How can effective internet security accelerate your income?

first: “Making money online is not an accident!”

You might have good thoughts and expectations in your blogging and internet marketing career, but nothing is going to work faster unless your internet security is sure.

I’m yet to see any successful problogger whose image has been dented and he’s still enjoying the internet lifestyle. I want to challenge you today on the need to strengthen the ‘feeble knees’ in your business.

It doesn’t have to take long before you realize the great ‘seed’ you’ve sown. Making your business worthy of emulation is the ultimate advice to tape in the deepest part of your heart. I want to talk extensively about internet security and how it can help you make more money on the internet.

Ironically, not every business is secured. Some people actually think that internet security is limited to online storage, online backup and database encryption. But that’s just equation one of our discussion. Internet security further goes right into online reputation management and what people say about you in the dark, especially when ugly thoughts and news are been spread against you.

The Ultimate Internet Security Concept

The whole concept of marketing online is to position yourself and the services you render as the one-stop-arena for potential clients and customers. Anything short of this would result in constant struggle, where things will no longer work the way you’ve always dreamt.

If you’re a blogger, the only thing that matters most is the satisfaction your readers and prospects get when they come. It’s not actually the money they drop on your laps; neither is it the ‘praises’ you get from writing such a powerful post.

It’s not about you from day one, so why should you think you matter now. Until someone derives a benefit from what you claim you did, you’re in the wrong business. the concept of marketing online has not, and will never change: find a way to make your ‘target’ audience satisfied without tricks, exaggeration or marketing hype.

Online Reputation Stems From Secured Blogging

I don’t know how you see blogging, but I see it as a platform where you can show your real self. A lot of bloggers are actually copying from probloggers. Please don’t get me wrong, everyone should learn. In fact, learning is the only panacea to ‘writer’s block’ and the more you read, learn and implement what you’ve learnt, the better, stronger and more productive you become.

On the contrary, copying is a wrong business idea. When you copy from someone, it’s actually a legal violation, and we call it ‘plagiarism.’ Whether you copied someone’s idea or what they’ve written online, you’re committing the same crime. What you should do instead, is to determine the point they’re coming from and craft your own piece with creativity, transparency and truth.

Make Money With Goodwill

Some bloggers are making money easily with their names. I’ve purchased a lot of themes just because the name “Brain Clark” rings hard in my head. What about marketing materials from David Risley and Pat Flynn – these are names that are connected with credibility, resourcefulness and honesty.

In order to make money from the internet, ensure you’ve a secured blog where people can find piece, rest of mind and the ability to use their gifts, potentials and resources to excel. Truly, online reputation begins with the type of blog you run. If it’s about money making, you’ve to be very careful in your dealings – a lot of people have been scammed in the past.

If you promise readers a thing, go the extra mile to deliver it. If you’re writing about norton antivirus promo code discount and carbonite discount code, then don’t just provide the discount codes, ensure they’re viable and can be used at the appropriate sites.

Why Online Buyers Bother About Credibility

Do you know there are over 10 million shopping sites online?

If you doubt me, simply do a search on Google for “buy digital camera” and you’ll see countless pages; good, bad and mediocre shopping sites coming up like magic. But in all this, Amazon has remained the best place where people can shop for their favorite books, electronics, gadgets, accessories etc.

Why do you think people trust Amazon more than other shopping sites? It’s because Amazon has demonstrated credibility in the past few decades. When you purchase an item and for one reason or the other, you don’t feel satisfied, they will simply refund your money, with no questions or strings attached provided you follow the due process and abide by simple terms.

If you could only build that name, and make it your brand, potential customers and clients would seek you out and ‘throw money at you.’ Do you know that as people struggle to make money online, there are groups of high income earners who stay underground and rake in six figures yearly? They’ve built their name, their brand with truth and now, the money they need is flowing like broken ink-nib poured out from a ball-pen.

Internet Security For You Yo Make Money

We’ve seen how internet security brings about a good online reputation, enhances the real image of the blogger and quickens the thought of buyers. If you’re yet to start saying the truth in your blog, product reviews and social media networks, now is the right time. But this piece is not for hit-and-run marketers. It’s for those who are ready to make a mark in the ‘sand of times.”

As you do this, your success will be louder than the noisiest train. I see you take action today and develop your internet security consciousness, build your business on a solid rock and achieve your goals. And I’m confident you’ll take action right now. Won’t you?


Writer Details:

Are you serious about internet security and money making? See how these norton internet security 2009 and carbonite discount can help your business grow. Use these online backup services and save when purchasing online storage services. Michael Chibuzor also writes about blogging tips, social media marketing, search engine optimization and list building.


  1. Reply

    Internet security is one of the most important thing for blogger to earn money online. Nowadays without security you should not trust and pass any information to other person.

  2. Sahara


    Internet security is very important for computer system.Where I work, they don’t block any access to the internet, however, no users get Administrative rights to their PC’s. This way, nothing can be installed. Occasionally, spyware manages to get through, but it’s more of a minor annoyance.Thanks for sharing the information.

  3. Sonia


    Stealing the idea and impressed by any idea are two different things, One should generate its own idea by learning lesson from other successful stories. It really can help you to earn trust of your potential visitors.

    • Michael Chibuzor


      True Sonia. Generate your own ideas, and become a thoughtful leader

  4. John Mak


    Hello Kharim!

    Great guest post by Michael! I believe that internet security is something that everyone should consider in our days for a successful online business and entrepreneurs!

    Great job Michael, thanks for sharing!

    John Mak

  5. Ayesha


    Make money with “Goodwill” is very important point which is discussed in this post. The blog should be very supportive to the visitors. It must provide everything to visitors and satisfy visitor with their work. Good points discussed in this post.

  6. Archie Ward


    If you’re going to make money online, you should offer security to your customers. I’ll have to look into the packages on offer for protecting myself and customers.

  7. Irfan


    I appreciate that you pointed the term – Goodwill, here, really if you are in giving services Goodwill is the thing which matters a lot. It is required in order to gain the respect and trust of a client. Also to attract more new clients. Good point and nice article, Michael.

    • Michael Chibuzor


      Yes, I try to enhance my goodwill. It’s the best method to create and sell any product successfully.

  8. Reply

    Also, bloggers or any online webmaster should not forget the passwords that he/she uses online otherwise there would be huge problems in future in case you forget your password.

  9. Becca


    One of the popular making money in the internet today is Copywriting. It is not copying content from other site. We know how good google to determine who is not creating quality content.

  10. Reply

    Copyrighting is the observance of respect on written materials, in hard copies or online. I’d like to make sure we veer away from doing this as it’s really considered as a big crime. I wouse to ensure you do not commit any of this.nder if there are copyrighting software you can.

  11. Maja


    It is not blogging to steal the ideas of others and write them in own words. I define blogging is a technique in which you introduce your own techniques.

    • Michael Chibuzor


      So true my dear. You need to be unique. Thanks for commenting. See you around!

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