I will be straight up.

Do you want to blog like a professional blogger? If you don’t want to become a pro in your niche, this post is not for you!

Too harsh? I believe in this saying – “if you don’t dream it, you can’t become it”.

Now tell me, do you want to blog like a pro?

Read this completely then. I promise, I won’t bore you anywhere.

[box type=”red”]1. Blog Regularly[/box]

The two hour blogging rule: You should be blogging at least 2 hours a day to master in it. I know it may not be possible for few of you. But if you want to succeed in blogging and earn online reputation you must set a side few hours on blogging.

But how long should you be spending 2 hours everyday?

Smart question. It depends on you! I know it’s not so smart answer.

If you are really passionate about blogging then 2 years is enough for you to become an expert! It totally depends on your time, efforts and enthusiasm. Blogging needs consistency to succeed, isn’t it?

Key point to remember: Use your time effectively rather than spending on wrong things. I’ll be more clear, you must not focus on driving traffic to your blog if you started… well just one week back.

Focus on creating valuable content for your blog in the initial stage. Worry about getting more traffic or monetizing it later.

[box type=”yellow”]2. Blog Actively[/box]

Prioritize your time: Blogging success is never easy. You must work consistently if you want to take your blog to the next level. One of the best ways to effectively use your time is: prioritizing.

Prioritize your time to create content, to bring traffic, to network with other bloggers etc

Remember every blogger on the earth has same 24 hours in common, but only few people succeed those who better prioritize their time!

Destroy distractions: Who is your biggest enemy online?

Social media.

Yeah, if used properly social media sites like Facebook, twitter etc can help you to build a better network for your blog. Most of the time, you can’t control yourself without seeing those tempting notifications. Which simply kills your precious time.

Seriously tell me one thing, how many of you can create content without having any distractions?

Okay that will be a common problem for anyone who works online. Here are few tools to better organize your time while blogging(more specifically while creating content).

Use this 3 tools to enhance your productivity while blogging

1. Focusbooster: It’s also called pomodoro technique which uses a timer to break down periods of work into 25 minute intervals separated by 5 minute breaks and is based on the idea that frequent breaks can improve mental agility.

Why you should use it?

You can write more better. Believe me, I’ve been using this tool for several weeks now, and completely satisfied with it, doubled my working efficiency! A must tool for bloggers.

2. ZenWriter: What can I say about it? If you are struggling to create content(I know online = distractions) then this is for you. ZenWriter cuts out all the distraction and lets you focus on writing. It also has soothing background music which makes you feel better.

3. Evernote: There are so much of content available on internet these days. We are not search engines or robots to remember everything.

What if you forgot to take the notes from a great blog post like this ;)?

Here comes the Evernote into play. Use this tool to save your ideas, images, bookmarks etc.

[box type=”blue”]3. Be everywhere[/box]

You already heard this term right?

But you are not implementing. Here I’ll discuss few tips to be everywhere. Before that you need to know why should you be everywhere. After all you should know the benefits before implementing something.

Few uses of being everywhere:

  • You can build healthy relationships
  • Branding
  • Everyone will recognize you

If you want to sell some stuff from your blog, these relationships will help you a lot.

How can you be everywhere?

Through blog commenting, social media, actively participating in forums, videos, podcasts or guest posts

[box type=”green”]4. Learn And Teach[/box]

Blogging is all about learning and teaching. You are the teacher when you are creating content, and you are the student while you reading other blogs.

Never create something without doing proper research. If you are completely new to blogging, take some time to learn and teach something to your readers.

Because first impression is the last impression.

You may not put your thoughts as it is that’s on your mind. But you can always take your writing skills to the next level by analyzing and practicing.

Over to you

Any extra tips would you like to add?


  1. Reply

    I agree. Prioritizing time is so important. It is easy to get distracted from your work. I’m going to check out Focus Booster. I never heard of it before. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Reply

    Brilliant tips from top to bottom, Rahul! I hadn’t actually ever heard of ZenWriter – it sounds very, very cool – so you’ve certainly given me a thing or two to think about! Thanks, buddy!

  3. Nawaz


    Yes I agree that blogging is the name of consistency and frequency and search engines awards ranking on consistency and frequency.

  4. Sahl Ahmed


    Avoiding social media is a very good point.avoid facebook especially, firstly friends and now with all the funny pages and meme’s its ever harder to leave facebook.

  5. Jason Mathes


    I seem to get my best articles out when I’m under pressure to do so. But for me besides a very tight schedule is actually cutting an article down to a more manageable size!

    If I could learn to beore efficient in my writing style I would be better off lol.

    Great article and got me thinking…thanks!

  6. Ehsan


    Hi Rahul,

    I spend most of my time on my blog when I come online. I don’t spend much time on Facebook because I want to make my own blog a social networking blog.

    We should do guest Blogging for other blogs in order to be everywhere instead of wasting time on forums and other social media.

  7. Sally Brown


    Love the post. I like the Zen writer. I think this may help with my focus. Thanks for sharing. Sally

  8. Reply

    The best tips ever. Be everywhere is a good tip. Being everywhere means that people will see you all over the place and will eventually kind off get to know you. You can build relationships over the net this way.

    • Rahul kuntala


      Thanks for the appreciation. BTW everyone else is talking about the same point 😉

  9. Raheel Mushtaq


    being everywhere is one of the most difficult task as you have to comment, guest post, participate in forums, which is very time consuming ..! nice post overall..!! Finding topics to post is also the major thing which can affect your blog ..1

    • Rahul kuntala


      Definitely it’s not a simple task. And that’s the best part you can do to get more exposure.

      Thanks for stopping by Mushtaq 🙂

      • Raheel Mushtaq


        Yes, i am currently doing a job as SEO but still i find my time to make some social presence so its not that someone doing a job should stick to being hidden. i think that is the most epic fail thing which most of the companies do in making brand its not like old times when only back linking was enough i think that will only further ruin the reputation of the website..!

  10. Reply

    I must say that these are some really awesome tips, Rahul. I’m just happy that you choose my blog to post it on so that others can have these valuable information.

    With blogging I always try my best to make everything come out right. Even though I may be busy most times I have to find time for my blogging and other stuff that will help to boost my blog.

    Writing blog post is something I need to start doing on an everyday basis. I do write posts but I want to be able to write at least 2 posts per day and these tools that you have mentioned in this post I think will help me to do so.

    You also spoke about traffic and monetizing a blog. Your points are true. It’s best to focus on building content and then try to pull in the traffic and money later.

    Nice article, Rahul. Keep up the good work and thanks again.

    Kharim Tomlinson

    • Rahul Kuntala


      I took some time to produce this article and its a pleasure for me to write for your blog. I’m looking forward to contribute more great stuff here.

      And thanks for the appreciation. I’m glad that you like my work!

  11. Reply

    Whenever I sit down to write a post I take around 2-3 hours to complete one. The distractions are all around – Facebook, Twitter being the biggest.
    I didn’t knew about the 3 tools you mentioned. I will surely give it a try. Let’s see if my productivity increases or not …..

    Anyway, thanks for an informative article.

    • Rahul Kuntala


      Try those 3 tools. They really worth using while writing. I’m sure you love them too Arbaz 🙂

      • Lisa


        I think that if you have more visitor weblog owners who can create quality content for your site, then everyday publishing is also appear sensible. The same case will be used to group weblogs too…Thanks for the sharing..

  12. khaja moin


    3 point – Be everywhere
    I agree with Rahul on this, this doesn`t mean that being on every site

    • Rahul Kuntala


      It’s essential to create a impact on our surroundings to be everywhere. Because blogosphere was built on the concept of win/win approach!

  13. Aasma


    Important points to consider if you’re looking to become a successful blogger. You have to be consistent with your blogging activity, focus on learning new things and start implementing it instantly.

    • Rahul Kuntala


      Yes, you are right Aasma. Without implementation we can’t get desired results.

  14. Amrik


    You have to be consistent and persistent to succeed online. However I don’t think it is about the quantity of the posts rather than the quality and the value of the information presented.

    Still if you can do a lot of good / great posts it will be even better, don’t you agree?

    • Rahul Kuntala


      That’s certainly true. If you have more guest bloggers who can write quality content for your blog, then daily posting is also make sense. The same case will be applied to team blogs too. And consistency is the key to succeed!

  15. Hendarto


    nice tips !! Sometimes I got my self become bored when I spent my time at least 2-3 hours everyday but I try to keep consistent and discipline on this regular work as I really want my blog looks like a professional blog. It’s hard but I got a fruitful result at the end.

    • Rahul Kuntala


      If you can spend 2 to 3 hours consistently, then I must say you’re doing well Hendarto. Hard work gives ripe fruits(but at the end of consistent effort!).

    • Ivin


      Hello Hendarto, I liked the resources here and because I also have a problem with consistency and discipline, I’m downloading the FocusBooster as we speak.

      Rahul, I think l;earn and teach is a very important point. But this will only benefit you when you have a your own audience. Don’t you think?

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