Have you ever thought of quitting blogging? Do you think you can never make it as a blogger, or do you think the area is too competitive for you to survive in? There are reasons why you must not quit blogging now or in the future. What you see right now might not be what you dreamt of before you started to blog; but there is need to keep moving on because the future is bright.

There are a lot of bloggers out there who are making it big with their blogs. They are now called probloggers because they earn a living by blogging. They are premium Google Adsense earners; and they also make a hell of money with selling ad spaces, promoting affiliate products or selling their own products on their blogs.

To those probloggers, blogging is a blessing, and as such it should never die or fade. Yet there are those who have been in the blogosphere for more than three to fours years and they have not been able to earn up to $100 in total Google Adsense revenue. How do you tell these people that blogging should never end? They just feel there is no future here.

Why you must not quit blogging

There are more reasons why you must not quit blogging than there are why you should quit. I personally have taken the courage to continue to blog no matter how the situation is right now. I am already seeing positive results with my resolution. My Google Adsense revenue has skyrocketed in the past few weeks, giving me the hope that things are actually fast changing for the best.

So let’s look at some good reasons to continue to blog. Let’s see why your decision to be a blogger was not a wrong one. You shouldn’t quit for the following reasons:

There is a bright future:

Because of the challenges of the present, it might be difficult to see a bright future for blogging. Because the fame has not come, the future might seem bleak; but let me say that there is actually a bright light at the end of the dark tunnel. When I started in 2009, I was hardly a known entity; but today, the story has changed tremendously. A lot of friends, recognition, passive income, have started to trickle in. You have hope of making it. Just don’t give up because winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win.

Life is a journey:

girl using laptopThe journey of life does not start and ends in one day. Life is a gradual process; and you need to take every stage as they come. All the probloggers who earn high revenues with their blogs did not get there in one month, not even in 6 months. It took a gradual process before each of them got to where they are today. If you would learn to be patient and take the same gradual process, you would discover that getting there is not actually as hard as thought.

Life is not a competition. Those who see life as competition easily drop along the way when they can no longer cope with the competition they set for themselves in their minds. But those who have learnt to take one thing at a time soon discover how easy life actually is. So have it at the back of your mind that following a gradual process would soon take you to your blogging destination.

Much Wealth to tap:

There is much wealth to tap from the blogging world; and only those who see this wealth and fathom a way to tap from it would eventually enjoy the milk and honey therein. It would never be fully tapped; there is enough for you and me.

So why quit? If you quit, the untapped resources would be left for the determined bloggers (whether probloggers or newbies). Instead, think of how to make money from blogging and put all ideas that come into your mind to work. Very soon you would come up with something productive that would launch you into unlimited wealth and set you at par with the probloggers.


One other reason you must not quit is because of the fame that blogging brings. If Markus Find, Kato Leonard, Tim Carter, Matthew Daimler, Darren Rowse, John Chow, Linda Ikeji, etc were not into blogger, I doubt if they would have been as popular as they are today. They came into limelight through their blogs. When you come into stardom, money and influence would also follow. So my word for you is “ DON’T EVER QUIT BLOGGING” because there is enough to make you mingle with kings.

Knowledge base:

Blogging provides the tool to broaden your knowledge base. One may not be a professional writer before one starts to blog. One may also not be conversant with so many subjects as a newbie or as an amateur blogger. But one thing is sure – blogging forces you to learn and increase your knowledge base.

In order to provide quality content for your teeming readers, you need to make extensive researches. In the course of this, you end up improving yourself and broadening your knowledge on several subject matters. Need I remind you that a lot of bloggers writing on a particular niche today did not have any knowledge of that niche until they started blogging?


Blogging holds a lot of potentials for every one of us. There is no need to quit because the current situation is tough. If you hold on a little longer, you sure would make it. Think more of the future than of the current dim situation you are faced with. Keep moving along; concentrate on doing what you know best, and very soon the breakthrough shall come and all uncertainties would be gone forever.

Please share your own opinions with us. If there are things I have not mentioned (of course there are many), feel free to share with us. Your contributions are very much welcome.

If you find this article helpful, share it with your friends. Thanks for being a faithful reader of this blog. God bless you pals.


  1. Reply

    We can earn money form blogging that is why we must not quit blogging. Although sometimes it is very discouraging because our page rank does not increase, but then we need to know that in order to be successful in this business, hard work and perseverance is a must. If we also want to earn passive income then we must focus more on blogging.

    • Reply

      Anne, thanks for stopping by and for leaving a valuable comment. Like you rightly said, there is money in blogging and so we need to try and work hard, remain optimistic and persist in order to get tangible results.

      However, one’s success in blogging does not entirely depend on pagerank as I have seen a lot of blogs with no page rank, yet they have a lot of traffic and make money from their traffic. If you provide great content and then have sizable traffic, you can make money if you know how to convert your traffic.

      Thanks once again for your contribution. Do have a pleasant week.

  2. obinna


    Blogging is becoming an important phenomenon in our online lives. Apart from helping to populate the web, it has become a source of income to many

    • Reply

      Obinna, you are absolutely right. Blogging has become a source of income to many; this is the more reason why blogging should be taken seriously. Nobody jokes with his means of livelihood.

  3. Pranjal


    I am completely agreed with you, I was introduced to this web designing and creating websites, sometime around 6 years back. Since than, I had learned and earned a lot. But, I can see these days, newbies enters into the World of blogging, and wants to earn traffic and money overnight. For them, just take my words, success won’t come overnight. It takes, lots and lots of dedication, and some few months to earn a decent blog, with genuine traffic.

    • Reply

      Pranjal, you are completely right. Money does not come overnight with blogging. The first thing is to work hard; after that money would come.

      I am glad you are into website design and creation. This is a potentially lucrative area for you. Writing tutorials alone in this area fetches cool cash. So if you take it serious, you are going to earn a lot of money.

  4. Reply

    Effort is required every where, specially when we want to earn money, the main thing is how you effort, how you use your mind and your plans, your working style and your knowledge about that thing.

    • Reply

      Steve, you are right. Hard work is important; but adding wisdom to hard work produces the best result. So, it is better to know how to add the two together and get the best.

  5. donatus


    Your 5 reasons are cool, Blogging is all about hardwork and focusing. This article is for sure a must read for every blogger. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Sudipto


    Hey Efoghor,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing this post with us. Yes, blogging is the best way to make relations with new people, share knowledge with other and most important best way to make money online. It also helps in improve our reading and writing skills and the best part of blogging is that we can do it from anywhere.

    • Reply

      Sudipto, Thanks for your contribution. Blogging has several advantages, and that is the more reason why we should persevere and not quit because of the temporary setbacks we may be facing.

  7. Kuldeep


    Yes I like your opinion on blogging yes you are right so many people quit blogging, thanks for the encouragement, yes whatever situation comes in your blogging field never to think for quit, because blogging is not only for money making schemes it enhance you, for the future, do believe in yourself..

    Thanks for sharing with us..

  8. Bee Venom


    You’re very right blogging brings success and fame but need patience and always take action to accomplish these Goals.

    • Reply

      Bee venom, Thanks for the comment. Blogging has great prospective for us. We must see beyond the present into the future to understand how blogging can better our lives in the long run.

  9. Salman khan


    great post and nice interesting information one must always try and don’t quit at any cost. because no one knows when they can get success…

    • Reply

      Salman, Thanks for appreciating. Quitting because of momentary setbacks does not help matters. All the great entrepreneurs we have today had their moments of challenges, but what kept them going and eventually led them into success was their resolve to continue no matter the challenges.
      So if you hold on, you will surely succeed. There is always a moment when the breakthrough would come.

  10. Reply

    @Rauf, It’s good to know you did not give up due to the temporary setback. Giving up at that time would have meant accepting defeat.
    Learning from past mistakes and moving on is a way of facing the future.
    Your testimony would make more meaning only if you knew why you were banned in the first place, and commit not to repeat same mistakes again.

    • Reply

      Rajkumar, Thanks for finding this article particularly useful and helpful. I hope it would help other bloggers who are experiencing some challenges with their blogging.

  11. Reply

    Really cool post, highly informative and professionally written..Good Job. Totally agree with all 5 reasons. You said right there is a bright future in blogging.

  12. Rauf Arshad


    my 3 sites has been knocked out by google from its search enigne but still working hard and now i am back on track with some good blogs . The reasons you provided are good and helpful for others .

    • Reply

      Berita, thanks for appreciating my article. I am really happy the article is blessing people. Please share it with your friends so they can benefit also.

  13. Reply

    Yeah You’re very right blogging brings success and fame but need patience and always take action to accomplish these Goals
    awesome post keep it coming 😀

    • Reply

      anis, Blogging does not only bring success and fame, it also connects people. Were it not for blogging, there is no way I would have come to know Kharin and also be interacting freely with him, considering the fact he is a Jamaican while I am a Nigerian.

      We need patience to get to where we have in mind as our final destination.

  14. Khaja Moin


    I completely agree with you that blogging bring fame, tin every blogger`s life thought about quitting blogging comes then and now.
    But I think your post can stop them from quitting.
    Excellent points, thanks for sharing.


    • Reply

      Khaja, This thought of quitting blogging stems from the inconsistency of human emotions. If only one would learn to put one’s emotions under check, and conquer one’s fears, everything would be perfectly okay.

      Thanks for appreciating this post and for being a faithful reader of this blog.

  15. Reply

    Great post!!
    As blogging needs writing skills so that more readers visit the blogs and talk about it. Blogging is also another way to earn money from home which is good.

    • Reply

      Yeah! Vincent, You just used the right word – blogging needs writing skills. Just writing an essay is deifferent from writing to stimulate people’s response. If you do not have the right skill, it is difficult to write the kind of post that cause people to read, express their opinions and even share with friends.

      Besides, in the business of blogging, those with a better writing skill attract more readership and also generate more revenue.

      Yes, blogging has become a very good way to earn money from home. A lot of people now blog full time. It has given jobs to a significant percentage of the world’s populace.

  16. Joe Hart


    Hi Efoghor…It’s true that persistance pays off…I remember a few years back, when i was too much demotivated by the way my blog was growing…I almost had decided to quit blogging when all of a sudden my content started getting traction…A hugely popular site linked to my content and what followed was amazing,.,.The article started gaining popularity on social media sites and with in a week i made $200..It was a huge booster for me…Since then i’ve worked with many bloggers and i tell them exactly what you’ve told here…It’s great to see that you are motivating people to hold on…Great job.

    • Reply

      Joe, Glad to know I have a witness here who has passed through hard times and eventually made it. I really appreciate your sharing with us; I feel even more motivated by your testimony.

      No one can really tell when the breakthrough would come in. Sometimes it’s few days away from the time one decides to quit. I learnt of a man who discovered a gold mine; he exployed the field and got only a little quantity of gold. He eventually gave up trying and sold his field and the mining equipment to someone else and was happy because he was able to upset his debts.

      The man who bought the field from him brought in engineers/geologists and asked them if he still had hope of finding gold, and they told him he was just 3 feet away from the main deposit. He became a millionaire while the original owner barely lived from hand to mouth. So persistence pays.

  17. Prince


    Thanks For Sharing This Dear .. This is indeed a very nice post. me! i wouldn’t advice any body to quite what he/ she love’s writing about. blogging is all about consistency and doing what you love, but if you don’t have love in what you’re doing your blog is going know where. thanks Again !

    • Reply

      Prince, you just said it all. Passion/love is the greatest driving force one requires to succeed in life. When things go awry, the love you have would keep you going. But when this is lacking, discouragement could easily overtake and make one quit.

      This is why you must pitch your tent with a business where your hear is. Don’t just do a thing because others are doing it; if you don’t have equal measure of love like they do, it would be difficult to measure up to them.

  18. Allen


    Blogging success really takes time and effort, so never lose hope. Continue with your work and don’t stop learning new things in order to widen you knowledge and skills when it comes to marketing.

    • Reply

      Allen, You are perfectly right. Most of the blogging and business empires we see today took several years to build. The most important virtue to learn while building these income yielding businesses, is patience.
      If you don’t learn you become stale and completely ignorant in the scheme of things. One must not assume to have learnt enough; learning continues through life because things change everyday.

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