What to do when you are not blogging?

I am pretty sure that every blogger isn’t constantly blogging. Bloggers must take time away from his/her blog to avoid the blogger burnout syndrome.

If you are always blogging then one day you will burnout and have little or nothing to write about. Also if you blog everyday then your readers don’t have time to read your blog posts because you have flooded their inbox or rss reader with tons of posts and they don’t have the time to put the information to use that you have written in the blog post.

To avoid this you have to blog less and take the time out from blogging, do some other activities. There are lots of things you can do when you are not blogging. I am going to share a few things that I do when I am not writing blog posts.


I find this really interesting because I see a lot of bloggers not socializing with other bloggers and their readers. Socializing is the key to building a powerful blogging community.

I use Twitter like everyday and I love socializing with other bloggers, my followers and my blog commentators. I used to tweet my blog post links and hope to get some visitors. This got some visitors to my blog, but now that I am socializing with other bloggers and some other friends, I now realize my traffic has increased.

So Twitter in not all about promotion but communicating and socializing.


Travelling can be a great activity to participate in when you are not blogging especially to other blogs. Visiting other blogs can boost your thinking ability to come up with new blog posts.

When you recieve comments on your blog and the commentators use the Comment Luv, visit their blog and leave a few comments as well. This will show and prove that you are a friendly blogger.

You can also travel to other blogs and check out their archives to view the older blog posts and this will also help you to come up with new blog posts. This has worked for me in a great way.


Reading can help to improve not just your vocabulary but also help you to develop good writing technique.

In one of my previous post I mentioned how reading different articles from different authors can help you develop good writing technique. Articles such as magazines, comics, newspaper and other blogs. Click here to read this wonderful article.


Another way to improve your blogging skills when you are not blogging is to listen. Listen to talk shows or interviews so you can conduct interviews of your very own.

I like to listen to music and sometimes sing along to my favorite songs. Music relaxes the mind and there is nothing better than a blogger with a well relaxed mind. This is why my blogging is so great.


To avoid the blogger burnout you need to rest. Turn off the computer and go outside. Play a game, watch the television.

I was watching the television the other day and the program that I was watching helped me to come up with a great blog post and I contributed the article as a guest post. Read it here.

Take a nap and give your mind some time to heal from blogging.

I find that when I take a nap or a long sleep I wake up to a well refreshed mind and my thinking ability is now ready to work.

Group Discussion

Share with us, what do you do when you are not blogging.


  1. Reply

    Well when i’ll be doing some freelance work for new bloggers when i was not blogging. However its be habituated to read all the favorite blogs and ebook in free time.


  2. Ary


    I found the travelling one quite interesting, because I seriously though of travelling to another place. Blogs indeed inspire you, I just hope it doesn’t inspire someone in a copyrighting mood. So that’s why travelling somewhere else, abroad and so might help, I always get writing ideas when I go somewhere on a journey. I’ll even go today, to a castle if I understood right, just because it will only be for a day, so it won’t hurt my blog. Sadly I even lost 2 weeks to UK… because I thought that a 2 weeks break from my blog is too much, even though you can schedule post, you need to do some socializing too.

  3. Reply

    yes, you are correct… keep doing that thing again and again makes it less important sometimes, i guess i am suffering from “blogger burnout”.. from last 1 year so so… gets little time for myself due to job and all that… but soon i am going to start posting again…

  4. ron


    I agree with you I did a article just like this a while back and what you have listed above is very helpful . Keep up the good work bro . :mrgreen:

  5. Reply

    Thanks Kharim for sharing this post to everyone. I think what i used to do when am not bloggling is to read some Ebooks, then spent time with my son lol..then hang around with some of my friends to enable me relax and relax my brain too. 😉

  6. Luqman


    Some bloggers don’t believe that you have you give your reader time to read, put the information and what they have learn from into test. I used to blog 3 times in a week if I have the time on my side, if not is twice or once in a week.

  7. Jay


    Thanks for the post. I find listening to relaxing music or going out for a wee walk as a good distraction from blogging.

  8. Julius Kuhn-Regnier


    Great article man. I agree with all of your points. I particularly like to read and travel while I am not blogging. Keep it up 😉

  9. Joe Boyle


    When I am not bloggin, I am often found with friends. They end up giving me inspiration, too. So, I get to have some fun and get ideas!

    Great post, Kharim. Rock on!

  10. Reply

    I am mostly with family and still learning how to devide times for blogging and for family. But of course family is number one! 😀

  11. Melody


    I certainly agree about traveling. I know that moving from where I was, was not only the best for me, but the best for my blog.

  12. mk akan


    what i do i read most of the times that i am not blogging…blogging can be time consuming we all need to rest …

    • Reply

      Thanks for the comment MK AKan… I like to read as well because it helps me to come up with new blog topics and enhance my writing technique

  13. Reply

    Yep, we can’t be blogging all the time as we also need the time to do other activities.

    I do quite same as you listed above when I’m not blogging and in addition to that – I love sports; football, ping pong and etc just to let out the sweats.

    The other thing that we can do is chit chat with friends or family. I found this can release the pressure from doing works and blogging and sometimes give extra opinions for future use 😛

    • Reply

      Thanks for your comment Nasrul Hanis. I love playing online games as well but I have not played in a while because it takes away too much of my time from blogging and other stuff

  14. Dee's Concerts and Events


    I hardly wouldn’t know what to do with time off because all I do is work on my site and you’re right.. burn out is happening.. It’s just that I’m on a roll where everything is starting to happen and don’t want to lose the momentum. I think another month or two and I can relax.

    Then I’m coming out to lay in the sun in beautiful Jamaca! LOL I LOVE that place. 🙂

    • Reply

      Thanks for the comment Dee. Take some time and rest hun 🙂

      Well if you ever come to Jamaica you hit me up cause that’s where I live 😀

  15. Onibalusi Bamidele


    This is really a great post and I would like all bloggers to read it.

    I discover the problem is with most new bloggers, they are too addicted to their blog and they never want to do anything outside their blog, little did they know this is killing their productivity.

    Thanks a lot for the great post,

    • Reply

      lol Thanks for the comment Onibalusi… That is so true… They think they have to be blogging everyday and on the blogging habitually. It’s good to be blogging because I do it, you do it and millions of people do it but you have to know when to rest.

      I rest a lot. I spend about 3 hours or less per day on my blog. I am mostly online tweeting or blog commenting. I like to sleep as well to rest my mind.

      I don’t want to have the blogger burn out…. Thanks for the comment bro 🙂

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