Forums are great place to hang out online and participate in discussions online with other members of that forum. A forum can be classed as an online community where people go to have discussions on a particular topic. People also join forums to share their knowledge and also to gain more knowledge about something that you wanted to know about.

Before I started blogging, I used to participate in forum discussions on some top forums online. I met some great webmasters, bloggers and also some newbies as well. I even owned a small webmaster forum once, but of course that was before I discovered my true passion in blogging.

If you are a blogger then forums can be a start to your successful blogging career.

I recently started forum posting again and it has helped my blog in more than one ways.

Here are my 5 reasons why you should be active on forums if you are a blogger.

[box type=”red”]Forums Boosts Your Ideas[/box]

Blogging is about writing and for you to write then that means you have to have an idea about what you are going to write. This is where your ideas will have to flow if you want to write a great blog post.

Using forums to boost your blogging ideas, this is one of the main reasons why forums play a big part in your blogging career. Getting ideas for your next blog post is like almost completing half of the post. Coming up with ideas to write/blog about can be quite challenging at times. But once you start to use forums located in your niche then this make is easier.

All you need to do is browse through categories of interest and see what problems the members are having. After that you can do some research so that you can come up with your next blog post.

[box type=”yellow”]Targeted Traffic Can Come From Forums[/box]

After coming up with your idea for your next blog post (as mentioned in the point above) you can now get traffic from the forum to your new blog post. If you are a member of that forum for a good while and also an active member then this makes it even easier for you to get traffic to your blog.

Take for example: a new forum member wants to boost their new blog, what you can do is to tell this newbie that you are going to write a blog post specially for him/her about boosting their new blog from the very first day that they created it. This person will be very excited and appreciate the time that you would have take in creating that post to help their situation.

This will be targeted traffic back to your blog because you are targeting a persons problem and this is what every successful blog needs. TARGETED TRAFFIC!

[box type=”green”]Forums Helps To Make Sales[/box]

make money with forumsSo now you know how to come up with blogging ideas and also know how to get some targeted traffic to your blog, its time to turn that targeted traffic into money.

This is one of the most simple process to making money with your blog. Once you have built up your blog traffic, lets say to 500 daily visitors then marketing can be the easiest thing you have ever done to make money online.

You will have to find products that your visitors are interested in. On forums, people are always looking for tools, ebooks, products or even services that will make their site successful. As mentioned in the point above about getting targeted traffic to your blog, you can get traffic to your blog and make money if a forum member wants to find out about a product. What you can do is research about that product, or if you already have the product using then you could write a review about it, inform this forum member and leave your affiliate links in the article back to the product.

Forum members often look for services to help make their blog better. Why not offer your services for a price? I have done this and it has helped me to make money in the past and it still is up to this very day.

[box type=”gray”]Use Forums To Build Your Backlinks[/box]

Most forums allow you to leave links in your signature back to your blog. This can be great for getting traffic back to your blog and most importantly, backlinks.

We all realize the changes that Google has been constantly making in order to provide search engine users with the best search results’ backlinks are still important when it comes to ranking in search engine results. The more backlinks that you have pointing back to your blog then the better your traffic will be.

This calls for your activity on forums. You have to be a guru poster if you want to build up backlinks for your blog. As I said, the more backlinks then the better your blog traffic will be.

[box type=”blue”]Use Forums To Relax And Rest Your Mind[/box]

At times bloggers may go through a phase called the blogger burnout. This is a phase where a blogger’s passion for blogging may die out, for just a little while.

During blogger burnout your thinking ability for blogging is weak. You have no idea as to what you should blog about next. You fail to make blog comments or publish a new post. You may not even visit your very own blog for a few days.

The worst part about it is that you may not recover from such burnout and stop blogging.

Forums can help you to recover from this blogger burnout. You can visit forums to meet new members, visit their blog and also find guest bloggers during this burnout. All you need to do is relax your mind so that you can find that longing for blogging again. Visit other members site so that you can be enthused to start working on your blog again.

[box]What’s Your Take About Forums[/box]

  • I would like to know what is your purpose for using forums?


  1. yadav bharath


    I am so glad to have a chance to read your wonderful article. I am looking forward to read more of your works and posts.You’ve got a new fan here, keep it going :)Your blog is awesome, thanks so much and keep up the great work!

  2. Ravi budhwar


    Yes activity on the forums always helps you a lot and specially in getting the advertisement for your blogs.

  3. Ralph


    I’ve always used forums to help spark my creativity when it comes to writing on a new topic, Kharim.

    Everyone knows the benefits of promoting via forums but it’s awesome to see that you’ve also highlighted the value that they offer just in terms of chatting with other, like-minded people.

    There’s been many times now where I’ve broken through writers block, simply by asking my fellow forum posters for their thoughts/opinions on a particular issue.

    • Reply

      Hey Ralph,

      Yep forums are a great place for every blogger. Just find a forum in your niche and then it can be smooth sailing from there.

      I was thinking of starting a forum where bloggers can share thoughts and ideas.

      I may launch it for next year.

      Thanks for the comment.

  4. Nwosu Desmond


    I totally agree with you especially in the building backlinks with forum, forums provide us with easy way of building backlinks and our interactivity with other like minds help us develop even faster. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Navjot


    I agree with you. Forums helps you in boosting your traffic. But at the same time if they found out you are trying to spam , they will kick you out permanently.

    Do things right at the first chance itself.

    • Reply

      Hey Navjot,

      You are right. Don’t try to spam in forums. You will set a very bad reputation and you won’t get any traffic.

      Thanks for the point that you made in your comment.

  6. Nawaz


    Off course forums are multi purpose places that can help in increasing your sales as well as to enlist your site in organic searches.

  7. Lucy Powers


    I had my blogger burnout moment, until I joined the community and forum at and this was the turning point for me and my blog

  8. Musthafa Ullal


    Oh.. This is why Forums are filled by active users, who actively contribute to any kind of forum posts and help each other. I also need to start posting on forums in positive way, so that I will get some visitors, then I can convert them to my readers.

  9. Chadrack


    Forums truly can help with idea generation. However, from my experience, forums are not very great in generating traffic. To use forums for traffic you may need to employ some uncanny tactics that will some how pull the forum members to your site.

    • Reply

      Hey Chadrack,

      You are so right. I often browse forums every now and then and this is how I come up with awesome blog post ideas. This also helps my thoughts to flow while writing as well.

      Well if you are an active member of a forum and you are helpful on the forum, then yes it can pull lots of targeted traffic back to your blog.

      On the other hand, if its a forum that is over crowded then you may not get traffic because of the amount of other topics being posted on the forum, your post might get lost. So I guess it depends on the niche of the forum and how it is set up as well.

      Thanks for the comment.

      • Chadrack


        I agree on the point of over-crowding. Besides, most times there are already some form of concentration around some individuals that if you’re just coming in, it will take some a real battle for the members to notice you!

  10. Raaj Trambadia


    Hey Kharim. Nice post. Had a question – Is it a must to join a forum of the same niche you’re in? I mean, apart from Blogging, I love music and gaming. So would it be relevant if I start putting my links in the signature there?

    • Reply

      Well when your links are placed on any forums in any niche then it still helps in building backlinks. But using signatures on related forums will help you to get more traffic to your blog.

  11. Reply

    Are there particular forums you would recommend? I have not been on many through the years.

  12. Corky Swanson


    Forums are great for a couple of reasons. One, they typically have good page ranks and two, people on forums tend to be active commenters, looking for information and ways to share their opinions. If you can tap the interests of forums with your blog content, that’s a bonus.

    • Reply

      You are right, and this is the reason why forums play an important part in getting free and targeted traffic to your blog.

  13. Isabel


    Forums are handy to get the much needed publicity for your blog. I also enjoy forums as I get to learn a lot of things from my related audience.

  14. Arielle S.


    Hi Kharim, really interesting post on Forums. Now I’ve always been aware that forums are a great way to build backlinks and getting your blog exposed to a large audience, build your reputation and whatnot, but I never got around to try it out. Reason being, is that forums are kind of intimidating to me for a few reasons ((Like for one, the fear of not being noticed by other members)) However after reading your article I’m seriously thinking of just giving it a shot and see what goes from there 🙂 Thanks for sharing this!

    • Reply

      You just have to be active, friendly and helpful in whatever forum that you are a member of. This is the only way that you will benefit from it.

      Thanks for the comment as well.

  15. Swet


    Hey, thanks for sharing this. Forum Posting are really very effective method for increasing traffic an backlinks. Using your link with signature in Forum can give your site Quality Backlinks, Improving Popularity and overall search engine ranking of your website. When the search engine crawls the Forum, your signature links will be detected and will provide you with more backlinks within very short periodof time. But make Quality posts on Forum , not post just to get your signature link shown.

    • Reply

      Great way of summing up the importance of forum signatures and how search engines pick it up, Swet.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

  16. Aasma


    Forum is certainly a great place to know about the new update about your industry, you can come to know about the issues that people are facing, and you can write a solution post on your blog to attract more relevant traffic.

    • Reply

      This is what my post is exactly about. Forums are great for bloggers when you can write articles to help solve problems that people are having. This can in-turn help to generate some money from our blog.

      Thanks for the comment Aasma

  17. Pulkit


    Thanks for sharing. Before reading your blog I used to think that forum discussion is not useful but after reading that i though I should go for forum posting from now. Again thanks:-)

  18. janmejaya


    Yes Kharim i agree with you if someone interested to increase her blog traffic in a rapid manner then needed online forum for getting high traffic.

    • Reply

      Yep that is so true. This is one great path of reaching success as a blogger, by using forums.

      Thanks for your comment.

  19. Sally Brown



    I love this post, and you have given me an idea. I going to do some studying about forums and find out more information about it. Sally

    • Reply

      Well when you have done your research please let me know what you have come up with and share it with us.

      Thanks for the comment, Sally.

  20. Hendarto


    I’m active on forum is just to keep my self always ‘stay tune’ on info sharing, getting some nice tips comes from another blogger and also for online relationship. Its really bring a positive advantage for for being active on forums.

    • Reply

      Its all about networking with forum members. That can help to boost your blog traffic a lot.

      Thanks for the input.

  21. Derek


    Can you please list out a few forums that can help
    Blogging Niche

  22. Reply

    Great Post Kharim.
    I have signed up to many forums but am not using it at all. Now after reading your post, I think I was making a great mistake. I should probably start using forums.


    P.S. :- Can you suggest some great forums ??

    • Reply

      You should use forums man. It’s great for building up your backlinks on your blog and this is what search engines want to see in order for you to rank well for keywords that you use on your blog.

      You can use WebSiteBabble WebMaster Forums thats where I started.

      Thanks for the comment.

  23. Reply

    Forum is discussion website about any topic. There are many people have some questions or some topic on which they require to get reviews. Forum is the best way to share own opinion, questions and answers. Nowadays, many people use forum as link building service because it provides benefit of website linking with discussion topics and reviews. Thanks for sharing different reasons for using forum.

  24. avnish gautam


    I think the above post is very useful for those bloggers, who own the blogs and want to get good traffic on their blogs.

  25. Amy


    Forums are good for blogs. We can get traffic to our blog from forums. Forums are good for discussion on different topics.

  26. Rahul kuntala


    Forums can boost our online reputation. Better way to build connection with like minded people.
    Forums are the best ways to get more blog post ideas.
    BTW I’ve found you first on BBT blog (guest post). I commented there. I came across to your article through BlogEngage forum.

    So, forums can help to find best blogging buddies like you 🙂

    • Reply

      Thanks pal for visiting my blog after finding me on other sites and forums.

      That goes to show that forums does work. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment as well.

  27. Kate


    Using forum site is a great advantage for you to gain reputation in one site, you can have additional knowledge that you can use and share knowledge for others.

    • Reply

      You are right Kate. Its a great thing when you use forums to expand and gain more knowledge.

      Thanks for your comment.

      • Kate


        Thanks for your reply Kharim, for example we are using forum site just to post your link , I mean black hat SEO, is it good? or bad?I am really curious about this.

  28. Julie


    These are all so true! I am on a few different forums and find it a fun way to drive traffic to my site. I only really stay on a forum if I find it interesting in the first place.

    • Reply

      I have gained lots of traffic from forums especially when you engage in discussions which you have helped out in a great way.

      Thanks for the comment Julie.

  29. Kristi Hines


    It’s been so long since I’ve been active on a forum, but I do admit that when I was, I received a lot of great traffic. Maybe it’s time to start again! 🙂

    • Reply

      Hello Kristi Hines, aka Kikolani, 😀 Its a pleasure seeing you here leaving a comment on my blog.

      Even though your blog is going great, forums still can play a part in getting more traffic to your blog. I think you should use Website Babble and share your knowledge.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment 🙂 It was well appreciated.

  30. Jon


    I totally agree, being active on at least one forum is such a great idea for webmasters. Great post.

  31. Ehsan


    I’m active on online forums in my niche since 2 years. I agree with all the points you said in this post Kharim. I usually go to forums to get relax and fresh my mind by asking and answering interesting thoughts.

    Another reason I love forums is that it increases my knowledge about everything like Blogging, internet marketing and social media etc.

    Thanks for your post about forums. Have a nice day Kharim.

    • Reply

      I have learned a lot like you about blogging, some codings and also marketing online.

      Thanks for your input as well Ehsan.

  32. Nandita B


    Hi Kharim,

    Lots of bloggers don’t know the benefits of joining and being active in forums. Even I was also not aware about so many +Points of Forum.

    Thanks for the great info 🙂

    • Reply

      You are welcome Nandita. You should get active and if possible, stay active. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  33. Hendarto


    All that reasons are very logic and make sense refer to basic SEO method and I think all the bloggers should be active on forum. Thanks for the nice post.

  34. nuwan


    oh what a article,,,,very useful information for me.iam blogger since 2009.i love blogging.this is my first visit. thanks.

  35. Reply

    Forum are very beneficial for blog.we get more traffic from forum.I like the post which your are discuss in this post.I appreciate your work.

    • Reply

      Being active on a forum is a good method.

      But if the forum you are participating is very active its hard to be “noticed” don’t get me wrong its can generate a lot of traffic for you. But those sort of results will depend on how long you have been their for and if people regard you highly in your niche.

      • Reply

        Hey Simmeon, you are right on that point. If you participate in a forum that has thousands of members and most of them are online then chances are you won’t get noticed, unless your post goes viral on that forum.

        You have to create topics that will catch the members eyes and wet their appetite into want to know more.

        This is the same thing for blogging. You have to write great blog post headlines to get more reader on that article.

        Thanks for the comment.

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