Backlink strategy is a way in which a website owner uses to get links leading from another site to his/her site.

One thing that every successful blog or website has and will also help to make a blog or website successful is backlinks.

Backlink Strategy

Backlink plays a very important role when it comes to generating traffic back to your blog or website. Website owners and bloggers who are successful in generating tons of traffic to their site using various backlink strategy realize the importance of backlinks and link building.

[box type=”spacer”]Backlink Strategy: Blog Commenting[/box]

This is like one of the best and easiest backlink strategy, blog commenting.

Blog commenting has done great wonders for this blog in generating blog traffic and this is a great backlink strategy.

Many new bloggers who want to generate traffic to their new blog will use blog commenting as a strategy to build backlinks to their blog. This is really easy to do and it is also free. What you also want to do while blog commenting is to leave a link back to your site in the website section and also make use of the CommentLuv enabled blogs where necessary.

Make sure to be conversational when making blog comments, leave meaningful and up-building comments as well.

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[box type=”spacer”]Backlink Strategy: Guest Posting[/box]

One of my greatest backlink strategy is guest posting. I love to participate in guest blogging because in opens my blog to incoming traffic and also to others who haven’t known about my blog as yet.

Guest blogging is often practiced by many bloggers even when they have build a solid blog which generates money. Guest posting is a backlink strategy that we need to participate in if we want to be a master at in link building.

When guest posting you have to make sure place your site link inside the guest post or the author biography. This will help to build backlinks and also get traffic to your blog.

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[box type=”spacer”]Backlink Strategy: Internal Links[/box]

What I mean by internal links is that your URL was placed inside a blog post on another blog.

Getting your link featured on another blog is a great backlink strategy which works will in building backlinks. But how do you get your link placed inside another blogger article?

Well all you have to do is practice the 2 points that I mentioned above.

Guest posting and leaving links in your article to related topic on your blog. You can also do blog commenting and when you get traffic to your blog, if your content is great then other bloggers may link to it.

This means you have to write great content so that it encourage other bloggers to link to your content or to your blog.

[box type=”spacer”]Backlink Strategy: Social Bookmarking[/box]

Another backlink strategy is social bookmarking. Using sites like Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon and others will help to boost your backlink by far.

What you want to do is sign up to these social bookmarking sites and submit your new blog post links after publishing them. You can also add the social bookmarking buttons below your blog post so that your blog readers can also help you build backlinks when they share them, this is a great backlink strategy.

[box type=”spacer”]Backlink Strategy: RSS Directory[/box]

When you use RSS directories as a backlink strategy then this will help you to create backlinks as soon as you publish a new post. I have used RSS directories to build backlinks for this blog and it works.

What you have to do is find the best directories to submit your RSS feed link to and each post can have a backlink as soon as you hit the publish button for your new post.

[box type=”spacer”]Backlink Strategy: Forum Posting[/box]

Have you ever participated in forum posting? If not then this is one of the best backlink strategy that you are missing out on.

I have done lots of forum posting and to tell you the truth, it really works in building backlinks. I have used this backlink strategy the very first day that I started this blog. When I check the backlinks for my blog I realized most of my backlinks are from the forums that I had posted in.

When doing forum posting, what you need to do in order to build backlinks is to leave a link in your forum signature. Most forums, if not all, has signatures and forum members can embed links in their signature back to their blog.

To make this type of backlink strategy work for you is that you have to be a consistent poster. You have to be active in the forums and posting on a regular basis.

I am a very busy person at times, but what I plan to do is visit forums related to my niche and make at least 5 forum post per day. If I make 5 forum post everyday for one year then that will make 1,825 backlinks. This is the best backlink strategy when forum posting.

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[box type=”spacer”]Backlink Strategy: Perform Services[/box]

When performing services for other people online then you can use this as a means of backlink strategy. This is where you have to be skillful when building links by performing services.

For example: Building sites for people or building WordPress themes.

If you are a coder then you can build backlinks by leaving a link in the footer of the theme saying “Theme Designed by Kharim Tomlinson” or something like that.

If your theme gets popular then you will have tons of links leading back to your blog. This is a great backlink strategy.

[box type=”important”]

Backlink Strategy Tips

Here are a few tips for you if you want your link building efforts to work:

  • Don’t spam, you will be punished
  • Link exchanges don’t really work well
  • Never buy backlinks (I have tried it, doesn’t work)
  • Aim for one way backlinks


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Group Discussion On Backlink Strategy

Since we all know the importance of backlinks, I would like to hear from you:

  • What is your backlink strategy?
  • How is your backlink strategy working for you?



  1. Sanjay Sajeev


    Hello, my main strategy is blog commenting. I make 5 blog comments a day. But i am not getting an effective results. If i make 10 comments in 10 blogs, i only get 1 backlink. It takes a lot of time and effort.

  2. Reply

    Very useful tips about creating a quality backlinks for website to improve its visibility and ranking. As you say, Rss directories submission is a good way for backlinks. I really agree with you for that. Guest posting is also one great way for effective backlinks.

  3. Reply

    Backlinks play a major role in attracting traffic towards your website and there are some effective ways and techniques by which you can generate backlinks to your website. I agree with you. Forum posting, guest posting and social bookmarking are currently considered to be one of the most effective ways to generate backlinks to websites.

  4. james


    Hi Kharim, your post is an eye opener, thank you for taking the time in writing this post. I just have a question though about buying backlinks. We’ve been in this business for the past 5 years or so and all of our clients are still ranking pretty well in SEs (not just Google, which most concentrate on). I guess, the problem with buying backlinks lie on the fact that most webmasters or SEOs buy from backlinking companies who are clueless about what they are talking about. Let me give you an idea on what we do: When I client signs up for our services we make sure to review their already existing backlink network (if any exist). Once we have done so, we check for low quality spam type backlinks pointing to their site and we make sure to either request the website owner (where the low quality backlinks come from) to remove the links.

    We then move on to our strategies by placing high quality backlinks to related niche websites. We carefully do this each month until we get the right ration between generic, keyword targeting and brand anchor texts. We do not link drop just anywhere. We carefully choose the blogs we comment on or leave our clients websites.

    Now, I really feel sorry that you have bad experience with a backlinking service in the past. Most reputable backlinking companies today get a bad PR because of this even the legit and reputable ones like us. Please contact us, through the email address provided or through our contact form found on our website if you have further questions or if we can help you with anything. We wish you all the best and thank you for letting us leave a comment on your blog.

  5. Navjot


    Thanks for sharing ur view on “Backlink Strategy”. I accept “Never buy backlinks” – it will definitely backfire your traffic

  6. Ashish


    Reading this article it looks as if it is so easy to hit the bullseye but al this above takes lots of efforts and time..
    Once you write a quality content you not only take care of on page but also do all the measures mentioned above…

  7. Reply

    blog commenting is really essential and also quality guest posting will help us build backlinks. Thanks for the other tips for building backlinks.

  8. Reply

    Hi Kharim,

    I use all the strategies you mention, but I’ve gotta say that for me, guest posting has brought me the most traffic, especially if you can get on the more prominent blogs in your niche.

    Guest posting does two really good things for you. It expands your reach, but it also says that the blogger granting you the guest post finds your writing of value and worthwhile, that gives you a lot of credibility among those reading your guest post.

    Thanks, Liz

    • Reply

      Guest posting is the number one way to build backlinks and this is also a free way to drive traffic back to your blog.

      Thanks very much for the comment Liz.

  9. Reply

    This has been helpful. I am new to blogging and the strategies I need to take. As I expand my abilities, tips like these make my education go faster and smoother. Keep up the good work!

  10. Reply

    Actually Kharim, We have a different idea of what internal linking it. To me, internal linking is linking to other blog posts on your own site. It’s how W3C has grown its ranking so well, because it has almost no external linking, even though it’s possible that a lot of sites are also linked back to them.

    • Reply

      Yep, internal links are links within your own site to other pages.

      What I meant was getting featured on another blog with your link being placed inside the article.

    • Reply

      Thanks for sharing these strategies Kharim, what do you think of techniques such as broken link building and infographic distribution?

      Whether blog, forum, video, bookmark or guest post I think the key is keep it relevant and natural whatever the source of the inbound link.

  11. ayesha


    So true!! Commenting is one of the best strategy to build backlinks. It’s easy and also free of cost.. All points are very supportive and em totally agree with this post.

    • Reply

      Blog commenting is the best. If you aim to do this everyday then you will have success in generating traffic and build backlinks as well.

      Thanks for the comment.

  12. kremil


    Hi Kharim!
    ” Backlink Strategy: RSS Directory ” is something that I have not done yet.
    It’s really good thing that I learned it from this article.
    Thanks! I will try this one..

  13. Reply


    You have clearly exalted blogging to new levels.

    Thank you for sharing your ideas.


  14. Masaj erotic Bucuresti


    Great things here to learn about backlinks and i want to say thanks for all the information shared with us.

  15. Swet


    Hey, thanks for the post. Yaa, these all methods Blog Commenting, Guest Blogging, Forum Posting, Article Submission, Social Bookmarking, Internal Links, etc are really very effective for building backlinks.

  16. Success


    Hi Kharim, thanks for this amazing post, I have been getting backlinks from comments through commentluv plugin, but about the forum, I don’t think I have got a link through that, well I think I should just try your tips, am sure thats the right way to do it, thanks.

  17. Nawaz


    Links from blog commenting is one of the best way to promote a site at rapid speed.Do follow links are really mile stone in promotion of the site.

  18. BarryCrow


    Hey Kharim,

    Great stuffs here to learn about backlinks. I was going to buy backlinks until I read your whole article and that prompted me not to. Do they really not work at all? ‘Cause I’m having doubts.

    • Reply

      I wouldn’t encourage you to buy backlinks. People just want to make some quick money of those type of services and they hardly work.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  19. Steve


    Reminded me that I have to do my RSS feed submissions for the day. I like the RSS feed submission at And I realized recently that every category page on your blog has its own rss feed, nice.

    • Reply

      Nice to know that you are using RSS feed submission as a means to get traffic. I hope you have success with it.

      Thanks for the comment.

  20. Ferb


    Hi Kharim, appreciate your tips, I believed that guest blogging and comments on other blogs are the most effective way to build backlinks. I’ve just done guest post and really made tremendous growth on my page rank.

    Thank you – Ferb

  21. Reply

    Wow! Kharim, You have really scored it here. Backlinks are very important if we are to pull any clout on the web. 🙂

    Its not surprising that this post has done so well and garnered so much traction – people love anything that has to do with backlinks.

    When it comes to giving links to others, that has always been another matter :(.

    But I have realized overtime that outbound links are as important as backlinks. In fact, that is the focus of my latest post referenced below!

    • Reply

      Thank you for reading my article Yeremi.

      I will check out your article as well and thanks for your comment.

  22. Matthew


    Very useful information. It will help me generate traffic without spending much time, and I can also get visitors on the less popular posts and the older posts that are low on performance these days. Thanks for the information. Would be glad to share.

    • Reply

      You are welcome Matthew.

      I hope you have success in your blogging and getting traffic.

      Thanks for the comment as well.

  23. Reply

    Kharim, that was a great compilation of different backlink strategies. This is one area where I have much more to learn and do. I knew about forum posting, but as you mentioned, time is a limiting factor. Great post and I will keep following you.

  24. Dean Collins


    Forum posting is a great idea though I have never tried that strategy yet but I surely will soon. What I have been doing now is blog commenting. But I’d like to try RSS feed and Social Bookmarking.

  25. leroile1


    Thanks for sharing,
    Good post for me, You shared the great tips to generate backlinks, but I think the best tip among those which you shared in this post is Guest Blogging. I’ve just started Blog Commenting and Guest Posting at other quality blogs and I’ve been waiting for three and it works: more than 100 visitors a day from Google 🙂
    Best regards, ATYQ

    • Reply

      Congrats on that.

      Guest posting is the best for me too. Forum posting also works wonders for this blog as well.

      Thanks for your comment.

  26. Simmeon


    Hey Kharim,

    The theme sponsor method can work real well, as you say providing the theme is visually appealing and has the potential to become not viral but fairly popular if you have nice customization features available for them.

    WordPress theme creators often allow people to buy links in the theme, before they release them publicly, you guys should check it out.

    • Reply

      Yep! Making themes and leaving your link in the footer is a great way to do it, especially if your theme is free and has lots of features.

      I have a program that I can use to make themes, I think I should start doing this.

      I also didn’t know that I could purchase links from the theme creator, thanks for that tip.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  27. Bhushan


    Hi Kharim,
    Very interested to learn a bit more and perhaps discuss options and offer.
    can you tell me why the back links not buy???
    and what was your experience about it.

    • Reply

      Well I had bought backlinks some time ago for my blog after I learned how backlinks can make a blog’s traffic increase.

      I got the report of sites where all my links were and after that, the sites just disappeared.

      So its best to do blog commenting, guest posting, forum posting and the other things that I mentioned in this post to get backlinks.

      Doing it the easy way only throw away money.

      Thanks for your comment.

      • Bhushan


        Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with me on this subject.I think you provide info about another cool.

  28. Reply

    Very good tips Kharim. What is the best way to submit to RSS directories as submitting for each one will take forever. What are your thoughts on directory submissions?

  29. Michael


    I see it has been mentioned already but I will say it again. Guest posting is the way to go for sure. It is a win, win for everyone. The trick is you need to create great content and in most cases, even better than the content you put on your own blog. So don’t insult the bloggers who pour their heart and soul into their work with a less than interesting post. They are not going to just post anything cause you want them to. Thanks for compiling this list, it is a good one for anyone looking to do link building the right way.

    • Reply

      Yep! Guest posting is a great way to get backlinks and also direct traffic which can be targeted traffic as well. And you are also right again in creating great content.

      Thanks for the comment, Michael.

  30. Charles


    Good post and tips Kharim. Can never have enough backlinking strategies, am now starting to dive into RSS feeds. You have to keep diversity going as Big G is changing daily. Thanks for the info

  31. Becca


    Guest posting and blog commenting certainly works to attract targeted traffic, but you have use these techniques to show your expertise and value. so that visitors try to find more about you and your blog.

    • Reply

      Yes you are so right. This is why when it comes to blog commenting and guest posting a lot of people participate in them. You have to be unique and original when doing these two things.

      Thanks for your comment, Becca.

  32. Anton Koekemoer


    Hi Kharim,

    I do agree – Backlinks is an important part of exposing your website to search engines; and commenting on other websites (edu and normal alike) is one of the best ways to drive traffic and links to your blog or website. And yes – By making use of RSS directories and aggregators along with forums also carries a lot of weight when it comes to linking structure and marketing (exposure) strategy.

    • Reply

      Hey Anton, glad you are agreeing with me pal.

      RSS directories do make linking to your site improve on traffic a whole lot. Forums are another thing. Search engine robots crawl them a lot and when your link is founs on them then you are sure to have backlinks pointing back to your blog.

      Thanks for your comment, I really appreciate it.

  33. Aasma


    I have heard a lot about RSS submission, But if you can share some RSS directory websites then it would be really great for me. I think these sites gives you instant approval.

    • Reply

      Well there are tons of RSS directories. I will try to find some of the best and free ones to share them with you.

      Thanks for the comment.

  34. Reply

    As you say, Kharim, commenting is a good backlinks strategy, so i may as well start with your site. 🙂

    Seriously, I have been analyzing sites that have a higher link profile than mine. I have found out that most of the backlinks come from comments left on other blogs. Its been a big surprise for me, since I learned early on that WordPress comments have almost no SEO value.

    I guess Comment Luv changes that, as it does change many other things – including traffic potential from sites we comment on.

    Great to be here. See you around, man…

    • Reply

      You are right about backlinks from blog commenting. It really works.

      I know this blogger who is getting over 300 unique visitors daily and he did it just by blog commenting.

      CommentLuv as well has been great in getting links and traffic as well.

      Thanks for the comment pal 🙂

  35. Shahnawaz


    Nice post, that’s great I hope you are right and I’ll try your great tips….. Thanks for sharing with us…….

    • Reply

      Well you can try my tips. They have worked for me and worked for others as well.

      Thanks for the comment.

  36. Jane


    Blog commenting and guest posting are great ways to build backlinks. IMHO guest posting works far better than anything else for getting high quality authority backlinks; while with blog commenting one can build authority as well as helps us to go for higher number of backlinks.

    But it is so important that we not only concentrate on one or two link building methods but put our eggs in various baskets. We will never know what kinds of links will be devalued by the big G.

    • Reply

      Yes you are right about that Jane. Guest blogging and embedding your links to related topics and also using the right anchor texts will even give you better ranking.

      Thanks for your input again Jane 🙂

  37. Ehsan


    You shared the great tips to generate backlinks, but I think the best tip among those which you shared in this post is Guest Blogging.

    Thanks for sharing the tips here.

    Ehsan U.

    • Reply

      Yep! Guest blogging is the number one way man and it really work wonders if you do lots of guest blogging.

      Thanks for the comment Ehsan.

  38. Bryan


    Hi Karim
    nice post , you have mentioned some good ways to build quality backlinks to our websites, Guest posts and Blog commenting are some of the best ways to build links, as you mentioned forums, bookmarking websites and directories are also good place where you can build your inbound links
    thanks for sharing this

    • Reply

      Bryan, thanks for reading my article pal.

      Blog commenting and guest posting is the best way man.

      Thanks again for commenting.

  39. Mairaj Pirzada


    Hey Kharim,

    Good post for me, I’ve just started Blog Commenting and Guest Posting at other blogs (including you) I like. Thanks for the forum Posting point, I’d started doing this at Website Babble by Lisa Irby, but unfortunately, it was really difficult for me to be consistent there.. So, now thinking to boost Guest Posting on various blogs.. Can you suggest me some blogs where I can Guest Post? but their niche should be Blogging, WordPress, and Tech.. OK?

    Would like to Guest Post, first on small blogs, then will turn to top blogs if, I got success at Guest Posting on small blogs.. Thanks a lot, waiting for your answer… <3

    • Reply

      Hey bro. I used to do forum posting at as well and that forum I think has most of the backlinks for my blog.

      You can do guest posting at,,,

      You can search for different blogging related blogs on Google or look for people who does blog commenting and visit their blogs to see if they accept guest posts.

      Thanks again pal.

      • Mairaj Pirzada


        oh, thanks for the tips and sites you recommended.. But I’ve already targeted the sites you mentioned…

        • Reply

          Well all you have to do is search for others.

          I call this blog hopping. Blog hopping is a term that I call when I go from blog to blog through the comments left on articles 🙂

          You can try that as well.

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