One of the best ways to become a successful blogger is to be unique blogger.

You have to stand out or make your blog stand out so to speak in order to be noticed by others.

There are millions of blogs on the web so standing out will be a challenge for you.

But can it be done?

Yes it can be done, but it takes effort on your part in order to become a unique blogger.

First of all let’s get the meaning of what it means to be unique. When I search for the word “unique” in Google, I found out that it meant being one of a kind or, someone who is unlike anything or anyone else.

So to my knowledge being unique means to be a person who is different from everyone else.

Here 5 amazing tips on how to become a unique blogger.

happy 3D man standing out

Be Yourself

To become a unique blogger then you have to be yourself.

Don’t try to be like the top bloggers in your niche who are already successful.

Don’t try to imitate them.

They have already made a name for themselves by being who they are. You can’t become a unique blogger if you try to walk, talk or dress like them.

You have to be yourself by doing what you like.

It is always easy to be natural than to trying to be someone else.

When it comes to being a unique blogger then you should remember your audience. Show them who you are by creating a detailed about me page.  Have a profile picture of yourself on your blog as well so that your audience can see who you truly are.

When writing articles for your blog then you don’t want to transform into someone else. Be yourself while writing, this will help to make blog post writing easy.

So the first step to becoming a unique blogger is to be yourself.

Be Helpful

Another awesome way to become a unique blogger is to be helpful to others.

When I started blogging I didn’t know what I was doing.

I knew how to purchase my domain name and sign up for website hosting, but I didn’t know what steps to take when it came to blogging.

Yes I knew how to write and what topics to write about.

But when it comes on to growing my blog or writing for good search engine ranking, I needed some help from others.

When I got help from a particular person then this helped me to realize how unique this person was. This is because these days not everyone is helpful.

So another way of becoming a unique is the known as a person who is helpful.

Be Creative

When it comes to blogging then creativity is needed to show how unique you can be.

Whether it be article writing, blog design or layout, when you do these well then this will help to show your uniqueness.

When writing articles try as best to write articles that suites your blog readers and your audience if you are writing guest posts. Write as if you were talking face to face with them as well.

Be creative by creating your own articles and not copying what others have already posted on their blog.

Having a blog that looks creative is also a great way to make and show that your blog is unique. Instal a theme on your blog, one that isn’t used by a lot of people.

Design your blog in a way that looks nothing like another blog. Have the design of your blog welcoming your audience so that they will be drawn to your blog.

So being creative can make you a unique blogger.

Be Informative

Rather than blogging about things that have already been known by others, a great way to be unique is to stay ahead of the game when it comes to blogging.

Try your very best to stay up to date and inform your blog readers of the new things that are taking place in the blogosphere, or in the niche that your blog lies.

Don’t hold back information to yourself that you know that would help your blog readers to become successful as well. Share information with them that they need to make their blogs successful. Chances are when you do this then they will stick around longer on your blog.

These visitors will share your blog post without hesitation, they will even subscribe to your blog and also leave comments on your articles as well.

The more needed information you write on your blog for your blog readers then the more unique you will be as a blogger.

Be Everywhere

I know it is not possible to be everywhere at the same time. But what I mean is that you should do is to show yourself on different sites so that people can get to see you.

You can do this by guest blogging, blog commenting, join forums and participate in discussions, join conversations on Twitter, hang out on Facebook groups and any other place where you can be seen online.

This will help to show that you are not only a blogger but also a person who values up-building conversations whether pertaining to blogging or not.

When others see you then they will want to know who you are and in turn this can also help to bring in traffic to your blog.

Group Discussion

In conclusion, there are tons of things that you can do to become a unique blogger. All you have to do is to be different from everyone else. Stand out from the crowd instead of trying to fit in. Be helpful to other bloggers and share valuable tips with your blog readers.

  • What other tips do you have to share on how to become a unique blogger which will lead to blogging success?


  1. Charmie


    Loved the way of your presentation. This is an important element according to me. A blog is always judged by the way it is presented before its audiences.

  2. arvind sharma


    This tips is vry nice.In tips of impliment this tips and the make the uniqe blogger.i try this tips i am best blogger making.

  3. Cassie


    This is a very good post! Very informative and these tips are very useful. I have learned something from this. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. Jahid Hasan


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    I also like it
    thanks for publish it

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    Jahid Hasan

  5. Reply

    Be yourself and be creative are really need time specially newbie bloggers that they always copy and paste the articles with other blogs,hopefully this tips will give a lesson for all the bloggers out there..

    Brilliant articles, and i really appreciate it..

    • Reply

      Hey Adrian,

      Bring natural is the key to sum up your comment. Yep I hope the new bloggers will find this post and it will help them to become better bloggers.

      Thanks for the comment.

  6. Reply

    Hey Kharim,

    Being unique is really easy if we follow some simple steps that you have mentioned in your post.

    I always like the point “Be Everywhere”.

    Yes, it really works for me and other’s too who are implementing it. Having great social presence and participating in conversations like on forums can provide adequate leverage to be a unique and successful blogger.

    I really enjoyed reading your post. Great and smart tips buddy!


    • Reply

      Hello Ankit Kumar Singla,

      You are right about that pal. Being yourself is the easiest way to be unique, not trying to follow the steps of others.

      Being everywhere helps as well. Showing up on social media and social networks sites is a great way to show your uniqueness as well. Just do what you like and try to be different from others.

      Thanks for the comment and all the best to you.

  7. Emmanuel


    Hi Kharim,
    This is a great masterpiece. One every blogger ought to take really seriously.

    Being yourself is what matters the most but it is something most bloggers are lacking. Everyone has his or her own style but many are spending thir time trying to be like this or that blogger.

    But that shouldn’t be the case!
    Keep up with good work bro!

    • Reply

      Hey Emmanuel,

      No need to be like another blogger. We all have our own voices and its best we speak in our own voice that the voice of another person.

      Thanks for the comment pal and all the best to you and your blog.

  8. John Zee


    Kharim infact this is the best article i have read on net.Thanks for sharing unique article bro

  9. Arbaz Khan


    Being helpful is the only thing that can make you stand out in the crowd of thousands of bloggers. If you are helpful and creative also then it would be a plus point, but being yourself should be the first thing.
    Don’t be fake and you are all good to go 🙂

    • Reply

      Hey Arbaz Khan,

      You are so right. I love to help out people when I am free. I am always willing to do that.

      Yes and being creative as well goes a long way.

      Thanks for the comment and all the best for your and your blog.

  10. Pramod


    Excellent post mate !
    For a blogger to be unique and enjoy success , he should be creative and friendly as having both these qualities will improve the number of visitors to a blog . Thanks for sharing the information.


    • Reply

      Hey Pramod,

      You are so right. Creating a friendship between you and your blog visitors also with other bloggers can help to make you stand out. All you have to do is be persistent with it each day and also be creative while you are at it and then things will work well for you.

      Thanks for the comment pal and hope you have success as well.

  11. Gautam


    Any thing that is gonna help these days is uniqueness and one must be unique with his blog and content to win the heart of his readers if he wanna blog long term.

    • Reply

      Hello Gautam,

      Creating unique content is a great way to be unique. If your blog has tons of unique high quality content on it then this is what will help you bring success in a short period of time.

      Thanks for the comment and all the best to you pal.

  12. Reply

    Some great tips there.

    I always try to be helpful. I don’t think I have one “salesy” post on my blog.

    As for being everywhere – that’s a hard task, especially when blogging isn’t your source of income.

    • Reply

      Hey Mark,

      Thats awesome to know that you are writing high quality posts on your blog, keep up the good work.

      Being everywhere can help you to make money from your blog. Being everywhere doing guest posts and blog commenting can help to pull in traffic to your blog and then you can convert that traffic into cash.

      Thanks for the comment and hope you will have success in making money from your blog.

  13. wasim


    really nice and great post for new bloggers.
    Thanx Kharim.
    some of the above things i also don’t know when i started my blogging.
    awesome budy..

    • Reply

      Hey Wasim,

      Hope you have started to applying these tips so that you can have blogging success as well. Being unique is a great way to go about having that success.

      Thanks for the comment and all the best with your blog.

  14. Theodore Nwangene


    A very insightful post as always Kharim,
    One of the best steps to becoming a very awesome and successful blogger is by becoming very unique.

    All the steps you mentioned here are also the ways to go towards achieving uniqueness and, i so much like the issue of being everywhere.

    If you can find a way to develop your own voice, stay off the crowd and be as insanely unique as possible then, you will not only become a successful blogger but, you will also become an influencer in your chosen niche.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this man and, happy new and blessed month :).

    • Reply

      Hello Theodore,

      You are so right about that in your comment pal. Developing your voice instead of speaking like others is a great way to go.

      Each person is made up different, hence they will look at things differently and also interpret things differently as well.

      So when you write blog posts and you do it in a way which is different from others then this will help to pull in traffic to your blog.

      Thanks for the comment pal, and all the best to you.

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