Hello dear readers! Being a blogger myself, I understand how important a personal brand is for it. Really, why not? We need to try to be recognizable, stand out from the crowd. Blog branding can help you find yourself and let others know about your blog.
i-blog-therefore-i-amSo, what does a personal brand consist of? Let me share some thoughts and blogging tips on this, and name 5 main steps that can make your blog a real brand.

A real person

How often do you see blogs with their own “face”?

This refers to an author’s photo. As for me, I rarely meet such blogs on the web. Many of them are still faceless despite their universal fame. But why? The likely cause of this is the presence of several projects, and fear to be noticed in different spheres.

What to do for blogging here?

I think, readers will be interested to meet an author who lead a blog, find out how he came to the blogosphere. It is not necessary to lay your all life out in full, or it can be exploited. You just tell the main points about yourself without going into details, and post your picture of course!

Your image will be the first thing readers will pay attention to and prone to reject you or vice versa. That’s all about luck here, but the most important thing is to be open to your readers, and they will definitely like it and continue reading your blog.

Blog’s logo

A blog’s logo is the most memorable element of its design. Therefore, you should pay much attention to it.

Make your logo bright, catchy, and easy to remember. It would be perfect if your logo was associated with something, your blog’s niche for example. And don’t forget about the design of your blog, it must be different from others, to avoid any sense of deja vu.

Blog’s name and slogan

It is very difficult to come up with something interesting, but it’s still worth a try.

Yes, some blogs that are popular today weren’t good enough with names, but maybe they just didn’t have much fantasy or time to come up with something really good. But it’s late to change something now, moreover, they are well-known for their names too.

A blog’s slogan should definitely overlap with its name. Don’t be in a hurry, try to give your blog a really good and catchy name.

Presentation style and communication

You need to write in a way all visitors understand and remember who’s the author of this or that article. Do your posts emotional and alive! This is not essay writing for course, but find the highlight, the main features and stick to them. In this regard, I have enough work to do. At the moment I can not articulate and highlight the main feature of my writing. Maybe you can tell me?

Recognition in the network

I would say that this is a consequence of personal branding. You need to increase your presence on the Internet. If you post comments, use gravatars with your nickname (do you feel there is a connection with the second point here?).

You may want to distinguish a few more options that allow you to stand out from the gray mass of faceless and dull, often abandoned blogs.

Draw conclusions, improve your brand, bringing everything under one denominator, become recognizable, even if it is in private circle. Remember, that this cycle can significantly increase one day!

And can you highlight a distinctive feature of your own blog? What is it expressed with?


  1. vishal fulwani


    Hi alex,

    Great article,I am newbie blogger. i want to make my blog as a real brand. Thanks for sharing this article with us.

  2. Jane


    Great points Alex! I hate to see blogs that don’t have a real person associated with them. It is in fact surprising to me see blogs that don’t have the image of the author anywhere – not under blog posts, not on the sidebar! And some blogs don’t even have an about page with a picture of a real person!

    And yes it is quite true to establish branding through the way of writing and the voice

  3. Reply

    Hello Alex Strike,

    Real brand is a little bit difficult specially your blog are not so familiar and its because of the of your articles,hopefully my blog will turn into real brand..

  4. Reply

    Hey Alex,

    Converting blog into BRAND is not that difficult that sounds.

    We just need to take care some very basic points and I must say that you have covered all those points here.


  5. John Zee


    Alex thanks for such a nice article.I want to ask if logo effects any SEO or ranking or had a good impression ?

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