When it comes to setting up a formal enterprise mobile strategy or sharing an idea that would power business processes with the app technology, you may think that you would need more than one specialized apps. And when you think a specialized app, you start imaging about the headache that would be experienced during the development of these apps and then in their integration with existing systems. Of course, the amount of money and time that you would invest would also be considered.

But things do not go this way. When thinking about you strategy, it helps you think holistically about all of the app-options available.


  • The Apps That Are Already On Your Phone


All smartphones come with a host of apps that enterprise can use in a variety of business purposes. Email clients, address book and calendar are few apps that smartphones come with. These apps are there for so long. Can you imagine thing without them. This makes mobility and apps vital for every single company. In fact, many business executives have already been using these in-built applications in their mobile devices for so long.


  • Software As A Service


The tech market wasn’t too much serious about mobile based Software as Service. There were limited people or organizations that expressed interest in SAAS based mobility in the beginning but now many companies, which relied on the SAAS technology, are now performing well. Box, Sales, Office 365, etc are the names to a few. The greatness of these services is that they all are mobile-enabled by default, which means they were created from scratch with keeping mobility in mind.


  • Legacy Software Giants


Tech companies took too long to understand that they need to get comfortable with mobility. They initially believed that the mobility is trend and will fade out with time. But it didn’t happen. World leaned more towards smartphone and mobile apps, instead. This then triggered companies to accept smartphone enterprise as a full-fledged technology.

IBM, for example, took a big step with their mobile first partnership with Apple in 2014. Also SAP pushed Fiori as a means to mobilize apps.  Even Oracle has more than 100 iPhone apps in store. Many companies with legacy systems are also moving towards mobility.


  • “Faster and Simpler” Custom Apps


There are many instances when executives in enterprises quickly need simple apps. On the other hand, regular process will take more than enough time. But there are many vendors which have provided simple app building tools. Mobile app development (MADP), rapid mobile app development platform (RMAD, mobile backend as service (MBaas), no code or low code app creating tools, workflow apps, citizen developer platforms, database front-ends, microapps are names to a few of them.


  • Native Custom Apps


In last we have native custom app development technology. This one is crucial when your app is going to be a core tool for your business or company. It’s recommended approach if you need high performance app to either face customer or to integrate with specific system.


A mobile app strategy can be created in more than one way. Not all of them require going with custom mobile application development approach.

Author Bio:- Rubal is a digital marketing expert in Rapidsoft Technologies which is a leading IT consulting company providing full range it services including, IoT application development, ERP software development, and big data app development solutions.


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    Very Informative!

    This is one of the most significant reasons why your company should consider developing a mobile app. Improving the availability of your goods and services is a perfect way to boost consumer satisfaction organically and expand your offering. Mobile applications provide a perfect way to reward and add value to your customers.

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    Hi Rubal,

    Good post, Mobile user have certainly increased many-fold over the last few years. It is much more convenient for people to carry it wherever they go. software companies has realized that hence you see loads of new apps coming up everyday to cover different segments and to cater to the needs of a mobile user.

    Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend. 🙂

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