Wouldn’t you like it if more of your blog visitors stayed a bit longer on your blog?

Yes we would all love that.

Many of us as bloggers wish that when our blog visitors comes to our blog that they will never leave. Spending all day, even all night, browsing our blog and reading everything that we have written.

It is highly impossible that people will come to our blog going through every single post or page that we publish. Thinking about it’ that would be a great idea, but still highly impossible. When a person goes to a blog or website, they only stay on the website if they can find the information that they are looking for and also if the blog or website is entertaining.

blog traffic

In order for us to make our blog visitors stay on our blog a bit longer then we have to work on building up our blog so that our visitors will love it. When we get visitors to out blog they look out for lots of reasons why they should stay on your blog.

Here are a couple tips that you can implement on your blog to make your blog visitors spend more time on your blog.

[box type=”red”]Write Better Quality Content[/box]

Whenever people go searching for information that they can find in one place then they will treasure it. They will even spend extra time at that place gathering more and more information as possible so that they can expand their knowledge.

The same thing can be said for our blog. When new blogger goes hunting for new blogging tips and if your blog has information that they need to make them into an advanced blogger, then your blog would be like a gold mine to them.

Never disappoint a new visitor to our blog especially if they have been searching for information that is hard to find. We should always aim to write better quality contents at all times because we don’t know when our targeted visitors might come our way.

Lots of bloggers claim to write quality content and I agree that I claim this as well. But not all the time others will see our content as golden. So when writing we should make sure it is information that has not been blogged about over and over again. Write about new and interesting things and also to write to please our blog readers. Doing so will keep our blog visitors much longer on our blog.

[box type=”red”]Have A Search Bar In Plain Sight[/box]

If your blog has a search bar then your visitors can spend more time on your blog and acquire more information of interest to them. If your blog doesn’t have a search bar then your visitors may come to the conclusion that your blog doesn’t have the information that they are looking for.

A search bar located at the top of your side bar is the ideal place to be located when your blog visitors are ready to search. Without the search bar then they might get turned off if they have to be flipping through the pages of your blog to find information.

So always remember to display the search bar on your blog, right where your visitors can see it.

[box type=”red”]Make Sure Your Blog Loads Fast[/box]

Many a times people get turned off by slow loading web pages. This often turns me off as well. I don’t like sitting around my computer, knowing that I have a very fast internet connection and the damn web page won’t load.

Isn’t this annoying? Quite so.

Most times visitors to a website that loads slowly they often leave upon visiting the very first page. It doesn’t matter if that website or blog has information that the visitors wants, once the page loads slow then they will leave.

If you want your blog visitors stay much longer on your blog then you have to limit the usage of plugins you use on your blog. Too much active plugin can slow down your blog, it has happened to me and I had to let my plugins go because I wanted to keep my blog visitors. Limit the use of images as well. Too much image can make your blog load slow and that can make our blog visitors leave much sooner than expected.

Install a cache plugin on your blog such as the W3 Total Cache WordPress plugin, that will help to speed things up a bit.

[box type=”red”]Have A Clean Navigation Menu[/box]

Having a clean navigation menu at the top of your blog can help to make your blog visitors stay a bit longer. In the navigation menu, make sure to include a link back to your homepage and also to other important pages.

If your blog has great content then you would no doubt want the navigation menu to be great as well.

[box type=”red”]Display Related Post Under Posts[/box]

If your blog visitors and readers like your content then they will want to read similar topics of interest. I like to check out other posts if I like what I read on a blog.

This is where the related posts come it. Displaying at least 5 posts which are related to the post that is being read is a great way to go to keeping your blog readers busy on your blog. This often ends up in the reader subscribing to your blog (if your content is good) and also a low bounce rate.

You can use plugins as well to display related posts to your liking. This is a must for every blog.

[box type=”red”]Display Top Posts In Sidebar[/box]

Most blogs that you visit today you will notice their most read or top commented posts being displayed in the sidebar. This is not that the blog owner is showing off that his/her blog is better than yours. This blog owner is saying to you, “here are some blog posts that you may want to read” in a calm and friendly manner.

Showing your top posts in your sidebar can make your blog visitors browse your blog and reading more article for a longer time, and hence spending more time on your blog. If you don’t have a “top post” section on your blog, I advice you that you go put it there now.

[box type=”red”]Make It Easy To Comment[/box]

Whenever visitors come to our blog sometimes its to make blog comments. Blog  commenting is a way to traffic to ones blog and also building strong backlinks for your site. Blog commenting exposes you and your blog to more new audience online so that you can become visible. When it is easy for your visitors to comment on your blog then they will stick around your blog some more to make more blog comments as well.

You have to make sure that you approve comments fast if they are being held for moderation and also reward them by the use of CommentLuv Plugin or a top commentators widget. This will surely keep your visitors longer on your blog.

[box type=”red”]Cut Back On Your Ads[/box]

Another great way of making money from our blog is by the use of banners and advertisements or Google Adsense.

Selling advertisements on your blog can help you to pay your monthly bills, pay for hosting, buy new plugins, or help to put extra money in your pocket. Many bloggers and website owners sell ads on their blog, including me. I have made great money selling ads and this has helped me quite a bit to keep up my blogging.

However, too much ads on a blog can distract your blog visitors from their main purpose on your blog. Too much ads can make your blog look like a billboard or a magazine just for advertisers. We don’t want our blog to be like that. We want our blog visitors to be focused on our content and what we have to say to them.

Publish more content and cut back on some of your ads, this will help your blog visitors to spend a much longer time on your blog.

[box type=”red”]Limit OR Disable Pop-Ups[/box]

In order for us as bloggers to build or increase the subscribers to our mailing list then a great way to do it is by the use of pop up optin forms. Pop Up Domination is a great WordPress plugin that can help us to increase the number of subscribers to our mailing list. Having a mailing list can also help us to make money online and also to inform the people who have subscribed of new blog posts and so on.

Pop ups can also be a turn off for your blog visitors, even though this is a form of increasing your mailing list. So how will this work. Well what you can do is make your pop up visible and set it that if a blog visitor closes thepop up box it does not come up again until after 30 days. Displaying your pop up too often may cause your blog visitors to go away.

QUICK TIP: If you are using a pop up such as Pop Up Domination then to increase your subscribers list, a free ebook or tool related your niche is one of the best ways to do it.

[box type=”red”]Open External Links In New Window[/box]

When you feature a link on your blog in an article or in your side bar, or maybe you are selling banners and text links on your blog you can act wisely by opening these external links in a new window or new tab. Doing this will make your blog visitors browse the other page that you have sent them to and still have your blog open in a background window.

Why should you do this although they are browsing another site that YOU sent them to?

Well the site that you sent them to maybe down, it may have information that they already know or want to exit, they still have your blog opened in the background tab and they can come back to it to continue reading. We wouldn’t want to make our blog visitors leave our blogs be opening external links in the same window that they were using to browse your blog.

Opening External Links On Your WordPress Blog

I have lots of links on my blog but I didn’t have time to go through my blog to make all of them open in a new window.

I would have to make ALL my links like this code below. The target=”_blank” is for opening links in a new window.

<a href="http://google.com" target="_blank">Google</a>

But I have found this excellent plugin which does this for me.

This plugin is called Outbound Links and this plugin makes ALL your external links to other site open in a new window. Installing this plugin on your blog will help to keep your blog visitors on your blog much longer.

[box]In Conclusion[/box]

Keeping your blog visitors on your blog much longer can help to increase your blog traffic and also to decrease your bounce rate. This also goes to show that have successfully built a blog that people love.

Group Discussion: What tips can you offer in keeping your visitors on your blog much longer?


  1. waqas


    love your post everything is described very well.Can you tell me how much maximum images i can insert into post so that my page load speed not effect ??

  2. Juwel


    really its a great article to improve the blog. thanks, kharim.i know your post are always effective to blogging. i am like your blog and visit your blog regularly.thanks for share your great tricks with us.

  3. Kulvir Singh


    Thanks for providing some tips about blog. I like your blog very much. Thanks again.

    Keep writing and sharing such a good kind of blog info.

  4. Akaahan Terungwa


    Hello Kharim,

    The points you mention will keep a visitor longer on any blog. If you add internal linking, your visitor’s time on your blog will be exponential.

    Thanks for this entry and do have a great day!

    – Terungwa

  5. Sadek


    Will keep above 10 tips in mind while writing in my new blog.
    Hope this will work positively, and will make my new site successful .

    • Reply

      Hello Sadek,

      I hope that my tips will work well for your blog when you apply them to it. All you have to do is be consistent with it and everything will go great.

      Thanks for the comment.

  6. Aussie Pete


    Hi and thanks for your advice, l read with great interest as l am fairly new to blogging and seem to only get spammers posting replies. Anyways thanks again and all the best with it…… ohh as the post was about keeping your visitors longer l guess l should do the right thing and check out a few other posts of yours, cheer from Australia

  7. Steve


    Great article here, Kharim.
    You elaborated couple of very important & useful points.What I liked most is that idea of loading the page promptly. If you shall keep your visitor waiting, may be he/she shall leave by then. In case, some one has already handled the speed case properly, the next main thing is layout and placement of content along with required block. One thing I would like to add here is that font size and color should be chosen very wisely. It be soothing to eyes and easy to read!


  8. Jan Christian


    Thank you so much for this very helpful tips, I will surely use this to lessen the bounce rate of my visitoy on my blog.

  9. Prakash


    I think interlinking is the best way for it. If a visitor find the related content then he must go for that. Thanks for sharing it.

  10. Reply

    I am agree with all the tips you mentioned here. It is really important to have a quality content. It is a true fact that relevant visitors seeking for the relevant information like to see good and appropriate content and if they don’t find it relevant may be they will not come back to that site. So quality is very much of importance for a successful website. Thank you so much for this informative post Kharim…

  11. Backflow Testing


    If visitors ease in your site they will definitely not going to anywhere before reading more then 1 blog post. This is fact i found in my blogging career.

  12. monaedward


    All tips are great but what I think search engines are not concern with your article post but its more concerns with bonus rate of visitors these tips are good to keep visitors involve in your blog post or site.

  13. Reply

    Hey! I am new in blogging line..! can you help me with some ideas abot making backlinks..? and y are they useful..? other than leaving comments on blogs..

    • Reply

      Hello Tushar,

      Backlinks are links on a site that points back to your blog, hence the term “backlinks”. If you want to get backlinks then you can do guest posting, blog comments, forum posting with your site link as signature.

      Backlinks are important because search engines realizes these links. The more links you have pointing back to your blog then the more the search engines will index your article.

      If you need more information, please feel free to contact me.

      Thanks for the comment.

  14. Reply

    Hey Kharim !
    Very nice tips, indeed. You are right waiting for loading a website is frustrating. No one wants to wait for getting their information, so they can switch to some other site. Moreover, clean navigation is an important point in this topic.
    Well thanks for such a nice article.

    • Reply

      Hello Matt,

      When a blog or website takes minutes to load then the person browsing that site will think something is wrong and may end up leaving.

      Having a cluster free navigation on your blog is also recommended as well.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  15. pintu patel


    Absolutely, a very nice article, Kharim. i take few tips from your article and apply in my blog for increase visitor time on my blog….

    • Reply

      Hey Pintu,

      Well I hope that my article has educated you and hope that you will apply and reap benefits.

      Thanks for the comment.

  16. Larry


    Excellent tips! I feel very glad to read this post. I would like to share this tips to all bloggers…

  17. Reply

    Great tips, Kharim! Retweeted it. Though, I believe you have forgotten one more: Link to Your Own Posts (a.k.a. inbound links). Only do this if the articles you’re linking to are relevant. =)

  18. Reply

    I came by your blog surfing after some good advices how to optimize and increase traffic to one of my blogs.

    It has inspired to have more focus on some more high quality articles about a certain topic which I think would be more interesting for my readers.

  19. vinay


    Thanks for this interesting post. I loved it. This kind of input helps reader to drive its technical skills to a new level

  20. Tom George


    Awesome post Kharim. I appreciate you for writing these types of articles. This post is pretty enough to write good blog and to make the visitors to marvel a lot time on the articles.

    • Reply

      Hey Tom,

      I try my very best to provide great articles for my writers.

      Thanks for stopping by and reading and leaving a comment.

  21. Wade


    You’re totally right about all of this. I have also found that having too much clutter on your site also dissuades people from visiting too. Give them too many options and they won’t do anything.

  22. Rajkumar Jonnala


    Hi Kharim,

    Well as i said earlier in recent post, attractive themes are must for every blog with plug ins installed. Using for widgets like random posts and popular posts would help in navigating earlier posts easily.


    • Reply

      Hey Rajkumar,

      I agree with you on that point as well. Related posts and an attractive blog is a must for you to get your blog visitors to stay longer… of course that goes along with great quality content.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  23. Rekha


    hi Its very nice to hear that there is person like who share knowledge about something that gonna be helpful to all marketers online. Well, your blog post really of great help. I’m gonna try this and apply to my business online. Thanks!

      • Mike


        More the visitors come to the blog if they’ll find it interesting. Great advice about optimizing pop-up plugins so that if you do use them. Thanks for that tip.

        • Reply

          Hey Mike,

          Yep if they keep coming back to your blog that means the content was great. All we have to do is keeo writing on that line.

          Thanks for the comment pal.

  24. Richa Shrivastava


    What thinks to do to bring them to our blog. I do social networking, blog posting, guest blogging, still the traffic is low as per my perception. Kindly share your views, what else i should do other than this.

    • Reply

      If you are doing all of those and a few traffic comes to your blog, then what you need to do is analyze your blog and see what could be wrong.

      Might be you need to write more quality content, play with your blog design, make your blog load faster.

      Just try to play around with some things and see which works best in bringing traffic to your blog.

      Thanks for the comment.

  25. Kevin


    I certainly agree with this sentence “Limit OR Disable Pop-Ups” because if you don’t your visitors and readers will easily get annoyed and find your site as a scam. They doesn’t want to be bothered while browsing through your site.

    • Reply

      Pop ups can be annoying at times especially if the blog owner only wants to build a list and not offering a great freebie to go with it.

      Thanks for the comment.

  26. Andy


    To engage a reader for a longer time is a task indeed and what you said about making commenting easier and posting relevant replies under posts i completely agree with. thanks these tips are very useful!

    • Reply

      Hey Andy,

      I often leave a blog when I find out that I have to do this or that to make my comment. I think the easier it is for a visitor to comment then he will stay much longer on that blog.

      Thanks for your comment.

  27. Reply

    Great tips Kharim,

    Maybe I can add some if you don’t mind. Besides quality, we can make a better (eye catching) title and longer post. If visitors interested with the title they’ll go through the first paragraph.

    If you steal their attention on first paragraph, they’ll stick to read till the end. So if you have long post maybe they require at least 2 minutes to read the full messages.

    • Reply

      Hey Okto,

      I agree with you. Interesting headlines and introduction is a must if you want to keep your blog visitors browsing your blog some more.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  28. Reply


    These are the tips which should be followed by any new blogger.

    We should keep in Mind that placing Ad’s on blog with no/less traffic does no good & can increase page load time.

    Thanks for the tips

    • Reply

      Hey Cris,

      Yes you are right. Placing ads on a blog can slow down your blog especially if the ads uses flash or javascript to load.

      Thanks for the comment.

  29. Mia


    Just due to avaibility of this plugin i moved to wordpress from blogger platform…I love this plugin.,It have increased my blog traffic too!!


  30. anshul


    Hi Kharim!
    excellent tips Kharim.making good quality content is the best way to boost your site.i like your all tips.
    thanks for sharing this information.

    • Reply

      Hi Anshul,

      Yes! Quality contents is a must for blogging success. I want to be a successful blogger so I have to publish contents with high quality.

      Thanks for the comment.

  31. Tom Watson


    Great advice! Especially the “write good content part”. Without that, it’s a tough road to making it work. Anyway, Ileane had a great point about podcasts. Though I’m no expert at making them, many love them simply because they like to listen more than read

    • Reply

      Hey Tom,

      Yep awesome content is a must for my blog.

      I want to start video blogging soon. I seem to be shy getting in front of the camera.

      But I will soon.

      Thanks for the comment.

      • Tom Watson


        I done some trial runs with that… I’m going to need a bit of practice (I stink at it so far). So I decided to go the webinar route first, then try video again.

        Video does add a whole new element to the blog atmosphere though. Good luck with it. I think it will go ever great with your audience.

        • Reply

          Well I am going to be doing some videos before the end of the year. So you can look our for me on YouTube 🙂

          Will post videos here as well.

          Thanks gain for your comment, Tom.

  32. Reply

    Your blog may be listed as top rated if it contains user friendly features and plugins and contain updated information related to the topics. More the visitors come to the blog if they’ll find it interesting. Nowadays, there is a hot trend of using social media to popularize your blogs in a proper way.

    • Reply


      I must agree with you on that. Plugins which makes your blog user friendly and also with informative articles is what is needed for blogging success as well.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  33. Ameenah


    You’re certainly right. Visitors who stay on your website, read new posts and search for older ones, comment – this is exactly the kind of “dream” traffic that we all want for our websites. This key difference is exactly why getting real people interested in the niche topic your blog caters is so paramount. These types of visitors are NOT the kind that many people will attempt to “buy” in an attempt to increase their traffic. Real visitors might bookmark your site or share the link with a friend.

    Great advice about optimizing pop-up plugins so that if you do use them, you use them in a effective way rather than an abrasive way, by tweaking their frequency.

    • Reply

      Thanks for the comment Ameenah.

      This is what you call targeted traffic because these persons are interested in your blog and its content.

      Thanks again.

  34. Amrik Virdi


    I find it easier to produce content at night after I have had some experiences throughout the day; because my day is what gives me the inspiration to write most of my content for my blogs. I have plenty of post-it notes around me for when I am out driving or at the mall and pick up a topic that I want to write about. Once I get started, I’m usually kicking out two or three posts in a night. I try to save them as drafts for release on other days.

    The point about taking a day to go back and edit is essential. Every writer/blogger should take the time to edit, edit, and sometimes re-edit their content to make sure it is the best they can give

    • Reply

      Hey Amrik,

      That is a great idea to write blog posts at night after all your day’s activity. I am going to try that.

      Thanks for that tip and thanks as well for your comment.

  35. John Reed



    Great factors to look at for a new website, such as the easy and clean navigation.

    It’s also important to have clean look website as it can decrease the bounce rate.


  36. Rahul kuntala


    The best way to make our readers sticky is: using catchy titles with the related posts plugin at the end of the posts.

    CommentLuv is also a better option(especially the premium one which you are using now) to grab users attention.

    I always forgot to open your blog. But once if I open it, I can’t stop myself to make a comment. I like the design, plugins, your cute image on the sidebar, typography everything. If you are smart enough I’m indirectly saying what makes the readers sticky 😉

    • Reply

      Hey Rahul,

      Yes I am in agree with you. Catchy article headlines will surly do the trick in keeping them busy and also displaying related articles for the current post they are reading.

      Glad to know that you like the look and feel of my blog.

      Your blog is great as well.

      Thanks for the comment.

  37. Felicia Corrine


    Your tips are really awesome. They would surely be helpful to many desirous bloggers. Actually nowadays Google is looking at the website’s download speed for ranking. So this makes it necessary for the bloggers to make their page easily accessible. I never thought the idea of having a search bar. That would be a brilliant idea.

    • Reply

      Yes you are right on that. The faster your blog or website loads then the better for you with getting ranked by Google.

      Thanks for the comment.

  38. Samuel


    Please, please control the amount of ads on your blog. Content that takes up most of the screen makes for happier readers. Also, those ads that dance across the screen, have no close button, or just pop out and obscure all the text when a user mouses over a word or icon need to go. Fast. You either keep the annoying ads or keep the readers, on this one.

    • Reply

      I am glad t you agree with me Samuel.

      The more content then the better our blog will be for our blog readers.

      Too much ads display much greed for making money.

      Thanks for the comment.

  39. Reply

    great article mr kharim really learned a lot from your post and will surely adapt it in my blog you raised some good points about how to blog ethically these days.

  40. John Ernest


    The tips are awesome! Bloggers like me already know these tips, but we don’t act on it, mainly because we believe in our own ways. But through your explanation, it is clear that we need to do these to succeed. I would also like to add that you should offer your visitors something else than your posts or articles. You can offer some freebies or even put up a little game to keep them entertained.

  41. Reply

    This is a great post. I’ve seen some blogs that have way too many ads and not enough helpful content. In most cases those bloggers are only self promoting and not helping and they wonder why people don’t stay on their blogs. And when a visitor hits the go back button, search engines record that and it could hinder chances of the search engines sending traffic to that blog.

    • Reply

      These type of bloggers are only interested in the money making processing of blogging. But if they do the things which will build up their blog then they will make the money that they need.

      You made a great point about hitting the back button. Page ranks can go down because of that and in the long run it can hurt our blogs.

      Thanks for the comment Pamela.

  42. Reply

    Its very nice to hear that there is person like who share knowledge about something that gonna be helpful to all marketers online. Well, your blog post really of great help. I’m gonna try this and apply to my business online. Thanks!

  43. Christian Esperar


    Hi Kharim! This tips will definitely make visitors stay in our blog more longer because it is clean and very optimised. The floating “recommended article” will definitely make your visitor stay longer because where ever they are thay can see links that present in your blog.

    • Reply

      Recommend article and related articles are a combination to making your blog visitors stay on your blog longer. Thanks for the comment!

  44. Marnie Byod


    A very impressive article Kharim, for me aside from writing a good quality content the second thing that I will assure is the blog loads fast? Because it is quite annoying to wait all time.

    • Reply

      Yep that can be pretty annoying. Slow loading blogs and websites always annoys me.

      Thanks for the comment, Marine Byod.

  45. Michelle


    Absolutely love this post. Especially the point about “Write Better Quality Content.” I think that content is the ultimate crowd puller. When you write good content, those that read it tend to mention it to others. Those people in turn come to your site, thus adding to the new readers as well as more traffic.

    • Reply

      Thanks for the comment Michelle. Yes you are right, its all about quality, and not so much about quantity.

  46. Reply

    Your given all tips are important to keep visitors long time on blog. I want to add one thing that include interesting images into blog so that visitors easily attract through image and try to read blog content.

    • Reply

      Yep that’s true as well. Eye catching images will help to keep them longer as well.

      Another thing that we should keep in mind is that we don’t want to use too many images on one page or big images, because this will slow down our blog and cause the visitors to leave.

      Thanks for your input on my blog article. 🙂

  47. Shalu Sharma


    I agree with all of the tips. Quality of the content is for sure very important. Many at times, first time visitors wants to see good content and if they don’t perhaps they wont come back again. So quality is very important. Thanks Kharim.

    • Reply

      Hey Shalu,

      Yep quality content is the key to our blog visitors hearts. So with quality contents all the time then we can be sure to have our blog visitors for a long time.

      Thanks for the comment.

  48. Azam


    All tips are valid but if a blog does not have 100% unique contents, it will loose the visitors. In each post there should knowledge and learning for reader in such a way that they wait for your next post.

  49. Reply

    These are some great tips! I’ve read from other sites that opening a new window was bad practice but from my experience and from reading your post, I think opening new windows work much better. Very good read. Thanks!

    • Reply

      It’s always best to open external links in a new window because you want to keep your blog traffic on your blog and not send them away to another site.

      Thanks for your comment.

  50. Phios


    Thanks for the suggestions man. I always find myself clicking on related posts and popular posts sections of new blogs that I visit.

    So it is a good idea, as you have already mentioned int he post, to keep clicking by providing them with some of them of the content you published earlier on at the end of a post or on the sidebars.

    Happy blogging.

  51. Reply

    Hi Kharim, excellent advice and very easy to follow tips for keeping visitors around and reducing your bounce rate.

    I like having the related posts listed right below and recent posts in the sidebar too. I’m so glad you mentioned getting rid of Pop-up domination. The world would be a much nicer place without that plugin 🙂

    There is one more that I would like to add to your list. I like to include videos or audio podcasts in my posts which keeps people engaged and they also have an alternate way to consume my content. There are time when we all need to take a break from reading and those videos and podcasts are a nice touch.

    Thanks for the post Kharim, I’ll be sure to share it.

    • Reply

      I have the pop up domination plugin and it has worked for me where increasing the number of subscribers is concerned. I took it off for now because I wanted to use Aweber, but unfortunately they don’t accept Paypal. So I am gonna go back to MailChimp soon. I will use Pop Up Domination then to build up my list.

      I am also gonna start video blogging soon.

      Thanks again Ileane for the comment and wonderful advice. 🙂

  52. Aasma


    Pop-ups are very annoying, there is no doubt about it. I sometimes skipped blogs or websites which shows continuous pop-ups after few minutes. You generally got frustrated and never come back to that site again.

    • Reply

      This is the reason why I took mine off, but I am gonna use it for building up my mailing list though.

      Thanks for your comment.

  53. Irfan Siddiqui


    Absolutely, a very nice article, Kharim.

    I agree that a clean layout helps the reader to glued himself to your blog. One can’t make himself comfortable reading in a highly distracted blog. Very nice point!

    • Reply

      Thanks for the comment Irfan, a nice layout always gets me attracted to a blog. I often browse every now and then, but that still counts as being on the blog for a long time.

      Thanks again bro!

  54. Joe Boyle


    Great article here, Kharim. Newer webmasters don’t seem to grasp the fact that the number of visitors means nothing if they leave in the first ten seconds that they visit.

    The overall quality of the content and design is the first factor that goes into making your readers stay for any period of time.

    • Reply

      Yep that’s true. And it’s always important to get them to subscribe on their first visit, even though its hard to do.

      Thanks for your comment

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