Today on I have a really great blogger here with me conducting my first interview. He is Robyn-Dale Samuda otherwise known as Sam from Sam’s Web Guide.

Sam is one of my good friend, a great blogger and also a fellow Jamaican.

I have choosen Sam as the first person to interview not because he is a fellow Jamaican or because we use the same blog theme, but because his blog is awesome and full of great information for anybody who wants to be successful webmaster and a better blogger.

Please check out the interview below… 

Interview With Robyn-Dale Samuda

Kharim: Hey Sam, glad to be doing this interview with you today. Could you first tell us a bit about yourself and your blog, Sam’


Thanks for interviewing me Kharim. First of all, for those who may not know me, my full name is Robyn-Dale Samuda but I just like to be called Sam. Born and raised in Jamaica, I started using computers from the age of 4 back in 1990. I was the first kid in my neighborhood and at school who had access to a PC and since then I have developed a huge passion for computers and the web. Being the entrepreneurial, care-giving, internet junkie I am now, I decided to launch my own web development and graphics design company, Creative Engine Jamaica, now building the charity, Victory for Kids Foundation and launched my blog Sam’s Web Guide. Sam’s Web Guide focuses on providing all the relevant information on techniques and strategies for mastering web development and becoming a better blogger and also provides blogging job opportunities at

Kharim: Wow, at the age of 4, that’s great. So what motivated you to start blogging and was it a hard task coming into the blogging world?


My main motivation for blogging started late last year when I was looking for the most effective medium for assisting others online who may need technical and marketing advice for launching their own websites and businesses. Through blogging, I found I was able to reach an unlimited number of people who could use my help.

I wouldn’t say that entering the blogosphere as a newbie is difficult, it all depends on your perspectives. I was and still always willing to learn better standards in content delivery and design and very willing to help others. The most challenging part was coming up with a brand and just stick to it. The idea of branding lead me to purchase the domain and design my avatar which is on my blog.

Kharim: I notice your blog is just a few months old and doing pretty well, what made you get this level of achievement?


A lot of persons have the misconception that there is a magical overnight formula for achieving success online and driving huge amounts of traffic. Well my formula consists of persistence, passion, investment of time and study. By reading other blogs and websites I found out what people were looking for online and the gaps that just needed to be filled. With this knowledge, I chose a niche that I have a passion for and started writing and networking continuously. I read a lot and commented on as many quality blogs I could find. Commenting on about 15 blogs per day really helped to put me on the map initially and I just worked my way from there. Networking with other bloggers, social marketing and creating link-worthy content will definitely get you going.

Kharim: Starting your blog, what were some of the challenges that you faced?


The main challenge I faced initially was developing a look and feel for my blog to market and brand it effectively. This was challenging because I was just not pleased with my blog’s image and design and I worked really hard to come up with a brand that just stood out in my mind and my readers’. Branding is something I advice all bloggers to focus on developing continuously because your blog is your personal brand and your brand needs to stick in the minds of your readers. This will help them to connect better with your site and attract more loyal readers.

Kharim: A lot of new bloggers thought that blogging was easy, what did you say about this when you started blogging?


Honestly, I knew that blogging would not be “easy” and I made up my mind to put my all into it. Honest and sustainable success requires a lot of serious dedicated work; it’s just very important that you enjoy what you do. It does become easier once you have developed a nice rhythm and your visitors are consistently increasing. However, successful blogging requires that you are continuously learning new things and coming up with new ideas and ways to blog to keep your visitors coming back for more. It’s very important to blog about things you have a passion for. Success comes faster this way.

Kharim: For new people who want to start blogging, what advice would you give to them?


For new bloggers, I would simply say: Never, ever give up! Blog about your passion first, then more opportunities will come. Spend some time to learn something new every day. Do lots of research before choosing a niche, never follow hype. Be consistent and persistent. With these you are guaranteed to be successful.

Kharim: You are so right about that one Sam, it’s about the passion of your niche. Tell me, how has blogging helped you personally?


I have definitely become a stronger and more dedicated writer and since I’m planning on writing a few books in my lifetime, this is excellent for me. I’m more focused on the things I want to achieve and every successful day of blogging gives me an extra mental push to step up my game.

Kharim: What upcoming plans do you have for your blog, and what do you hope to achieve from this?


Ultimately, I intend to build a huge network of websites that are focused on educating online users who need help and advice. Sam’s Web Guide is focusing on the blogging and web development niches but I will be rolling out 2 new websites by the end of the year that will focus on other niches and employ a couple of bloggers to maintain them as part of the network. Each year I will add a few sites to the network and just keep growing. My goal is to provide specific types of education online and become a massive hub where visitors will look first to find what they need. I’m more passionate about these goals than even the massive amount of money that will be earned.

Closing Words

Thanks Sam for that wonderful interview.

As you can see Sam is passionate about his niche and that’s why he is so successful at what he does.

You can visit Sam at Sam’ and follow him on twitter @Samudary


  1. Reply

    Really great interview, I am a fan of Robyn too 🙂 I agree with you so much, that Robyn has a great blog content.

  2. Robyn from Sam's Web Guide


    Thanks a lot for interviewing me Kharim and thanks to everyone for all the kind comments 😀

  3. Reply

    excellent interview.

    I have been following Sam’s rise on the blogging scene and I must say I am impressed by the progress he has made. Keep up the good work Sam!

  4. Luqman


    Nice interview, I like reading blogger interview because one way or the other I used to gain from it and it is source of inspiration for me sometime.

  5. Natalia


    Hey Kharim,
    It’s great to see you interview Sam! At four I was still hooked on Sesame Street and trying to grasp the concept of not being at home for half the day so picturing Sam using a computer is amazing! LOL! Especially since back then there wasn’t much to do computer wise, he must have been an ATARI king!! Great interview… looking forward to more 🙂

  6. bbrian017


    Great interview Kharim. I know Sam from over at blog engage and have been following him for sometime now. Imagine using the pc at the age of 4 years old lol that’s seriously to funny. I didn’t try a pc for pleasure until I was 16 or 17. I had typing classes etc… but out side of school I just wasn’t into the pc.

    Heck now you can’t even get me off of it lol.

    • Reply

      LOL Yeah Brian… I started about the age of about 10. Started webdesign and so on 5 years ago. Sam is really a great guy 🙂

      Thanks for your comment bro.

  7. Reply

    Thanks for the inspiring interview!

    Yes, passion is an essential element in getting success in doing something. With passion, you’ll got inspired by your inner self 8)

  8. Arafat Hossain Piyada


    I like interview of such people, this is inspiring indeed. His article titles look catchy and the image in sidebar is cool. Thanks for this interview Kharim.

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