On almost everyone of my blog posts I have some good amount of comments. Why is this so?

Am I making comments under fake names? No.

Am I asking others to leave comments on my blog posts? No.

Apart from giving my readers great contents to comment on, I have a 5 strategy that I use to get others to make comments on my blog post.

These are the methods I use to get comments on my blog:


If you really want to get more comments coming to your blog you have to make sure your blog is do-follow. You can pass on some page rank to your commentators and this will make them want to comment more.

Top Commentators Widget

On the right hand side of my blog I have a top commentators widget. I use that widget to reward my top 5 blog commentators. The more comment you make the higher you will be placed. I also reward them with do-follow links.


This is one of my favorite plugins. This plugin will visit the site of the comment author while they type their comment and retrieve a selection of their last blog posts.

A lot blog uses this plugin and it has proven to be effective and more readers are now making comments on blog that uses comment luv.

Group Discussion

At the end of almost everyone of my blog posts I try to include a group discussion to make my blog readers leave a comment on the post.

It is also polite to thank your blog commentators for leaving a comment on your blog. This will also help to spark a group/ community discussion.

Comment On Other Blogs

It’s not only what you do for your blog makes people comment on your blog. You have to also make comment on other blogs in your niche and this will help you to get some comment on your blog posts as well.

This is also a great way to gain traffic,and some page rank.

Group Discussion

I use those 5 things to help me get comment on my blog, also with the great articles that I write.

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  • What methods and tactics do you use to get your readers to comment on your blog posts?

    1. David


      Great tips, and you are right by utilizing the right plugins and being do follow, it does make your site more comment friendly.

    2. Reply

      thanks for sharing itneresting tips. suppose they will be quite useful for many webmasters. at least thaey are so for me! but, I’d like to add the 6 tip on how to get more comments. I think interesting and informative articel will be a good reason for many websurfers to leave a comment.

    3. Aaron


      My comment form is “do-follow” although I don’t make a big deal of it to keep away spammers.
      Commenting on other blogs, posting about some interesting and controversial topics is a great way to lure in traffic. On certain posts I’ll ask an open-ended question to get readers to comment. But the main draw for comments on my site will be the topic and the question(s) posed at the end of the post.
      I’m hoping Joomla will have the comment-luv extension in the future.

    4. Daniel Sharkov


      Turning your blog into a dofollow one is the most important thing if you want to get more comments. I have made that change several weeks ago and since that day there are no posts without comments. Unfortunately the CommentLuv plug-in for Blogger does not yet work very well. Overall the platform is very limited compared to WordPress when it comes to useful widgets.

    5. Domain name registration


      Thanks for sharing this tips, this are what attract bloggers to comment on posts. I think it will real help to get more comment on your blog.

    6. Murlu


      What I’ve found to be a really great way to generate comments is to give back twice as much as you get.

      If someone comments on your blog, go over to theirs and comment on a couple posts.

      It really shows that you’re appreciative and want to keep up the dialog back and forth 🙂

      • David


        I try and do exactly what you do and go to the places that my commenters come from and check out their site as they have checked out mine. It is a great way to show that you are involved with your readers.

    7. Reply

      Commenting is always good. I’ve recently started to comment more often and in more blogs. I’m having a great feedback. Thanks for the post!

    8. Music Diva


      Well, one of the reasons I like to comment on your blog.. aside from the fact I’m so intrigued you live in Jamaica.. LOL, is that you join in the conversation. And of course you have excellent material, so I like to see what you have, and then because I’m quite opinionated, I have to leave my 2 cents! 🙂

    9. Joe Boyle


      Between commenting on other blogs and having a community discussion at the bottom of my posts, I have noticed about 200 more comments in the last two months than any other months combined.

      People aren’t going to just find your site randomly, so you have to advertise yourself. Blog commenting is a great way to do so since it’s free, easy, and produces great results.

      Great post, Kharim!

    10. Jonathan Beebe


      Thanks for the advice Kharim–it’s always refreshing to get advice from someone who’s actually getting results with the topic at hand (in your case, you get lots of comments so it’s easy to trust your advice).

      I haven’t personally used CommentLuv yet (I think it would work best mainly for Internet Marketing and MMO blogs), but I noticed that routinely visiting a handful of blogs in your niche will attract comments from other bloggers at the very least.

      From there, that usually provides enough social proof for non-bloggers to leave a comment and before you know it you’re into at least double digits on some of your best posts.

      Thanks again for the great post Kharim!

    11. Dev



      Nice Post. I think commenting on other blogs is one of the most effective way to get more comments.
      Anyways, Thanks for sharing this great Post. Keep up the good work Kharim.


    12. Reply

      Another great post of you 🙂 Those are really great tips to improve conversation in our blog, but i used “fake” name lol. I somehow don’t feel good using my real name, not sure why..

      • Reply

        Thanks okay Kimi… I meant fake names as in you commenting on your own articles to make it seem like somebody else is making the comment 😀

    13. Valentine Belonwu


      Thanks Kharim for sharing this, As a new blogger, this is exactly the sort of information I need to begin promoting and expanding my reader base. Thank you.

    14. Natalia


      Yep you do get a lot of comments… I think you’ve given some great points as usual, but I also think that you need to build your traffic as well, because only a small percentage of people who read your post are inclined to comment. Naturally the larger your traffic numbers the more comments you tend to get 🙂 I guess that means that you’re doing alright on the traffic front! It also means yet another aspect of blogging comes down to TRAFFIC! Blast! LOL

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