In everything we do we strive to become successful, it’s just the norm.

We all hate to fail and after failing it’s very hard to look in the mirror at our shameful faces.

In blogging, everyday there are more failures in blogging than success.

People give up on blogging because they think that blogging is hard, because they find content writing hard, or because they don’t make money blogging.

But this is not the case for me. It’s all about the passion that drives me to enjoy blogging and the wonderful benefits that comes along with blogging.

Without true passion for blogging then you are going to end up on the percentage of failed bloggers. It’s not wise to start blogging without having any passion, it just won’t work, even if you have the passion for making money online without the passion for blogging you will still fail.

Having passion is like having a car with a working engine. Without the passion then its like you got yourself a car with no engine. Passion is what drives us as bloggers to continue writing new blog posts, make comments, do guest posts, become social, etc. and in the long run we can make money from our blogs.

[box type=”green”]What Makes A Successful Blogger?[/box]


[box type=”spacer”]Have A Passion For Blogging[/box]

In the introduction of this post, I mentioned that having passion for blogging is what makes a successful blogger.

This means that you will develop a love for blogging and also the niche that you are blogging in.

Most of the times why people fail at blogging is because they force themselves to blog or start a blog on a topic/niche that they have little or no knowledge about. Some people may know that certain niche is more profitable than some but because they focus more on the money making part of blogging, they don’t do the things in blogging which will help them to make the money so they end up failing.

Why should you start a blog on a topic that you love and have knowledge about?

This is because when you start to blog you will have lots of information to feed your blog readers with. This is a great way to keep an active blog.

When you have knowledge about a topic and decide to start a blog, then you can become a successful blogger. People will flock to your blog for information. You can use your knowledge to educate them and once you have a captivated audience then you can start to make money from your blog.

Bloggers are more successful when they naturally have passion for blogging. Forcing oneself to blog is strictly a no-no! You will burn out within a month or two and then quit blogging.

So before you start a blog, or if you already have a blog and want to become successful, you have to let your passion for blogging speak for itself.

[box type=”spacer”]Dedicate Most Of Your Time To Blogging[/box]

Blogging is time consuming.

Blog commenting, guest posting, networking, article writing, marketing, blog promotion….

Takes lots of time.

If you really want to be successful when it comes to blogging, then you have to dedicate most of your time to blogging.

What I mean is to dedicate most of your free time to blogging. Most of us, including me, live a pretty busy lifestyle and if you don’t manage your time well then you are sometimes forced to push your blogging matters to the side.

The best way to make blogging work for your is to set up a timetable/blogging schedule.

I have done this in the past and it has worked well for me. Many successful bloggers have done it as well and they are having great success with it.

Remember success doesn’t come over night. It may take many nights, even sleepless nights and this requires lots of time.

You may not want to suddenly use your free time to be blogging because you may suffer from a blogger burnout. But if you do this then in the long run you can have back your free time when become a successful blogger making a living from your blog.

[box type=”spacer”]Stay Focused On Blogging[/box]

Being focused on blogging is another step which can helps us to be more successful.

I like many people love to play online games or spend long hours on social networking sites chatting to our friends.

Is that being focused when it comes to blogging?

No it’s not!

Sometimes we need to log out of our favorite social networking site, stop playing that video game for an hour or two and put blogging in the driving seat of our minds.

The more focused you are when it comes to blogging then the more success we can become.

When it comes to writing a blog post then staying focused is needed in order to write a great blog post.

When you are focused on blogging then you realize that your blog posts are formed well. Your writing is much better and you have lots of ideas that you want to blog about.

Become more focused and become more successful.

[box type=”spacer”] Get Traffic To Your Blog[/box]

In order to become a successful blogger then traffic is needed to your blog.

For you to get traffic to your blog then you have to be out there doing what it takes to bring traffic to your blog.

Here is some of the most popular and effective ways to get traffic to your blog:

  • Guest Posting – If you want to get your blog noticed then you need to participate in guest posting on other blogs. Guest post on blogs that are similar to your niche. When you do this you will need to leave links in your article leading back to your blog and in your author bio as well. This will help you to get traffic to your blog.
  • Blog Commenting – Another great way to get traffic to your blog is through blog commenting. Of course this may take time to do but in the end it will be worth it. When blog commenting, leave up-building comments that contributes to the discussion and also a link back to your blog.
  • Forum Posting – Forums are always filled with people and a great way to get traffic is to be active on a forum related to your niche. Add your blog link to your signature and be helpful on the forum. This will surly help to get some of these forum members to your blog.
  • Social Media – You can get tons of targeted traffic to your blog through social media sites. Be wise not to spam and be helpful to other users as well. Every now and then you can share your blog links or article links so others can see and visit your blog if they like.
  • Search Engine – Search engines can help to deliver massive amount of traffic to your blog. Be sure to write each article with SEO in mind and optimize for the best keywords so that your blog appears on the front page of search engine results.

[box]In Conclusion[/box]

In order to become a successful blogger then you have to dedicate yourself to your blog. Put in extra work and be unique as well.

Write blog posts regularly so that you can keep your audience entertained and also create a community around your blog.


  1. Internet Marketing Business


    Really great post for all blogger this post is very informative post because you are giving me many information yes you are correct without passion for blogging

  2. Mike


    Getting search engine traffic, is not easy, so I suggest you don’t focus most of your efforts on that because most people do. You’ll never know when google does another big update and maybe your site might get hit because of that. So focus more on other ways of getting traffic.

    • Reply

      Hello Mike,

      I totally agree with you pal. If you focus on one means of getting traffic to your blog and that one source cuts you off then your blog will be lonely.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  3. Abu Bah


    Guest posting is the best way to get traffic to your blog. Also, if the blog is a dofollow blog, you can even add links back to your website which will help your rankings.

  4. Reply

    Hey Kharim !
    Very nice post. No doubt, the points you have mentioned in this post are the foundations of blogging. I must say that “focus” is the key to success. If one wants success in the blogging career, he must devote himself for blogging. Moreover, not only in blogging , even in every field you have to be focused towards your goal.
    Matt Kennedy

    • Reply

      Hey Matt,

      Yep you got the point that I am trying to bring across in this post. One must focus on blogging and also be determined if he/she wants to become successful in blogging.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  5. Dragos


    There are people that win from their blogging more then others from a normal office job- as long as you have passion for what you do and patience results will come. Of course some trendy topic should be found to set the basics of one’s blog, a little market research, some networking, a bit of SEO will spice up your way to becoming a successful blogger.

    • Reply

      Hey Dragos,

      You are right on that man!

      Once you have passion and the other things that you have mentioned above then you are sure to have some success in blogging.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  6. Tamara Calhoun


    A successful blog can have one reader. As long as that reader is engaged and continues to return (and it’s not just your mom!), you have a successful blog. Do you have a successful blog? Or are there some areas you need to work on? Have you started your blog yet? Keep in mind these points when you get ready to begin!

    • Reply

      Hey Tamara,

      That’s a lovely point that you made. But when you have tons of readers then this goes to show that your blog has more success.

  7. Wade


    You’re right about being passionate…I never knew how time consuming blogging would be. The only thing that kept me going was that I loved writing. You have to be passionate about blogging to become successful.

    • Reply

      Hey Wade,

      In the end, a person’s passion for blogging will speak for itself. Blogging can become hard if you have no passion so this is why it is necessary to have passion first and then you start a blog.

      Thanks for the comment.

  8. vinay


    I found this post interesting. This kind of input helps reader to drive there blogging creativity to a new level

  9. kevin


    This is so true kharim , alot of people do not have the passion for blogging so they give up really quick. It takes alot of time, dedication and hard work in putting together a very compelling blog that will attract alot of readers and also make them want to share it with friends.


    • Reply

      Blogging is really a handful and if you are not prepared for the work ahead then you will fail at blogging.

      That’s why most bloggers fail.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  10. Tom


    Successful blogging requires the right ingredients whatever your business, niche or message. You must have the consistent traffic building method and most importantly fresh and unique content that your readers really like to read about.

  11. Anne Shirley


    Everyone wants to become a good and successful blogger and your post going to help us to fulfill that dream specially the steps focus on the blogging and the how to get traffic to our blog. Cool tips I must say.

  12. Rajkumar Jonnala


    Staying focused and driving traffic are the most important things to be followed. Hard work does not pay much. Put in efforts to drive in traffic or otherwise all your efforts will go in vain.

    • Reply

      Hey Rajkumar,

      Having a goal fixed in front of us is the best way to stay focused. That is what I do in order to keep on blogging.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  13. Mark Brook


    Hey again you have written a good blog and its provide great information to all the persons who have just start blogging.
    As after writing your best content you need some optimizing techniques also and some social media work to tell every one what are you writing and upto.

  14. sarika deshmukh


    Hello dear

    really after failing its very hard to look in the mirror at our shameless face yes successful blogger making a living from our blog social media is very great way for increase your visibility really all sourec is very useful thaks for the sharing me

    Thanks & regards

    • Reply

      Hey Sarika,

      I must agree with you that it feels very terrible to become a failure especially if you loved something. But hard work is what it takes to become successful, even in blogging.

      Thanks for the comment.

  15. Bhushan


    Hi Kharim,
    Nice and excellent tips to become a successful blogger. Your tips are very effective because these are real experiences of your, I think. Absolutely Guest posting, blog commenting, forum posting and social media are most popular and effective ways to get traffic to your blog.
    Thank you.

    • Reply

      Hey Bhushan,

      Yes I have done these and this is why I am writing about them and sharing them with my blog readers.

      Thanks very much for the comment.

  16. Nawaz


    Guest Posting one of the best technique to get links and traffic for a site. These links are also very useful for the ranking of the site but there should not be more than two links per post.

    • Reply

      Hey Nawaz,

      Yep guest posting links back to your blog are very effective. Helps to build up your blog backlinks and also get targeted traffic.

      Thanks for the comment.

  17. Reply

    I’ve found Lots of necessary information from your blog. Just bookmark your blog for more explore! I will definitely share this post with others. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Tom Watson


    Yo Kharim!

    I agree with you. Start with “what you know”. You can’t share what you don’t know much about! Also, you need a long-term vision. People need to stop thinking about “today” and get focused on “6 months from now”.

    The big money doesn’t come from a short-term effort. You need to pay your dues as they say. After all, if it were easy and quick, everybody would be rich and successful (diluting its meaning).

    • Reply

      Hey Tom,

      Yep, writing on what you know to educate others that want to learn is the best way to go. I have done this and I have gotten money and traffic from doing this.

      I also must agree with you that looking at the future instead of now is the best thing to do. Set goals and try to accomplish them

      Thanks for that tip and thanks for the comment.

  19. Reply

    This post will help all newbies. Being focused is the secret to sucess in my opinion. If you’re following your passion then you tend to put in all the blood sweat and tears necessary. Being self-employed is far better than working in mainstream employment any day!!!

    • Reply

      Hey Fern,

      Yes, being focused and letting your passion speak for itself is the best way to go so that blogging will work for you.

      Thanks for the comment.

  20. Maja


    All techniques for blogging are useful when passion about blogging is pure. When have intention to devote time and energy for blogging.

    • Reply

      Hey Maja,

      I agree with you man. Passion is what makes a successful blogger. Having deep love for blogging is what will cause us to become rich through blogging.

      Thanks for the comment.

  21. Dave


    Very informative article. Everyone who’s thinking about blogging seriously should read it at first. The methods you are describing here are the ones which really work. I personally know a few people who applied them and became successful just like you. I would say that the most important method for driving traffic and gaining reputation is guest posting.

    • Reply

      Hey Dave, thanks for stopping by and reading.

      These are the things that I did to become successful. Try them and see how well they work for you.

      Thanks for the comment.

  22. Jane


    From my experience, it takes a lot of patience and perseverance to succeed. It is because it takes quite some time to get the results and to figure out things. But once you reach there, most of the stuff is set on autopilot!

    • Reply

      Hey Jane,

      This is the point that I am try to get across in my article. Once you reach to the top, then it will be smooth from there on.

      Thanks for that wonderful comment. It was well appreciated!

  23. Bhushan


    This is really a wonderful post to read on. It will not only inspire other bloggers but will also give them a guide line so they are not moved out of the track. In fact can be considered as a checklist of blogging. Will regularly visit your site for some great insights!

    • Reply

      Hey Bhushan,

      Well I try my very best as I always say to give the best tips for my blog readers.

      Thanks for the comment.

  24. Reply

    Hi Kharim,
    This post is really informative for all bloggers. I like the ways that you have highlighted. Those are definitely effective. Apart from this, well I think that in order to be successful in blogging, one need to be passionate enough and secondly content plays an important role. More unique your content is, more visitors you are going to have at your blog. Thanks for the share!!

    • Reply

      Hello Aditi,

      Contents does play an important role in blogging success. We have to realize that blog readers crave for quality content and if we feed them with quality content through our blogs, then our blog will be more successful.

      Thanks for the comment on my article. Well appreciated!

    • Bhushan


      Content has very much important but I think theme is very important in a blog it make first impression although content has good marks but comes come after theme.
      What do you think about that Aditi ?

      • Aditi


        Yes Bhushan, you are right. Theme also play an important role apart from your content. A blog with pleasant colours and good designs definitely attracts the attention of your visitors. The first impression they are going to get is from the appropriate theme that you use and then comes the content. So, I do agree with you. Thanks!!

        • Reply

          Hey Aditi,

          Yes having a great design for your blog can also help to make the blog visitors fall in love with your blog and this will also make them want to read your content.

          Thanks for that comment.

  25. Reply

    Hello Dear

    Really great post for all blogger this post is very informative post because you are giving me many information yes you are correct without passion for blogging then you are going to end up thanks for the sharing me

    Thanks & Regards

    • Reply

      Hey Sarika,

      Yes passion is what is needed for success in almost any niche, along with knowledge. This will be also great if we put io lots of hard work and dedication as well.

      Thanks for your comment.

  26. Vijay Reddy


    Hi Kharim,

    A very thought provoking post. Blogging is a passion for me and many. We enjoy it thoroughly and respect it. Never take it up with disgruntlement. Do it with dedication and interest, you will succeed.


    • Reply

      I like your comment, Vijay.

      Well said. Passion and dedication to blogging is what makes a successful blogger.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  27. anshul


    Hi Kharim!
    dedication towards any work is very necessary because if you have not passion and dedication to your work then it will show the lack of interest to your work.i agree with you. i like it.

    • Reply

      Hey Anshul,

      And this is what is needed for success in blogging.

      Dedication and passion for blogging can make any new blogger successful. You just have to put in the work and success will come.

      Thanks for the comment.

  28. Bhushan


    Hey blaster,
    I am same on that point on which you are.
    Blogging is very fast way to attract traffic.thank you for this awesome strategy which surely works.

  29. Raplus


    Hi Kharim,

    You are really correct. Most people create blog about to only make money. So they choose the profitable niche. I also believe we must have good knowledge about our blog niche. Second point is time. what I think is, time is a must for blogging. But I have face this problem because I have not more time for blogging. 🙁

    • Reply

      Hey Raplus,

      Making a blog because of the greed for money won’t work. You have to be paitent and passionate about blogging. You are right on the point as well when it comes to having knowledge about your niche.

      I also struggle to find time for blogging.

      I love blogging so I have to find the time to do it.

      Thanks for the comment.

  30. Reply

    Hey bro,
    one of the crazy reasons most people start blogging is to make money. They are fooled to think that the money starts as soon as they write their first article. FAT lie. And after going for months and not seeing any earnings, the conclusion is obvious.

    If one is passion driven, you’ll be enjoying it as you do it along. Money and other benefits will follow

    • Reply

      Hey Enstine,

      I agree with you pal.

      I tried to help many new bloggers but after they fail to make money in the first 3 months, they stopped blogging.

      The true passion for blogging wasn’t there so they gave up on blogging.

      If you focus on blogging then the money will follow as you have commented.

      Thanks for the coment bro.

  31. Kenny Fabre



    driving traffic to your blog, and stay focused on blogging is super important for anybody who wants to be a successful blogger.

    first off it starts with your niche market, then quality of your content following with alot of targeted traffic and staying focused/ being consistent

    • Reply

      Hey Kenny,

      Yes! Traffic is important for becoming a successful blogger. A successful blogger should also strive to be successful in what he/she is doing so as to make others know that they are a person and not a robot who is blogging.

      Thanks for the comment Kenny.

  32. Reply

    Interesting Article Bro,
    Enjoyed reading through it.
    Blogging must be seen as a real business for one to really succeed in it.

    • Reply

      Hey Austin,

      You are right about that. If we plan to make money from our blog then we should treat it like a business and look at is as a business.

      Doing this will make our minds be adoptable to the field of business displaying a business like attitude when it comes to blogging.

      Thanks very much for that point and thanks for commenting.

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