadia


    Not a bad thought! Actually a good one! You actually lost yourself in your own world. But no worries Kharim! Ride your own car without anyone sitting in it for some time! BTW, let me/us know once you’re ready to accept new guest posts again!

    Good luck mate!

  6. Tanmay Sawant


    Yea Some of the guests posts are just spunned articles.I have recieved many of those.even without reading I’d posted 2 spunned articles. Later I realized and removed it off.So I’m also avoiding guests posts for some days

    • Reply

      I have had that experience as well where I get articles that look very much alike, even articles that were copy and pasted.

      Thanks for your input and hope your guest blogging business works out.

  7. Reply


    This is a very serious decision you are taking, and I must add, a commendable one. People visit your blog to hear from you, and then once in a while, hear from guests.

    When you go on sabbatical and hand your home to guests, what do you expect? Guests may not have any long term interest in your blog’s success. They did not write a guest post for your blog because of the intensity of their love for you.

    They guest post for one key reason – to get traffic from your site and establish themselves as experts in their industries. (Okay, I know i said one reason :).

    Now there is nothing wrong with that as long as they do not kill the “goose that lays the golden egg”. If you feel guest posts are killing your blog, then you have my 100% support, take down the link! (At least for now…) 🙁

    • Reply

      Hey Yeremi, You made an excellent point here pal.

      If guests are going to help bring down your blog by not replying to comments or submitting crappy and stolen articles then its best for me to write my own articles. I have tons of blogging topics that I can write about, so no need to make someone else do it for me.

      I will accept guest bloggers again, but first I want to make my blog even better so I can attract more top quality writers.

      Thanks for your comment Yeremi.

      • Reply

        Hi Kharim,
        Great to know we will be reading more from you. Sad though that I never got my chance to send content your way…

        Since this is a temporary decision, I know that will be possible in the future 🙂 …

        • Reply

          Well later on this year you can come here and submit guest posts. By that time my blog will have more traffic so you will benefit as well by getting more traffic when you guest post.

          Thanks again for the comment.

  8. Simmeon


    Hey Kharim,

    I did see this coming, i mentioned how this place was turning out from recent times. I understand what you’re saying, I believe the people that have been attracted to your blog were not bloggers and more so companies or sorts trying to promote their services.

    I’m noticing that a few others are not accepting guest posting as well, I know you started this blog and people seem to miss the input you provide so its a wise move to take the reins and get the baby back on track.

    • Reply

      Hey Simmeon,

      I love my blog and I have to do what it takes to make it work in the way I want. Lots of bloggers don’t accept guest post because of all these spammers and bad blogging habits.

      Thanks for the comment bro.

  9. Reply

    Yo Kharim,
    I agree, it’s best to make your own article for your site than accepting guest posts(sometimes you get spammy guest post). But thank you for sharing your great insights.


    • Reply

      You are welcome Adam.

      I rather do the things that makes my blog successful that to invite people and tear it down.

      Thanks for the comment.

  10. Web Design


    The privilege of guest blogging are abused now by those who are desperate to acquire backlinks, without thinking the quality of their contents.

    Good decision. You can have it temporarily and see what happens during the month. Have it as an experiment.

    • Reply

      I strongly agree with you. They only think about the backlinks part of guest blogging and not about making relationships by replying to comments or being social with their guest posts.

      Thanks for the comment.

  11. saha


    I was thinking what’s next (think). All the reasons you listed are valid and true. I think it is a good decision not to accept guest posts because of all these reasons. Best of luck for writing your own blog posts. Waiting to read informative posts and useful tips from you.

    • Reply

      Thanks for understanding my choice of not accepting anymore guest bloggers for now. Hope to provide you with some great content.

  12. Jane


    Accepting guest posts can be a real pain in the butt. I have had many bitter experiences in the past. I even had a guest blogger who threatened me when I asked her to reply to comments in her guest post (the full story here – http://www.probloggingsuccess.com/guest-blogging-black-mailing/)

    You know, it is like allowing guest in your house. If the guests are lesser and well-behaved then the situation will be under YOUR control and there will be peace. If you allow a lot of guests while most of them are spamming (no comments on the genuine ones) YOU have no control on your blog.

    Instead of saving your time those submissions will eat all your time in editing, SEOing, promoting, dealing with guest bloggers and so on.

    I appreciate your decision.

    • Reply

      Hey Jane, great to see you here.

      Some guest bloggers are really getting to be real annoying. I still even get emails for people wanting to write articles for my blog. I have to put some stopping to it.

      If they can’t follow my rules then I will have to take matters in my own hand.

      Sorry about that, hearing that you had problems with guest bloggers. I guess us blog owners have to put our foot down when the time comes to do so.

      Thanks for your comment hun 🙂 I really appreciate it!

  13. Corky Swanson


    Kharim, if you could get good writers who know how to do SEO, it would work. But can see that managing substandard work would be more trouble than it’s worth.

  14. Reply

    Hey Kharim,

    Why shut down guest blogging altogether? Why not just enforce stricter guidelines on what you will and won’t accept? If someone sends in crap, then trash it immediately and don’t waste any time trying to “fix it” or trying to make it worthwhile and SEO friendly. It should only take a few seconds to recognize and trash the junk.

    • Reply

      Hey Derek, great tip. But as I said, I have thought about this a lot and this is my personal decision to not accept any more guest posts for now.

      I am going to build up my blog and then invite guest bloggers again.

      Thanks for the comment.

  15. Reply

    Guest post is a good thing and makes your community relation more stronger but it becomes headache because of most of the spammy bloggers just rewriting post and submitting to get backlink, even though the main author does not accepts it, reviewing it becomes time consuming for editor.

    • Reply

      Hey Alex, you are so right. More copy and paste bloggers are on the scene more than ever. Ant the time that you take to examine the article, and as you said even if you don’t accept it, it will still take time to review it.

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

  16. Chadrack


    Hi Kharim,

    First, I agree with your decision for not accepting guest posts for now based on the reasons that you’ve kind of “abadoned” writing for your blog! However, I want to disagree with your idea of what guest blogging is. And I want to believe that is your misconception that led you in the first place to abadon writing for the blog.

    As much as guest blogging gives you the opportunity to feature other bloggers on your blog, it is not for you to leave producing content for the blog in the hands of guest bloggers. I also accept guest posts but I still find time to post at least once on my blog. In fact, I do more of the posts on the blog!

    On the issues of low quality guest posts, you simply need to set the rules and enforce them. For example, I have a rule on replying to comments as I do this for every my posts. If the guest blogger refuse to reply to comments after being reminded two times, I remove his/her links from the profile. That way no credit goes to the person.

    May be when you are ready to receive guest posts again, you simply need to look into some of things and then plan out what to do.

    • Reply

      Hey Chadrack,

      I know what you are saying. But this blog has been getting up to 5 new guest posts requests per day. I have over 3,000 persons signed up to my blog who wanted to guest post. I get tons of emails attached with guest posts.

      If I decided to publish all these posts then all my posts will go un-noticed because of the many guest post requests that I get. I want to write for my blog so that every post gets a great amount of comments.

      Sometimes a guest post gets like only 3 comments. That makes my blog looks weak. So writing my own article and doing my own promotion is the best way to go for now.

      Thanks for the comment bro.

  17. Ehsan


    Hey Kharim, I think Irfan was right.
    We were missing your writing and tips and tricks you share on your blog because we always see guest posts on your blog. I think completely stopping accepting guest posts isn’t a good idea, but make a limit and only accept a high quality guest post from a high quality blogger once a week or 2. Don’t accept guest posts from Bloggers which breaks the rules.
    Don’t let your readers miss your writing style.

    Keep Blogging buddy:)

    • Reply

      Hey Ehsan, I think you made a great point here about accepting articles from top bloggers and limit my acceptance to one or two posts per week.

      Well I have thought about that and decided to do all my writings for the time being. When I start accepting guest bloggers again, the rules will be different.

      Thanks for the comment pal and also your wonderful suggestion.

  18. ayesha


    When I read heading of this post I have a deep thought that what will be next coming up! .. After reading your post I realize that it’s too difficult to correct all these mistakes in thousands of post. Good decision you have made. Best of luck for next! 🙂

    • Reply

      Thanks Ayesha, and happy that you have respected my decision. I will accept guest posts later on though, but for now I need to take things in my own hands and put this blog on over-drive.

      Thanks for your lovely comment again 🙂

  19. Mairaj Pirzada


    Hi Kharim,

    Am just a new reader of your blog, and love to read from it. I love guest posts on my blog too.. But we have to make rules more strict, this will be a great excuse to guest posters.

    Your Decision is not that good, you’ve to spend time, in making the guidelines more strict.

    But if we look at the reason “People Love to Hear me”, then for me it’s alright keep posting awesome content, with brilliant ideas.. Am including in the readers who love to hear from you…. Good Work, Wish you best for the Decision anyway.!

    thanks for these reasons of not accepting guest posts.

    • Reply

      Hey Mairaj, glad to see that your comment came through.

      Well I have a plan for my blog in making it better. So I have decided to work on it alone so that I can accomplish certain things. Another thing is that many people now want to post at my blog in the time I stopped accepting guest posts and I don’t have the time to be fixing up guest posts to be published, but I will in the future.

      Thanks for the comment.

  20. Reply

    Alright, I got a mention! Yeah, I said it, and I’m glad to see that you’ll be doing more of your own writing because you have a lot of special stuff to say when you do write. Trust me, I understand the guest posting thing because I accept them on my finance blog, but that’s where I really think guest posting works, when you have a niche that you know something about, but not close to everything about. And all that content, of which there’s a lot, is helping me generate money, though not enough to live off just yet.

    I look forward to seeing where you go; great stuff! By the way, I tweeted this post and still only got one choice of previous posts so that must not be working; sigh… lol

    • Reply

      Yep, you can look forward to me posting great and new things for the time. As I said in my post, I will accept guest bloggers again, but after I have built up my blog traffic.

      Regarding the CommentLuv, I think I have fixed, so try making another comment to see if it works for you.

      Thanks again for your comment.

  21. Andy Bailey


    I hear what you’re saying, it can be a real pain sometimes to accept guest blog posts, I think it makes a real difference if you have some strict guidelines in place.

    I use a custom plugin solution on my site that makes keeping the guest bloggers inline a lot easier. I think that it gets easier as you get more guest blog posts accepted because new guest bloggers can see want standard the existing guest bloggers have set.

    It may be a good thing for you though, you can appreciate how nice a feeling it is to have all your own content published on your blog.

    Good luck with it !

    • Reply

      Hey Andy,

      Some of my guest bloggers breaks my rules and theyh don’t reply to comments left on their guest posts. So I have decided its best to write my own articles.

      I want to publish my own contents and build up my blog, this way it can help me to attract more top bloggers, like you, so as to have great guest posts for my blog readers.

      Thanks for your input bro and thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate it.

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