Bloggers need to have good in health as they work for a variety of reasons. This is because most bloggers spend the entire day in front of the computer with minimal physical activity. Some people may find themselves having to enroll in a weight loss program due to the amount of weight they have gained because of lack of a proper diet and exercise.

There are several benefits associated with balancing profession and health.

[box type=”gray”]It Gives Blogger The Morale To Work[/box]

When bloggers maintain good health, they become more confident and do not have to skip work because they are sick all the time. The good thing is that bloggers can now enroll in weight loss programs even if they feel that their current line of work demand that they work over time.

For instance, there is the Weight Watchers weight loss plan that is flexible enough to allow those who are enrolled to access it at the time they feel it is convenient. Moreover, if you are unable to reach the fitness marks set by you, go for top-notch training tools like TRX Trainer. It will give you the freedom to direct your fitness the way you want.

[box type=”yellow”]Increase Blogger Productivity[/box]

When you maintain good health, you remain active and energetic. Therefore, you are able to do some more blogging without feeling lethargic or drained. In addition, your mind becomes more alert and you are able to think more. Bloggers do not have to worry any more about counting the amount of calories that they have consumed in order to ensure that they have eaten the right amount of calories. With programs Weight Watchers, you can get your food delivered at your doorstep. This is a program that specializes in delivering gourmet food that has low calories.

In addition, the food is tasty and well balanced. This is unlike the food delivered by some of the other weight loss programs which is flat and tasteless. Bloggers can therefore continue blogging and enjoying low calorie meals.

[box type=”green”]Increases Blogger Emotional Balance and Mental Well Being[/box]

Maintaining good health does not just apply maintaining physical fitness. Your mental health also matters. When you have no stress, you are likely to concentrate more on your work and become more productive. Blogging requires you to have minimal stress so that you can get creative and attract more people to read your blog.

[box type=”blue”]A Healthy body is More Attractive – Every Blogger Should Mind[/box]

Indeed a person with a healthy body feels more confident and is more attractive. A healthy body comes from eating the right foods and doing regular exercises. There are foods which are good for your skin and for your hair. Doing regular exercises also improves your blood pressure and makes your skin glow and gives your hair its natural shine.

This will enable the bloggers to feel and look good as they go about their jobs. With so many diet plans out there, bloggers may need to find out which one suit them best. For instance there are various diet programs online, which are favorable for many people. If you want to save on costs, you can subscribe to get a coupon code and you will be able to enjoy great benefits from these programs.

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  1. Jamy


    Well its always important to stay active in all kind of work you are doing and for bloggers as they have to write they should keep them self active with good health as if your health is good your mind and heart works fine and you can write best you can think.

  2. Reply

    This is what the main problem for bloggers is most of the bloggers can’t balance their health. The thing they stick to the computer and internet for the whole day they can’t realize that it can be very harm to their health.

    thanks for the tips

  3. Amy


    Great article. Health is very important. If you not feel good you can not do your work well. Always try to maintain your health.

  4. john


    Health is wealth guys,., nice article. Balance is the key to success and as a precursor in the attainment of subjective well being. Good Job fellows.

  5. Amrik


    Great article. I start my work at 1pm till night.. Iā€™m working from home but still I get a break late in the afternoon to exercise and helps me rest my mind for awhile and go back to work again..

  6. Michael Chibuzor


    You’ve made a great point friend. Our health as bloggers is paramount. It’s not just about writing, making money and connecting with other people, we need to monitor our health. Thank you!

  7. Reply

    I am always an active person and that’s enough exercise for me as a blogger.

    I also work out at times when I am in the mood, I take long walks at times on Sundays and also have a healthy diet.

    Thanks for these reminders, Irfan.

    • Irfan Siddiqui


      Aha! I should have thank you for allowing me to showcase my article here on your blog. People should not just go after money they should know how to balance both money and health. And that’s all I’m willing to express in my articles, these days!

      You look quite fit, kharim. Don’t to worry, this much exercise will help you live long. Take care man!

  8. Gary Trotter


    I think this is spot on. I find that when I am exercising regularly I am definately more “switched on” and productive. In times when I am struggling to find the time to exercise (or I am just being plain lazy) then my work life is less productive. I think you need to get your body in shape as this gives you more energy for work and your brain definately functions better!

    • Irfan Siddiqui


      Exactly! What I’m trying to explain here. You stole my words, Gary.

      Exercising doesn’t only gives you a fit body but also gives you a fresh & fit mind which not only help you maintain productively but also gives you a fresh start.

  9. Reply

    Good points! No matter how loaded we are with work, we should not set aside our priorities in maintaining the betterment of our well being.

    • Irfan Siddiqui


      Compromising in health is not something one should do with, rather he should more towards his health than wealth. Thank you James for your comment.

  10. Dennis



    Great writing comes from great inspiration. In addition to taking exercises, bloggers should take time out and interact with nature.

    Taking quality time to visit new places and meet people works for me. Am guilty though of not doing exercises and watching my food šŸ™‚

    • Irfan Siddiqui



      Really feeling bad for you buddy! I think you should have drop your regular watch on food and get yourself some exercise stuff which will help you maintain fit.

      Fit doesn’t only go with body it also come up with fresh mind!

  11. Ajraf


    A proverb goes: “A sound mind belongs to a sound body”. And for bloggers, mind is the main capital. So, sound health is a matter of concern. Specially gaining Weight. Once I read for such bloggers who are spending most time in front of computer should have a walk after every fifty minutes and should drink a lots of water.

  12. Samuel


    Right man, I agree. Always try to get some sort of exercise in in order to get a full functioning brain.

    A sense of well-being is often occupied with the exercise, which can lead to more productivity.

    • Reply

      Every week I like to do some exercise, just to keep healthy and prevent being fat. I always use that time to brainstorm ideas and think about how and what I need to do later that day.

    • Rahul kuntala


      Every morning when I getup I prefer running. It burns out my calories. After all we are bloggers who works for longer hours in front of computer everyday.

      So exercise must be a routine specially for the bloggers. This can make us to work more productively.

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