As a blogger, one would concentrate on writing styles and other such details and expect an increase in blog traffic. But this isn’t always true. In other words, the content on your blog isn’t the only factor that influences traffic. Some technical support to good quality work can always add to the blog popularity.

increade blog traffic

Optimize Your Content For Search Engines (SEO)

You might be providing very good content and people love it; but if the search engines aren’t identifying your work, then you are sure missing out on a rich crowd out there. It’s therefore important to make content which is at least, partly, SEO friendly. Use keywords and include them in your content – of course, not forcefully; but where ever possible. Make sure that the keyword density is not too much or too less.

You could also read on the Google official blog and visit sites for information on how to add the SEO factor to your blog. These sites can act like self- help tools. Alternatively, you can get in touch with an website marketing company to help you. There are many which offer reasonable deals for small scale blogs.

Use Web Analytics Tools

Tools available on the internet can be very useful to do a quick analysis of your site.

There are two things that are very important:
a. Knowing where the traffic to your site is coming from.
b. Knowing what exactly people are saying about your site, while linking to it.
An analysis of these two factors can play an instrumental role in driving traffic to your site.

For instance, if you are aware that facebook is working very well for refrencing people to your site, and possibly twitter isn’t working as well, then as a business person you can put in a little extra effort to make your facebook page work better. For instance, you could invest in facebook ads.

In simple words, analytics is important. You can download free tools like Google Analytics which will provide all this information.

Keyword Research For Your Blog

Keyword research may be included as a separate analytics for your blog. This is because it’s important to research on which keywords your blog should target in order to get more people to your site. In other words, when people are looking to read on and find information on the subject that your blog is focused on, they MUST reach your blog. And this is possible only when your blog has the keywords that people are using to ‘search’. Keyword research and targeting, is hence, important.


In the real world, we meet people and socialize; on the web we go to social networks and socialize! Have a brand presence on various social sites; you don’t have to be aggressively active on all – you simply need a consistent existence.

Improve Usability

Traffic on your site, in the broader sense, is about the people who visit your site, like your work and stay on the site. This real audience counts and their experience counts a lot. For instance, you don’t want people to leave your site just because it doesn’t download well in time! Make sure your website usability is good because in the long run, that’s going to count a lot.


  1. Hariot


    This is a really helpful guide about increase blog traffic. Thank you so much for sharing worthy and informative article.

  2. Jacklin Smith


    Yes I know these techniques are good for increasing traffics but it is not more than better because many types of techniques are available in SEO and Google are also always changing their strategies, that’s why I am thinking blogs traffic or page rank increasing those are totally depend on Google.

  3. kremil


    For Keyword Research for your blog I usually used Google Insights for Search and Google Adword Keyword Tool. These two helps a lot.
    Not to mention commenting on a do follow blogs.

  4. Ben Jamir


    Im new to blogger.To improve i have searching the net for many months, now i realize so many blogs are dedicated to only “how to be a successful” blogger, how to get traffic etc etc. I find your article to be more informative. can I suggest one thing ? it would have much better if you could have given links for google analytic page or sites that generates key words etc.
    Just my opinion only. But as a whole it was very informative for me.

  5. Ravi


    Thanks for sharing such fruitful ideas on increasing blog traffic.
    If you want to increase your blog traffic then interaction on regular basis with other blogs really works for bringing traffic to your website. Commenting on other blogs, Participating in forums and guest posting are some other tips to increase your blog readers wisely to ensure a white hat link building for bringing visitors to your website. These are some quick methods to get noticed by your target visitors.

  6. Joe Boyle


    Great points here. I agree with all but one – Analytics tools. While they can be helpful, they are generally more harmful than good. If you focus on Analytics tools too much, you end up being dependent on them.

    Eventually, you get caught into a numbers game. You focus just on increasing the numbers, and less on increasing the quality of the content. You don’t keep up to your standards. Eventually, your overall numbers drop as the quality drop. Then you spiral out of control.

    Okay, a bit over-exaggerated. But the point is valid. Don’t focus on the numbers game. Check your analytics weekly if you really need to see them.

  7. Andrew


    great post, it is very interesting to read this and to follow the techniques, thank you for sharing this post with us I am sure it is going to help so many bloggers.

  8. Tams


    Socializing is really important for increasing blog traffic, but I’ve learned it’s best done during daytime hours and just before dinner. At least in my case. I was in the habit of putting up tweets in the late evening, but it seems it’s mostly auto-tweets during that time which means real people aren’t seeing my tweets much. I’ve gotten more blog traffic from tweeting around 3:30 to 5:30pm than any other time.

    • Joe Boyle


      There’s a big problem with social networks and the time zones. You really need to know your audience to figure out when to post. You can use tools like Google Analytics to figure out where your viewers are from, when they visit most, and similar statistics. Using those numbers, it’s easy to figure out when to tweet. If you live in the USA, but the majority of your users live in Japan, you shouldn’t tweet at certain times.

  9. Bini


    when you socialize you are not just promoting your site but also interacting with others and making friends. And when you some blog post to optimize your site make sure you don’t abuse and over use your keywords. Since you might get into deep waters and greater consequences on this approach from search engines.

    • Joe Boyle


      When it comes to enriching your posts with keywords, you have to be sure that you make them flow in seamlessly. If you master the skills of keyword-content-writing, you’ll easily be able to add five or six keywords into your content multiple times without it seeming out-of-the-whack. Search engines and visitors alike will love it.

  10. Shaquille Ray


    I think the great thing about using web analytics is you are able to track where your traffic is coming from and build upon earning more traffic from that inbound link.

  11. Kostas


    Hi Divya,
    There are so many ways to increase the traffic on our blog but the fundamentals are always the same, knowing who your audience is, posting content that will add value to the readers, engage with the readers in every possible way (social media, our own blog, forums etc) make our blog easy to navigate and share and use some basic SEO, targeting keywords relevant to the post, pretty much what you have shared with this informational post…

  12. Beth


    I personally believe that the most important technique here is socializing. It is important for a blogger to socialize with others in order for him/her to attract more people into his/her blog. We must remember that we need to make an extra effort of getting people because we are the one who need them.

    • Joe Boyle


      It’s great that you mention that, Beth. Too many people forget that they need to socialize. People have this misconception that people who blog are anti-social. The fact of the matter is that bloggers are the most social people on the planet – we need to be.

  13. Mahendra Yadav


    Following SEO for Blog is very Important as its the best way to get good traffic. Also Social Sharing is the best way to get good traffic to the blog.

  14. Maja


    Keyword selection is the basic step to drive traffic to a site. If we stuff this keyword in our contents, we can drive the attention of search engines to our blogs.

  15. Ayesha


    It’s very important to know that from where the traffic of the site is coming from and what are the views of the visitors about our site. Keywords play vital role in SEO. Keywords helps a lot in increasing the traffic of the site.

  16. Reply

    Hi Divya,
    Thanks for this post. For me better SEO better visitor and yes social promotion is also very important for your brand influence.

  17. Anne


    Nice sum up. I would add that every blogger needs to find the right balance between those, and that balance is difference depending on your niche.

  18. Joe Wong


    thanks a lot for the useful tips Divya. Social media will eventually become more important than SEO imo but at least for know we should use balanced strategies to try to improve in the SERPs…interesting post

  19. Samuel


    SEO is a huge factor. Just choosing a good blogging program and a good SEO program or widget can make a huge difference in how much traffic you see.

  20. Rich


    Optimizing your content for search engines is the key to success. When I first started blogging all of my traffic came from my email list and posting on Facebook. Now I get over 4,500 unique hits a month from Google and other search engines. Two plugins I’ve used to really help are the Platinum SEO Pack (I used the All in One for a long time, but recently switched a few weeks ago) and SEOpressor to help optimize the posts themselves.

  21. Traxis


    Google is striving to improve their search results….artificially optimized sites or videos are liable to be penalized at some stage in the future.

  22. Megan Brown


    Hello Divya

    Well said and true said.
    As I personally uses all the above mentioned techniques for increasing traffic as this is the best way to promote our blog and give maximum exposure to it.

    Anyway thanks a lot for sharing this useful tips.

  23. Jaemi


    Socializing is good. Being active in the blog community lets you gain more readers and build relationships with your fellow bloggers. You also gain support from the members of the community.

  24. Reply

    Some really nice points,

    To increase your traffic which generate leads, you must target the right audience and you can do this by using the correct keywords for your products and services.

  25. Mark


    SEO is something that we can do to improve the traffic but we cannot over SEO because Google is being very critical when it comes to overly SEO’d sites.

  26. Irfan


    I think the reason you didn’t mention commenting on others blog is – It’s the most common way to generate traffic to desired blog.

    But seriously, commenting helps a lot. 🙂

  27. Reply

    Use Google Adwords keyword tool to target customers as it will help you in targeting customers who are searching the most.

  28. Avatar


    Keyword is the magic word in every business venture. You may provide very good blogs but without those word your business wont get a higher rank. Proper use of keywords and tools, everything will be alright; objective of the venture will be attainable.
    Thanks Divya.

    All the best,

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