Are you a blogger???

Of course, you are a blogger, that’s why you are here, reading this post.

As a blogger myself, I know we all strive to get recognition and the exposure in the blogosphere. I too am trying to get my hands on these two things.

I am blogging for more than 6 months but got serious about it just around 2 months back. This two months have completely changed my life as a blogger. Before two months no blogger was knowing me and today I can proudly say that some of the popular bloggers know me. How did I manage to get this recognition?

The title of the post will give you the answer. It’s through guest post that I achieved this status.

[box type=”red”]Most Bloggers Think Guest Posts Is Just For Backlinks[/box]

Yeah, I know that by doing guest posts, you surely can get do-follow backlinks to your blog. I too started in a bid to get some high quality backlinks. But after some approved posts on some popular blogs, I got to know that guest posting is not at all about backlinks or traffic, as our minds are stuffed with, rather its something else that a blogger get from this practice.

If you read around different blogs and search for the benefits of guest blogging, backlinks and traffic will top the list, but believe me they are not eligible to be at the top. Its a personal experience.

[box type=”yellow”]If Not Backlinks, Then What Is It All About ???[/box]

The biggest benefit that you get via guest posts is the exposure to a completely new set of audience. The interaction with different people or bloggers of different niches is the biggest thing that you get. If we talk about backlinks or traffic, then you can count them as a freebie of doing guest post.

Some of you might not believe me. You would think I am nuts; but this is something that only people who do guest posts on a regular basis will understand. I understood after doing some posts. I got some loyal readers to my blog, I get more comments then what I used to get, my social media followers increased and are increasing, some of the bloggers are asking me to guest post on their blogs, I am getting emails to become author of different blogs, bloggers on whose blog I have done guest posts are appreciating my work………. Tired reading it. But all this is truth. I expected this to happen but not so early. Guest posts have given me a lot of exposure. More and more bloggers are coming in my social network and I am just loving socializing with them.

[box type=”blue”]Do You Still Think Guest Posts Are Only Good For Backlinks ??[/box]

If you are still not getting my point, I will give some examples who has earned great benefits from guest posting. Michael Chibuzor from, Onibalusi Bamidele from, Jane Sheeba from these are some bloggers who have got a lot of exposure through guest blogging. All of them have done 250+ guest posts and still going strong. They have earned a lot of reputation and thus lots of bucks from their services.

Do you know who Zac Johnson is ?? If you are a blogger, you will surely know him. He is the biggest affiliate marketer in the blogosphere. He owns some of the biggest blogs, but he still regularly appears as a guest author on many blogs. Why ?? Because he knows the true benefit of guest blogging. The interaction with new audience and turning them into loyal readers, these points are compelling even a Problogger to guest post.

[box type=”green”]How To Earn Maximum And Of Course, Get New Friends (visitors)[/box]

If you do guest post and just forget about it when it goes live, them you will not get any benefit from your post. All the efforts you have put in to create a rocking guest post will go futile.

We don’t want that, right ?? So do this. Keep a track of your guest post once it goes live for at least 10 days. because in the first 10 days, you have the chances of getting maximum comments. Reply to each comments in a way that it starts off a conversation. Thus you will end up in getting more comments and recognition. And finally you will enjoy a lot of exposure and can boast of a good amount of new blogger friends.

[box]Over to you :-[/box]

I think I have put forward my views in front of you. I hope you all will share your views with me.

  • Do you think that I am wrong and there some other benefit of guest posting ??
  • Do you think its all about backlinks ??

Do let me know.

[box]This is a guest post by Arbaz Khan who is a tech-blogger at He writes about various interesting topics about technology, blogging tips and about the Blogging myths.[/box]


  1. Reply

    Hello Sir,

    Perfect Article! Many people don’t know the power of connecting to other blogs(commenting). Commenting is also a great tool to connect with the blogging world.

    Thank You.

  2. Jamy


    Every thing to keep tracking what you are doing then you are a successful person in your life as following something is not the that is important but keep your work tracking is more important.

  3. Mairaj Pirzada


    Hi Arbaz,

    Nice to see Guest Posting too, for me Guest Posting is really essential for Traffic and to get exposure. Because without exposure you’ll be writing just for search engines. We must do guest posting to get reputation, exposure, and traffic in the Blogosphere. You did a nice job, by letting me know the facts about Guest Blogging. Thanks for the Post.


  4. Ehsan


    Hello Arbaz,

    Guest Blogging is the best way to build connections and to get yourself to the circles of Blogging elites.

    I think I did same as you Arbaz, I’ve registered my domain name on June, 2010. That means I’m blogging for more than 2 years, but it has been only 2 months for me I learned Blogging and got serious.

    I have published only 2 guest posts till now, but I’m planning to get myself to the list of top guest Bloggers.

    Thanks fr your insights Arbaz.

  5. Reply

    Hey Arbaz,

    Without a shadow of a doubt guest posting can propel you into the radar of people that can make things happen. Guest posting offers not only a backlink or even a new audience.

    But only allows you to build a new relationships with another webmaster within your niche – that’s the powerful stuff that sometimes gets forgotten.

    • Reply

      Yup Simmeon,
      That’s what I look for when I go for guest blogging. I always look forward on ways to get maximum exposure from guest blogging.

  6. Fabrizio


    Great all round post Arbaz, well written too 🙂 Whilst guest posting is still great for building backlinks for me it’s not number one, I’m more into content curation, using social bookmarking and content syndication etc. What I do believe is that guest posting is a very powerful way to build authority in your niche, getting readers to come back and visit your blog.

    • Reply

      Many bloggers think guest posting is just meant for backlinks and they do it in that way. Same as you, backlinks is not number one priority for me, its the exposure and new friends like you that one get through guest blogging.
      Thanks for the comment 😀

  7. Isabel


    I really enjoyed the way you have explained Guest Posting. I would rather guest post for my audience rather than write crap for a backlink

  8. Reply

    Great article. I completely agree with you. I seen many bloggers write guest blog in ‘robot style’ to meet the word requirement and for backlinks. I think if the blog owner stop posting those type of blog post then the guest blogging would be much more fun 😉

    • Reply

      Yeah I know.
      Those people are just link-builders and once the post goes live, they do not even turn back to reply to the comments. Thus, many bloggers have now added many new guidelines to tackle such link-builders and give genuine bloggers more exposure.

  9. Reply

    Great and informative post on guest post Arbaz.
    in Your post u have cover all point of view of guest post.
    to get more exposure guest post is really nice way…

  10. Amrik Virdi


    Guest blogging has excited me a lot and I think it is a nice thing to have happening to you. The tips you have given to be a good guest blogger seem like they will work well to ensure that you are wanted as a blog contributor by others. Will follow these tips as I have a lot of interest in guest blogging.

    • Reply

      I am glad that you find the post helpful.
      I too love guest blogging. Rather than updating my blog regularly, it’s guest blogging that I do regularly.

  11. Aasma


    Hi Arbaz,

    You’re quite correct about guest posting. No doubt it gives you an opportunity to get high quality links plus it also gives you an opportunity to get maximum exposure among relevant audience which results in more popularity and more earnings.

    • Reply

      Yes Aasma,
      Guest posts are the best to get high quality backlinks, but they are more better when compared to the exposure it gives.

      Thanks for your comments 🙂

  12. Janmejaya


    Great post arbaz. Now times i know the real meaning of an Guest post and also think why peoples are interested to posting guest posts.

    • Reply

      Thanks Janmejaya for commenting.
      I am happy to see you liked my post. Guest posts are the hottest topic to gain new readers and you should do it too 🙂

  13. Amy


    Guest blogging is the good source of traffic to your posts, engage new visitors. New audience visit to your blogs and makes your blog popular. After reading this post, now i think that guest blogging is not only for traffic, but it is the good way to engage with new audience and get bucks.

    • Reply

      Those who do guest blogging just for traffic and backlinks are missing out on the biggest opportunity to build new relationships. Even if you get traffic from your guest post, it will be short-lived and eventually will decrease. But if you strike a conversation with your readers and encourage them to comment more, then you will surely get them to visit your blog more often.

  14. Reply

    Great post Arbaz , trust since google penguin and panda is up people have actually started doing guest posts and blog commenting , good to know google have done amazing job in decreasing the spam. Those days are gone when you buy 4-5 homepage backlinks from pr5 sites and in a month your site will be no.1 lol , great post Arbaz.

    • Reply

      Yeah, the days are really gone when people bought links to improve their rankings. Penguin and Panda wiped them away.
      But it’s great to do some link building manually via guest posts and blog commenting. It helps us build new relationships.

      Thanks for the comments 🙂

  15. Irfan Siddiqui



    Nice to meet you buddy!

    I think you are helping people know the real meaning behind the term – Guest blogging, here. People, these days are just after backlinks and so are guest blogging in various blogs on their coming niche’s. Which is something that makes them busy and they doesn’t able to communicate with their real audience. Hence it proves they are after search engines and not the real people/readers.

    Since, I have been doing guest blogging I learned lot of thing which is helping me in many way out. I myself have few guest posts published here and in my other top blog but, I’m not after search engines but with the audience and so I’m communicating with them in comments.

    Now, I guess I can say people know me! They know my name and my blog’s name as well.

    Anyways, thank you for such a nice article, Arbaz!

    • Reply

      Hi Irfan,
      Nice to meet you too.
      It was a great topic in my mind. I started guest blogging just with an intention of getting backlinks but eventually I discovered the true benefit of it. Many bloggers do this just for backlinks and once their post goes live, they don’t even visit that blog, not even to reply to the comments.

      That’s the reason, I made this article. I am happy that you liked my article.

      Thanks bro 🙂

      • Irfan Siddiqui



        It was great reading your article buddy. You said it well, people often publishes their articles on various blog just to get the link juice but they forget to build relationship which is I guess much essential, today.

        Thanks for the article anyway.

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