If people were actually any good at predicting the future, then the world would have ended a thousand times over by now. The entire economy would have collapsed. Gods and their archenemies would have returned to wreak havoc on the earth. And you might be able to win that football pool one week.

The fact is, however, we’re simply not that gifted at seeing the future. The problem is mostly that we don’t pay enough attention to the past; we instead use wild and unsubstantiated bits of info to paint the picture of a future almost guaranteed to never happen. But let’s see if we can reverse that trend.

By using the past as a gauge to extrapolate information, and basing future assumptions on current trends, combined with the current trajectory of social media, we might just be able to predict a few new social fads for the upcoming year. That’s not as far-fetched as, say, the Mayans, so these are future predictions that you may just want to put some stock in.

Upcoming Trends to Focus On in Social Media


1: Increased Diversity in Social Media

You can see it on every social site you visit: A new button for a new social network. While Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are ones that a lot of marketers put their primary focus on, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and other networks are surging in popularity.

But where were they in 2010 or ’11? Yet, in 2013, these sites are so popular it’s like they’ve always been here. In 2014, this is a trend that’s only going to pick up steam, not lose it, so increasing your social media diversity is definitely a smart move.

2: Visual Content will Surge

While articles and newsletters and other forms of mostly text-based content are still really popular, visual-based content is experiencing an unprecedented surge that is in no way likely to die down. The hardware/software combinations are just becoming more advanced, and viewing visual content on these new devices with their new operating systems is becoming a much more enjoyable experience.

Gearing your content more toward the visual is a smart move for the upcoming year. Don’t switch out entirely; just make sure you focus on infographics, video clips and other forms of visual stimulation.

3: Succinct Messaging will Become More Important

Out of all the different social media marketing trends 2014 will offer, none will be as important to how you formulate content than this one. And that’s the fact that messages are getting much shorter. With the addition of images and links, most notably hashtags, your messages no longer have to say a lot to inform people. Directing them elsewhere or offering something to engage with inside of a short message is quickly taking precedence over thoughtful, informative content. That’s not to say that shorter content doesn’t need to be high-quality content.

To the contrary, you need to focus on quality more now than ever. It’s just saying that those wordy, lengthy posts are a thing of the past. Tweets and brief status updates with links and hashtags are how the market is trending.

4: More Mobile Takeovers

When it comes to the mobile surge, Hunter S. Thompson said it best: “It’s never gonna stop, man!” Of course, he was talking about a merry-go-round bar in some Las Vegas cesspit, but the end result is the same. Mobile is simply not going to slow down.

Already we see that over 75% of the world’s population has a mobile phone, with most of those having direct access to the Internet. Your need to play to a mobile market via messaging and site layout (for non-social sites) has just exponentially increased, especially with new versions of smartphones recently released and more expected before 2015.

5: Ad Retargeting will be a Must

There’s a very lengthy, complicated way to explain ad retargeting, but it can be summed up as such: It’s the process of retargeting an ad to remind someone of what they viewed previously.

In other words, this is like continuing to hit the nail once it gets started. Eventually, you’re going to drive it home. Only 2% of all people become customers when initially following through on an ad. Obviously, the more they visit and the more they’re reminded, the more likely it is that they will take the ultimate action you require of them. So look into ad retargeting and be prepared to use it effectively and repeatedly in 2014.

In Conclusion…

These five trends are very important to the overall success of your social media marketing. Understanding how content plays with your audience, what your audience is using, and what it takes to transform viewers into customers is important information that can make or break your brand going forward.

[box]Post written by: Simon Campbell, a writer from a facebook ad campaign tool – Qwaya. He loves to write different topics about social media and participates in some communities and forums.[/box]


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    In my opinion, the most trending thing in social media is gifs or short videos (of a vine duration). These media contents perform much better than text or image contents.

  2. Reply

    One of the most important social media marketing trend of today is posting updates that encourage users to get engage with the page. Like posting a IQ questions and asking users the right question. This greatly increase the engagement, in my experience.

  3. Reply

    I agree. Social media is like one of the necessities of people nowadays. In fact, when we go in a restaurant or even in your friend’s house, we always tend to check if they have Wifi so we could connect to our social networking sites. Even when you eat,you’ll picture it first so you can post it in Instagram. 😀

  4. Fairley


    Awesome article and news about social media. I am totally agree with you because social media are boosting day by day. It is very valuable thing in SEO.
    Thanks for nice instructions about social media 🙂

  5. Reply

    Mobiles should be taken very seriously. Over half our traffic is mobile/tablet based. Building mobile friendly sites is a must when combined with social sharing.

  6. Reply

    Visual graphics are definitely the way forward and infographics are certainly something that will become a big part of my marketing strategy moving forward.

    Not only do people love to look at them they are also a great way to build natural and quality links.

  7. Tim Bonner


    Hi Simon

    I agree with all of your points apart from #1.

    To me if you diversify too much on social media you’ll never be active on any of the networks and will become overwhelmed with keeping up with everything.

    I would suggest getting used to each social media site one by one, seeing whether you like them and if they bring traffic to your site. If they don’t, ditch that one and move on.

    Simply sharing your stuff and others isn’t good enough. It’s all about being social and engaging with others.

  8. Reply

    It is admitted fact that the future of online business is Social Media dependent and the mobile is a device that is playing vital role for the progress of online marketing activities. Today you can also perform online marketing activities while you are flying in a plane and this gadget has made it versatile

  9. Imtiaz Ahmed


    i agree Because Social media is best source Get more traffic online.
    Facebook Top 1 Site Where We Can Get More Traffic onlly Spend Few Time and get more traffic.
    Yeah dude i learned a lesson from my blogging experience that traffic is the foremost thing you need to earn before monetizing your blog.

  10. Reply

    Hey Simon,

    I must do agree with your points.

    Social media is booming and emerging rapidly.

    If used with mind, then it’s the best possible free content marketing tool. Facebook, G+, Twitter are common to all but only limited people knows how to get hell of it in the right way 🙂

    Thanks for this update!

  11. faraz


    Nice post, Thanks for the information. Agree with you we need to target mobile users more.

  12. Priyanka Jain


    Yes, you are right, we must take steps and gather more social users and must target on mobile platforms as mobile users are increasing day by day.
    Nice post. Thanks

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