What is blogger burnout?

Blogger burnout is a term that I would refer to as having lost of interest in blogging, or in other words you are all blogged out.

This is a phase that blogger go through when they have nothing to blog about or as I mentioned above, lost of interest.

In this post I will highlight some of the symptoms of blogger burnout, how to avoid it and how to recover from it.

Symptoms Of Blogger Burnout

With every illness there are signs and symptoms, and the same goes for blogger burnout. If you have any of these symptoms below, then you might be suffering from this burnout.

You haven’t posted in a couple of weeks – This is the first sign of your burnout. If you are not posting frequently then your readers will leave your blog, you have to keep them up to dated with new articles on a regular basis. You would normally post 4 times per week, then you go down to 2, then 1 post per week and before you know it a week has passed and you have not posted anything.

You’re all out of ideas – This one might be over looked but it shouldn’t. You know you have lost ideas when you have nothing to write about. Your creative juices has stopped flowing and when you start to write a new blog post, you run out of ideas and then you trash that blog post.

When blogging seems like a chore – If you think of blogging as a chore then you are way over board. You have to be passionate about blogging and have fun while doing it. This way blogging will seems like a day at the park having fun and eating ice cream.

How To Avoid Blogger Burnout

Ask For Help – People are afraid to ask for help. Why? I don’t know.

Ask for help as in ask other bloggers to guest post on your blog. My first 2 guest posts that I got, I ask other bloggers to guest post on my blog and this was no hard task. I am even going to do it right now, If you would like to guest post for me – click here.

Take A Break – Sometimes it’s best to take a break away from your blog to get your mind at ease. If you are always trying to find something to do about blogging then one day you will be burnt out.

Visit other blogs, make comments, participate in other non blogging activities and have fun.

How To Recover From Blogger Burnout

I have a previous post already, so you can read it. These tips will help you recover from this burnout.
Tips to do when you are not blogging.

I am pretty sure that every blogger isn’t constantly blogging. Bloggers must take time away from his/her blog to avoid the blogger burnout syndrome.

If you are always blogging then one day you will burnout and have little or nothing to write about. Also if you blog everyday then your readers don’t have time to read your blog posts because you have flooded their inbox or rss reader with tons of posts and they don’t have the time to put the information to use that you have written in the blog post.

To avoid this you have to blog less and take the time out from blog… Continue reading this post…

Group Discussion

  • Have you ever suffered from a blogger burnout?
  • What steps did you take to recover?

    1. Rahul kuntala


      Frequently. When I don’t feel like blogging(writing) I’ll be playing PC games or reading something.

      To get over this problem I usually SLEEP! Strange right? I sleep for long hours then I realize that I’m doing wrong immediately when I open my eyes.

      When I’m completely out of ideas, I use my Google reader to get ideas.

    2. Mani Viswanathan


      Not blogging for more than 2 weeks is just killing the whole effort you made during the past months. It’s more than a burnout. I’ve faced almost a similar situation (not two weeks, but a week of no or less blogging) due to coll. assignments, sems and my client work. It’s hard to manage all at the same time & that is where Time management plays it’s part.

      • Reply

        Thats true. I haven’t had any major burn outs, I try to keep active by visiting other blogs and making comments. Also stepping away from the computer can help against burn out. Thanks for the comment.

        Please I am also asking you to make one more comment on my other article:
        5 Important Questions Every Blogger Should Be Asking Themselves

    3. Ary


      I personally haven’t met the blogger burnout symptom , but if I’ll ever meet it I know where to find this block, aka bookmarked.
      I also believe that having a burnout at the start, let’s say in the first month is really bad, because there’s the chance that no one would like to quest post? With the break, you’ll do it for sure. You don’t know what to write, so most likely you won’t write anything, the bad part is that you think about it all day and that’s why somehow doesn’t seem like a break anymore,

    4. Reply

      Gosh. To be honest, I got experienced of facing this burnout. And I even can’t update my blog for few weeks! Fortunately I got the motivation to get back to blogging – until today.

      Taking a break is a nice step and it gives you some relaxing times to get yourself back to blogging.

    5. Daniel Sharkov


      In my opinion the biggest mistake bloggers are making is that they are taking blogging as some kind of a business. As I see things it is better writing and posting for fun instead, because when something turns into a routine or a job, staying motivated becomes close to impossible. On the other hand, one really needs to be passionate for what he’s writing about. Otherwise getting low on ideas is sure to happen.

    6. Reply

      It happened to me too a few weeks ago, then i keep posting contents and i notice more contents i have, more visitors i get. This indeed encourage me more to love my blog more than ever. Thanks for pointing it out!

    7. Anne Moss


      Burnout is a very real problem. I go through these phases every now and again. Fortunately, I can afford to take these breaks, as the revenue stream from over a decade’s worth of work is stable enough.

    8. Reply

      Totally agree with this post. Sometimes, taking a breather or maybe getting a full time job will prevent the blogging burnout. Since I have an constantly earning blog, I can’t get away from it even if I have a full-time job on the side. But blogging has indeed open doors for me on the new career I have.

    9. Murlu


      Blogger burnout can really get to you; I think the main reason is simply because many people don’t see the success they are looking for so they begin to doubt their blog and potential.

      Ideas are easy to come by especially when just randomly browsing the web but yeah, the real culprit comes because you’re putting in so many hours only to see little result.

      The key is to simply stick with it, once you start to ramp up, you’re going to get inspired and dive in even more.

    10. Valentine Belonwu


      Hi Kharim,
      Nice article you have here and i will apply some of the tips you mentioned here maybe guest posting too,

      Thanks for sharing..

    11. Eric


      I had this not long ago and recovered by sitting down and forcing myself to read a few blogs and then make some plans on paper and it actually worked its magic a bit.

      Good tips here and guest posting is certainly one great route to go… After all, who isn’t willing to guest post and have a chance for a whole new audience? 🙂

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