[box type=”blue”]Let’s Start Diamond Hunting![/box]

Grab your lunchbox and a pair of slacks, we’re going hunting for diamonds (not real ones, I’ve lost my pick axe) but the diamonds that when we find them, will allow us to become socially and even financially richer.

Many would agree that the most effective method of building a new relationship with someone is by “giving”. Now this could include a wide range of things from leaving a comment on a blog, tweeting a post, becoming an active member and a hundred other things inbetween.

[box type=”blue”]How To Build Stronger Relationships[/box]

What’s this all about? well the foundation of relationship building should be localised around helping others around you. Depending on your personal skill set you can volunteer you’re services or assistance to a fellow blogger you feel may benefit from your help.

But what exactly could that be? each week I personally visit a large amount of new blogs, on a daily basis I notice opportunities that could help me start building a new relationship with the blog owner.

I might notice that the graphic they are using to promote their own product isn’t very eye catching or visually inviting as a potential prospect. That being said, when making intial contact you need to approach the topic in a friendly non critical way. Let me just say I’m not a professional designer or anything like that – but I’m no rookie either.

Offering assistance to someone else for free is a great relationship builder. Offering them help with no obligations works very well, nothing to loose but everything to gain. The blog owner can gain something for nothing (who doesn’t like that?) the reward is I now have the attention of someone within my niche. The relationship that can be built using this method is worth more than a thousand gold coins.

[box type=”blue”]Relationship Building With No Talents[/box]

Fret not, there is another way. Sometime yesterday I used the same method but applied it in a slightly different way. I stumbled on a blog that was real quality, I left a comment on an interesting social media article. But after clicking back to the homepage and browsing more of the delicious content, my eyes fell victim to a wall of bright blue text – something didn’t feel right.

After taking a closer look, I discovered the blog was linking to a large selection of malicious websites. I was positive the blog owner didn’t know about this problem, so I sent them an email making them aware of what I had found.

It’s difficult to suggest what the outcome will be, but as I start to investigate further I noticed the blog was lying slightly dormant for the most part (what a shame). I’m really not expecting to receive a response from the blog owner, either way you can see the opportunities it can create.

[box type=”blue”]Relationship Building Has No Limits[/box]

As you can see their is no set way of building a new relationship with someone. By viewing all situations with eyes wide open, you will start to see beneficial ways of connecting with people without ever needing to send pesky emails.

As you browse your usual water holes (reading spots) try and capitalise on opportunities that you might have never noticed before. Just remember “The Diamond” is the oppernunity you use to connect with the person, “The Rough” is the environment in which you find them. If you enjoyed this post please show your support by tweeting and leaving a comment on this article.


  1. zourkas



    I love this post and I strongly believe that relashionship is the key for every web business to succeed. People need to trust to someone. People are not robots. People need help. People will pay for solution and of course they will pay you if you show that you are an expert on your fielnd and if they trust you. Do not waste your time on the internet marketing if you cannot make a relastionship with people who want solutions to their problems !!

    Thank you,

    • Reply

      Hi Zourkas,

      I love your comment. At the end of the day we have an infinite amount of people that want to sell us something, but we only have a few people we trust and value the recommendations they make.

      It’s all about the relationship, thanks for posting you rock.

  2. Anton Koekemoer


    I do agree – Positive and contributing engagement is key to building good relationships. And when it comes to giving – there is a proverb that comes to mind; “you have to give a little to receive a little.”

    Business is Business – and if you don’t add or get value its not worth the effort (from a clients point of view) but when it comes to business you have an image that must be maintained.

    • Reply

      Hi Anton,

      That’s why It’s best not to try and make too many connections with people. As you will have weak ones.

  3. Reply

    Well, I really enjoyed this post! As a blogging enthusiast I wanted to read the blogs before I penned something myself. So when I encountered this very experienced blogger on whose blog I left a comment on, I immediately got a mail from her asking if I needed any help on the pending idea of me starting a blog. I too responded instantly and showed her my work that I was paranoid about to show (She was a master, I was fragile thingy in the blogosphere) But to my surprise there was an encouragement and this boosted by confidence level at the same time not to give up on blogging. I found this post relating to my story so thanks a lot!

    • Reply

      Hi, Lakshmi

      I’m happy you can relate to this scenario, as it’s a very friendly, warm way of connecting with new people. Just taking some time out of your day to ask a question or whatever really make a difference. Thanks for leaving a comment.

  4. Amy


    Nice post on how to build good relationship with other bloggers as it is important to create social networking online. If we should respect others and they will automatically respect us.

    • Simmeon


      Hi Amy,

      Respect is a must.
      As the social networks we make, play a key role in who we later attract to our blogs.

  5. Hendarto


    thanks for the good advice on how to maintain a good relationship to other blogger as it is really important to keep our online networking with other blogger to grow up our blog it self. Keep sharing good information’s and always to keep in touch in positive manner with other blogger.

    • Simmeon


      Hi Hendarto,

      Without those vital relationships, we will find it harder to achieve what we need to. Super important point to remember when doing anything, not only in the online world but in daily life.

  6. Adrienne


    Nice post Simmeon and you know I love this topic. One of my favorites.

    That’s a unique way of approaching people but I had a young man approach me in a similar way but his “suggestions” came across rather insulting to me so just tread lightly when offering your opinion on things that happen to do with their blogs. Sometimes without meaning to, others come across the way it was not intended.

    I often see that some things aren’t in place so even in my P.S. I’ll leave my opinion and let them know I’m just trying to help them. 99.9% of the time it’s well received and like you, a new friendship is formed.

    Thanks for sharing these tips with us all. Relationships are so important so I hope everyone will listen to what you have to say here.

    Enjoy your week.


    • Simmeon


      Yup! Adrienne

      Biggest thing to get right – Is how you approach it.
      If executed incorrectly you, may as well call it quits of ever connecting with them. Be concious the intention is not that of a critical one, but a helpful one.

      Thanks for sharing your insight. It’s good to just stress that point.

  7. Ehsan


    Hello Simmeon,
    I’m really happy to see your first guest post on this blog. In this article you have shared the secrets of connecting with other Bloggers and you did it. I was really thinking that you are really doing a great job by letting others know about their problem after receiving your email which you sent to me about the problem of Commentluv.

    Thanks for this post, It really thought me something new today.

    • Simmeon


      It’s REALLY effective.

      Only yesterday I used the same method again to make a new connection with a super cool person. Ehsan, I’m happy you learnt something try and reach out to people from now on – good luck.

  8. Samuel


    Right, and also a way to make a relationship is by getting them to answer a question right from you. That way they feel involved and appreciated.

    A relationship needs to be kept up in order not to get broken up.

    • Reply

      Well said Samuel,

      Just like everything, even relationships require maintenance. If not they soon fade away.

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